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AQUARIUM by Martin Sorrondeguy

MRR Radio #1579 • 10/15/17

Strace and Strayla vote MITCH CARDWELL for President of Punk.  Intro song: AQUARIUM - Human Current Sounds from the New Bins MR. WRONG - ...

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Secreto Público

MRR Radio #1578 • 10/8/17

Matt is joined by Ben and Claudia for just another hour of the best new punk and hardcore worldwide! Intro ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #414 • Nov 2017

Are y'all ready for Maximum Rocknroll #414? Our November 2017 issue will teach you a thing or two all about ...

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Flipper rules, OK?

MRR Radio #1577 • 10/1/17

Phillip Greenlief spent an afternoon in the stacks. This is what he came up with. BAD RELIGION - You Are the ...

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Jackal (photo by Zack Rogers)


“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #324 • May 2010

The May issue is here, featuring a tribute to one of the cornerstones of MRR, Mr. Bruce Roehrs, who tragically passed away this month. We, along with the rest of the punk scene were devastated by the loss. Bruce worked on the magazine for over fifteen years, first in the review section, but he is most known for his monthly music column, through which he became a defining part of MRR. There are also interviews with Japanese cult punkers ISTERISMO, New Orleans hardcore mutants NECRO HIPPIES, Swiss girl punk innovators KLEENEX/LILIPUT, and Pittsburgh antagonists ROT SHIT. We got pop punk covered with Florida surf punks TUBERS and the North Western sounds of RVIVR. Denmark is represented with the surly teenage post punk ICEAGE, and there’s a piece on some punks who moved to Cairo, IL… All of this plus columns and the most extensive review section in punk…


Two killer shows in LA this weekend!

April 1st, 2010 by

Saturday April 3rd at 6806 Miramonte Blvd, LA CA 90001
Rayos X
La Voz
Rabia Al Sistema
Mata Mata

Sunday April 4th at Club Oasis, 914 S. Long Beach Blvd., Compton CA
Rabia Al Sistema
Sick ‘Em

…for more info email or check out the LA Raw Ponx Page

Blog of the Week: Threadbared

April 1st, 2010 by

We’re starting a new feature here on MRR.com: Blog of the Week, where we’ll share our favorite blog sites/posts from the DIY punk blogospshere. If you have suggestions for a Blog of the Week, send them to And now our inaugural post, from Layla…

Threadbared is a blog by former MRR shitworker Mimi Nguyen, that focuses on the politics of style and fashion from a feminist and academic perspective. It’s not really the focus of MRR, but this post struck me as something that would cross over, so to speak. I always argue that punk is an idea, and a possibility, a musical idea or sound rather than a specific look, but having been written off my whole life for not looking the part or wearing the acceptable “punk” clothes it’s clear not everyone is on the same page as me. Mimi outlines more of the history of punk as a specific subcultural style, but what you will probably be more interested in is the fact that this artifact pictured to the left, a guide to punk style from early ’80s LA, features a pre-Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, and what looks like Helen Killer?? Plus the zine/booklet is downloadable as a PDF… I saw something similar at a second hand book store: a guide to punk and skate slang and trends in SF from a slightly later era, by Jennifer Blowdryer, and I always regretted not buying it. I love subcultural ephemera….