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MRR Radio #1372 • 10/27/13

October 27th, 2013 by

MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at radio.maximumrocknroll.com. Thanks for listening!

THIS WEEK: Some Halloweenie tunes to chill your mortal soul, from Rotten Ron and Hella Hal.


Intro song:
FANG – Diary of a Mad Werewolf

</em><em>/ with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a bona fide MRR web shitworker! Now, back to Will…</em></p> <p>Since this show was about three months ago, a lot of the nuances have melted out of my brain, that being said… I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The show was a surprisingly good show full of some bands you probably have never heard of. So here is what went down at Dregg’s Grotto on September 18th of 2010.</p> <p>[caption id="attachment_5596" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Rich Lombardi of Old Painless (Photo by Will Butler)"]<a rel="attachment wp-att-5596" href="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/?attachment_id=5596"><img class="size-medium wp-image-5596 " src="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Butler_OP_Rich-300x450.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="450" /></a>[/caption]</p> <p>The first band to play is <strong>OLD PAINLESS</strong>. Their first show was the  night before when they played in GSO at Legtimate Business and opened for Nails.  Let me say, holy crap, what a second show! Rewind to a couple months ago, I’m friends with their drummer Rodney and we were at Chubby’s Tacos.. he was telling me about the new band he just started with Josh Dobey, Rich Lombardi (from Cloacal Kiss and The Sawtooth Grin), and Alex Taylor (from Stripmines). He dropped the word grindcore on me and my heart sank a little bit. I’m a fervent lover of grindcore, but any time I’ve heard that genre referenced in NC, it just means watered down Discordance Axis style music to the point it is just sped up metalcore. This was definitely not the case. Very technical grindy parts, lots of of super fast blasts (Rodney is a world class drummer), and I really enjoyed Rich’s stage presence.</p> <p>[caption id="attachment_5601" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Thomasina Mancini from Buy The Steak (Photo by Will Butler)"]<a rel="attachment wp-att-5601" href="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/?attachment_id=5601"><img class="size-medium wp-image-5601" src="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Butler_BTS_Thomasina-300x200.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="200" /></a>[/caption]</p> <p>After Old Painless, <strong>BUY THE STEAK</strong> took the stage (well took the basement). I had just started to see these folks come out to shows so it was cool to see their band. Female front thrash metal from Garner North Carolina? Fun band, remembered thinking their guitar player, Logan Holloway, looked like an old man in the hat he was wearing. Unfortunately I think you can add this band to the list of short-lived defunct bands from the area.</p> <p>[caption id="attachment_5602" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Rodney from Thieves (Photo By Will Butler)"]<a rel="attachment wp-att-5602" href="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/?attachment_id=5602"><img class="size-medium wp-image-5602" src="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Butler_Thieves_Rodney-300x200.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="200" /></a>[/caption]</p> <p>Next was an awesome surprise set by <strong>THIEVES</strong>, who wasn’t slated to play this show. I’m pretty sure this happened because my roommate kept chanting for them to play since all the guys happen to be at the show, so they borrowed equipment and played a raging quick set. Their bass player Ben loves to do quirky things at every show he plays… I remember him wearing a full 80’s workout getup, he wore a suit once, and I think once he wore a bear costume. Since it wasn’t scripted, I think he decided to sit down in the corner and played bass while sitting against the wall to add to his repertoire. On to how they sounded, they sounded awesome. Super fast and thrashy hardcore. Rodney (yeah the one who drums for Old Painless, sings for Thieves) got up in my face a lot while I was taking pictures. Thieves was definite <em>ON</em> this night.</p> <p>[caption id="attachment_5603" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Matt Needles of Chest Pain (Photo by Will Butler)"]<a rel="attachment wp-att-5603" href="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/?attachment_id=5603"><img class="size-medium wp-image-5603" src="http://www.maximumrocknroll.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Butler_CP_Matt2-300x450.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="450" /></a>[/caption]</p> <p>Last to play was <strong>CHEST PAIN</strong>. All I know is that they were a powerviolence band. That could mean a number of things to me… much like my thoughts on grindcore above, but I had high hopes because they are from Texas. I had corresponded with Matt from the band a few times but had somehow never heard them and couldn’t find any music online. I was very positively surprised… very visceral blasting powerviolence. Any band who has a shirtless singer with a gauntlet on is good by me. I also remember the guitar player bending backwards so much that he looked like has about to snap his back and Matt ended up chomping his bass strings at the very end.</p> <p>Quite a night for a show I didn’t know what to expect from.</p> <p>[gallery]</p> " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="http://radio.maximumrocknroll.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/NeighborhoodBrats-435x244.jpg" alt="" title="NeighborhoodBrats" width="435" height="244" class="size-large wp-image-5620" />

Neighborhood Brats

Rotten Ron – Candy Apples and Razor Blades
GBH – Necrophilia
DEAD MOON – Graveyard
MISFITS – Children in Heat
TALES OF TERROR – Tales of Terror
TSOL – Dance With Me

