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Alright, folx, here’s another web-only, bonus top ten for records released in 2010 (as seen in the current issue of MRR magazine). This time, from our mysteriously named Aussie columnist, DX!

Top Ten MRR-Friendly Records in 2010
In no particular order…

E.C.S.R. introducing the Volvo into their garage was a well-calculated career move in our Kraut-friendly times, and here the band benefits from a loose practice room recording environment as they drip out the jams.

GLAM – Duelo de Titanes EP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Disgusting Spanish hardcore.

INSURGENTS – Fad Cash EP (Distort/Pederast Prophet)
Cocksuck alert: I helped release this 7” for Distort fanzine because INSURGENTS are a hardcore band in 2010 without cynical internet marketing or social networking tendencies, and one of the few modern bands that don’t sound immediately dated because they depend on a lousy, drab, nerd school aesthetic. They play unhinged, unpredictable, fast hardcore.

CRAZY SPIRIT – Burning Churches EP (Toxic State)
New York scum punk. Next time you see them, ask, “Whatever happened to old Noo Yawk?”

KRIEGSHOG – LP (La Vida Es Un Mus/HG:Fact)
Hideous Japanese noise hardcore.

PUFFY AREOLAS – In the Army 1981 LP (In the Red)
This sounds like ’70s hard rock, acid head freaks made a hardcore records one decade before hardcore. This sounds like what Sonny Barger wanted to hear at Altamont. BLUE CHEER getting cues from THE FIX.

H100’s – Recorded Live 1995 Cleveland LP (Noncommercial)
What other live hardcore record is there worth hearing over this?

BLOODCLOT FAGGOTS – Big in Adelaide EP (Nopatience)
Excellent Adelaide hardcore record. When was the last time you heard anyone say this? Sounds like today, but not weak, and will stand up over time, much like FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES.

LAKES – Solar Flecks LP
In a very short period of time thefact that LAKES pressed all of his records in insanely paltry numbers and have not made them widely available beyond an obsessive cult of fanaticists will really irk the kinds of collector wieners that fuss over DEATH IN JUNE, EDWARD KA SPEL (LEGENDARY PINK DOTS) or CURRENT 93, as this stuff is easily as good as anything either have recorded in the last five years. Incredible Melbourne-based, morbid, post-punk, aggravated neo-folk.

NAKED ON THE VAGUE – Heaps of Nothing LP (Siltbreeze)
My Australia.

Honourable mentions for reissues:
THE MIRRORS – Something That Would Never Do LP, SNOWY RED – The Right to Die LP, CRISIS Hymns of Faith LP, AUTOPSY – Awakened By Gore LP, WIRE – 1976 Demo LP, LES REZILLE DENUDES BOTH OF THEM – LP, ULTRA – Roman Holiday LP, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – Quine Tapes box set, MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS – Stupor Hiatus 2xLP, plus all that shit on Almost Ready’s other label that I can’t remember the name of, like THE EAT, FREESTONE, etc. [Um, would that be Last Laugh? —ed.]

Honourable mentions for non-MRR-friendly records that need to be heard:
UMBERTO From the Grave LP, SCOTT & CHARLENE’S WEDDING Para Vista Social Club LP, DEAD LUKE American Haircut LP, WHITE FENCE s/t LP.

The Best Fanzine of 2010:
Negative Guest List

5 responses to “Website exclusive: 2010 Top Ten from DX/All Foreign Junk”

18 02 2011
rafael trenton chase (09:35:49) :

Glam’s EP IS THE SHIT!!!

I love that album, i listen to it on a daily basis at least twice!
the best 6 minutes of my day are when i put that ep…

18 02 2011
djc (10:34:19) :

There’re something like four Ohio bands on here…just saying.

21 02 2011
DX (02:55:38) :

I shoulda mentioned the BOSTON STRANGLER demo and the WASTE MANAGEMENT tape and the LOWER PLENTY tape.

28 02 2011
Tim (02:00:46) :

First i would like to thank you for ANY honourable mentions. To me it’s an honour. But what constitutes a “non-MRR-friendly record”. i feel ive been pretty friendly seeing as though i’ve written for your fucking magazine TWICE!! i interviewed 2 bands for it. It’s not like White Fence has sold out or signed some giant contract, there isn’t even a written contract!!! i’ve followed MRR for 15 years, ever since i sent my first bands demo for review. im not looking for exceptance or praise, just wanna clear shit up. i respect ALL that you do, and im a fan. in fact i want an interview (ha).

Tim Presley / WHITE FENCE

5 03 2011
DX (23:35:18) :

To clear things up: I was responsible for calling you non-MRR friendly because I think you’re a Republican voting, SUV driving, littering, dog kicking reptilian. This had nothing to do with the mag, but that’s why I like your records and wanted the world to know.

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