Hal-oween – Sorta Halloween Set
45 GRAVE – Evil
ZERO BOYS – Monkey Meat
LIVIDS – Zilch

Rotten Ron – Wishes He Had Candy
SLOA KNIVAR – Depression
DECAY AFTER DEATH – System Fucking Bastards Citizen Spy
WASTOIDS – I’m a Prick

Horrible Hal – more, More, MORE!
PRIMITIVE HEARTS – Won’t Wait Around
M.O.T.O. – Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock the Nation
MAXIES – The Clap
CITY MOUSE – Dumb Dumb Dumb
POST REGIMENT – Znaczy Wiesz

Outro song:
RIKK AGNEW – Falling Out

MRR Presents: Friday Fuckin’ Funnies!

October 25th, 2013 by

It’s Friday Fuckin’ Funnies — the best comix section on the whole interwebs! Each Friday we have a selection of comic strips from punx like you… You make funnies? Send em to and maybe you’ll see yer comic here next Friday!

NOTHING MATTRESS by Brian Connolly!

More at www.nothingmattress.com and facebook.com/nothingmattress



(click image to enlarge)
More by Judy at crudelydrawnpen15.blogspot.com


STUPID LIFE by Sean Suck!






Loads more at lifeisposers.com

Record of the Week: HOAX LP

October 24th, 2013 by

Hoax_LPHardcore as folk art; an American youth report…

Here is an LP that forms a look back at the end of the world with stark lyrics evoking Rudolph Wurlitzer, like incursions into desolate American landscapes and mindsets. It’s hard not to invoke clichés when discussing the sounds on this record; “pummeling,” “relentless,” “charging,” all words that make me think of the delivery of a TV sports journalist or someone discussing factory machinery in motion or something. Brutal music for intolerant hardcore fans, with vocals rendered in a bestial fashion over encrusted, treated guitars and an unrelenting rhythm section.

You probably already have an opinion in regards to HOAX; they are one of those bands that get written about by people that usually don’t notice hardcore. Hardcore, of course, doesn’t need outside attention; it exists on its own terms until it no longer serves a purpose. Some bands attempt to make something that is more than a collection of easily noted influences, a totality of experience for the viewer/listener, something that transcends the endless array of underground records that will end up in the 99¢ bin, forgotten in five years by all but a few.


Does this record serve such a purpose?! I saw this band play in a cave right by the Pacific Ocean last month and listening to this LP doesn’t live up to that experience. I’ve listened to it everyday, usually whilst commuting to work, which is some sort of endorsement, although ultimately I don’t think legacy or longevity should be considerations in the MRR review section.

I’ve heard they made enough of these so everyone can have one, so don’t worry about limited edition freak-out sessions alone in your room in front of the computer. I also heard that this is their swan song. Who knows what HOAX’s fate is, or really cares; this is a time capsule for a certain sound/era of USHC, complete with a huge selection of posters by various artists and miscreants (from Sugi to Heather Benjamin, for you to wallpaper your room in total devotion).


Create to Destroy! Homeless Youth Alliance

October 22nd, 2013 by

I met Mary Howe of the Homeless Youth Alliance when I first moved to San Francisco in 2011. She was wearing a Discharge shirt and was intimidating even though she’s only like five feet tall. Her whole life is devoted to being of maximum service to her community and those around her. Mary is a true role model for all modern day punx!


Mary Howe

What is Homeless Youth Alliance?
HYA exists to meet homeless youth where they are, and to help them build healthier lives. We believe that reducing harm is possible through the provision of accessible, non-judgmental drop-in and outreach sessions, one-on-one counseling, and medical and mental health care, as well as creative and educational workshops, needle exchange, and accurate up-to-date referrals and information. We strive to empower homeless youth to protect themselves, educate each other, reduce harm within the community, and transition off the streets.

HYA is a space for homeless youth to access the services they need just they way they are. We are here to support and empower youth to take agency in their own lives to move beyond their current circumstance. Each youth gets to make a decision everyday what part of HYA they want to utilize. Some kids just want food, or to use a bathroom or take a nap. Some kids want help with a medical or mental health problem. Some want to figure out how the hell to get off the street. We are here for all of that. More than anything we are here to listen, for many of these kids we are the only safe people they have in their lives to talk to who aren’t going to judge them and push our own ideals or agenda on them. It is really a quite profound thing to just bare witness to peoples experiences and hold that.

Don’t just sit on your ass and complain about the state of things—stand up, do something and get involved in your community.

Were you ever homeless?
Yes, I made a decision to leave home and come here to San Francisco when I was a teenager, I experienced periods of chaotic drug use, homelessness and incarceration. I was wary of the services available and didn’t feel valued or welcomed at the services that were meant to work with me and my community. When I formed HYA I wanted to create a space that gave a voice to the youth who access our services and allow them to play an integral role in the care they receive.

How did you start Homeless Youth Alliance?
HYA formed out of the merging of two long-standing programs in the Haight—Haight Ashbury Youth Outreach Team and San Francisco Needle Exchange. In 2006 many things came to a head that made it necessary for us to start a new project and get back to our roots. At the time we were a program of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and it became clear to both parties that we needed to move out from under them so we could do what was need for our community instead of having to fight for it or justify it.

I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to actually do it. I was lucky enough to have many mentors along the way who helped me. Basically, though, I was self-taught and wrote a lot of grants until we had enough to get us going. There were times we lacked many vital things, but the community and, in large part, the very kids we serve came together and made it work.


Was it always on Haight Street?
HYA has always occupied the same space on Haight Street. Although in our previous formation as two separate programs HAYOT and SFNE we have occupied several different spaces in the Upper Haight.

With the rapidly changing demographics and gentrification in San Francisco, has the need for your program and programs similar to Homeless Youth Alliance decreased or increased?
It is extremely heartbreaking what is happening to this city, but the Haight was gentrified long ago and dealing with the consequences of that have been a part of our work and approach all along. The need for our services only grows as it becomes harder for people to afford to live indoors and support themselves with the rising costs of living here. SF is not an affordable city and the system is not set up to help people who struggle to stabilize.

Every day we see between 40 and 150 youths inside our drop-in and we see even more when we do street outreach. I cannot even count the times I have heard people say, “They are trust fund kids,” or, “They aren’t even from here.” If your rich mommy or daddy are fucking you, abusing you or ignoring you, you don’t need to stay home. These youth leave home for valid reasons and it is not for me or anyone else to judge or question. And as for the “they are not even from here” comments, most SF residents, homeless or not, are not from here. Homelessness exists because of a structural breakdown of our government, schools and families. San Francisco has weather that allows people to live on the streets and not die of extreme weather conditions, largely that is why many folks end up here.


Where do you get most of your funding?
The majority of our funding comes from private donors and foundation support. The syringe access program we operate, though, is largely supported by the SF Department of Public Health’s AIDS Office through a subcontract through another agency.

How many employees do you have?
We have 13 staff and about 20 volunteers.

How has punk and DIY influenced the structure and attitude of Homeless Youth Alliance?
HYA was created in true DIY fashion, we created it the way we wanted to with the direct input from the folks we come here. We rebelled, so to speak, against the way most social service programs are set up in this city. We purposely never went after government funding because we don’t need to be told how to work with the kids; we already know how because we are them. I didn’t want HYA to need to meet anyone else’s agenda other than our own. The current population always sits on our hiring committees, they regularly volunteer and they create the rules by which the space is governed. We strive to hire from people who come from the population, not because they went to school or have a degree. We value people’s voices and their life experience. And although we do have a structure, HYA operates largely as a collective with the input of both the staff and the youth.

How can we support Homeless Youth Alliance? How can we donate or volunteer?
We want your money, your talent, your support and, more than anything, your ability to utilize your own voice to educate people of the root causes of poverty, homelessness, drug use and mental health challenges. We want you to remember and demonstrate what being non-judgmental looks like. We want you to have benefit shows for us. We want you to come in and get services if you need to. And if you want check out our volunteer opportunities, email me at mary@homelessyouthalliance.org, although the wait list is sometimes long.

How can we stay updated or get in touch with you all?
We have an out-of-date website, which we are working on updating—www.homelessyouthalliance.org—and a Facebook page.

Any last words, punk?
Don’t just sit on your ass and complain about the state of things—stand up, do something and get involved in your community. You have the ability to create change in things that you witness as being corrupt and flawed.

Monday Photo Blog: Ryan Kostel

October 21st, 2013 by

Dropping in for this edition of the Monday Photo Blog is Ryan Kostel, all the way from Calgary, Alberta. That’s in Canada, by the way. Most of these photos are presented to you in living color, and one is here in black and white, which is always timeless. For more from Ryan, go on over to ryankostel.com.

White Wards in Calgary for Garbage Daze, April 19, 2013. (photo by Ryan Kostel)

Ruleta Rusa at Distort Vancouver, June 9, 2013. (photo by Ryan Kostel)

No Problem, in Calgary, June 10, 2012. (photo by Ryan Kostel)

Hoax, in Calgary, June 10, 2012. (photo by Ryan Kostel)

Omegas, in Calgary for Garbage Daze, April 19, 2013. (photo by Ryan Kostel)

Send your tour photos, bands that have come through your town, the best of your local bands, etc. to: . Include your name, a link to your website (or flickr, Facebook, or whatever), and the band (or subject), date and location of each photo. Just send your best photos — edit tightly. Three to seven photos is plenty, and it’s best to send pictures of different bands. Please do not send watermarked photos. Please make your photos 72 dpi and about 600–800 pixels at the longest side. Not everything sent in will be posted, and a response is not guaranteed, but we do appreciate all of your contributions. Feel free to submit more than once. Thanks!