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We Get Better — a guest column for Mental Health Awareness Week

October 6th, 2013 by


Greetings to my fellow peers and punk rockers. October 6th through the 12th is Mental Health Awareness Week. This reminds me of the fact that for me and for many other people out there, every week, day and hour that we live and exist in this world requires a healthy degree of “mental health awareness” for us to get by in one piece. Thank goodness there are people out there who want to help make things a little bit easier for those of us who experience the twisted distress and pain of living with a mental health condition. With that said, for those of us who deal with these difficulties on a daily basis, having allies who are supportive and empathetic is crucial to our mental wellness, happiness and stability.

This is where you come in, the allies and supporters… Let me state here that without any hesitation, I am not crazy. Yet, this terrible word “crazy” has been used to describe me for decades. Calling me crazy because of the mental health struggles I experience is hateful and degrading. When we call someone crazy we are reducing them to a subspecies; something less than human and undeserving of basic common decency and respect. Calling a person “crazy” is something that people do to discredit someone who is struggling and often when someone is being abused or messed with. This is just as demeaning and reprehensible as insulting a person due to their skin color, country of origin, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and the list goes on.

You may disagree with me, and that is fine. I am not here to control you or what you do, think or say. What I am here to do is convey that real damage is done to our peers and our friends when we identify them as a less important and less valued human being. What I am asking of you is to be conscious of how you talk to us.

But wait there is more to discuss… how we talk about ourselves! As people who live with mental health struggles we must stop insulting ourselves. You are not crazy! You are a human being with some tough stuff to deal with. Life has been hard, unfair and painful; this does not make you crazy. It makes you a unique and interesting human being with a complex life and this means you have value, just like everyone else. Please stop hating yourself.

There are better ways to describe our experiences. You are not a mental illness. I am not bipolar. She is not schizophrenic. We are human beings with endless interesting and unique parts that make up who we are. Having a mental health condition does not define you. It sure as hell does not define me. Heck, I will not allow it to! Having a mental health condition is one small part of who we are. We are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, aunts, students, teachers, writers, artists, musicians, music fans, scholars, photographers, florists, bus drivers, bicyclists, doctors, lovers, cat lovers (I love you Max and JB), visionaries, healers, supporters, athletes, chefs, peer counselors, volunteers, leaders, creators, phlebotomists and the list goes on. We all have value and we are all complex, interesting, unique individuals. Having a mental health condition is a tiny part of who I am and who you are. We must be liberated and we must be free!

Now keep this in mind: We get better! Every week must be Mental Health Awareness week and we must make this so. We get better! With hard work and dedication, we can all get a better handle on our lives and be happier and healthier people. We are the Punx and we get better! Love yourself, honor yourself and please, I am begging of all of you, peers, allies, supporters, everyone, please be good to us and please be good to each other. Support your friends. Help your friends find out about what they can do to help themselves. Do your research. Ask around. If you don’t get helpful information the first or second time, then keep asking. Search the internet. Don’t pass judgment. Don’t discourage. There are people everywhere working hard to get better. Join this community of wellness. Join this powerful force for dignity, liberation, self-love and recovery. Do it for you because you are worth it. Do it for your friend because they are worth it. Fight for your better life and never ever give up. We get better!

Perhaps it is a bit of self-promotion, but screw that, I have something to offer you and I know that it works and I know it will help you. There is a new book that was just recently published and yes, I am the author. I have lived the life of a horrendously sick person for decades on end and now I am living the life of a tremendously healthy person. I have been through hell and come out the other end in much better shape then I ever was in before. Also, I work professionally as a mental health peer counselor and I work on developing my helping skills every single day. I am the real deal and I wrote this book and I know that it works. The book is called Better Days and you can find out more about it and order it HERE.

Thank you to MRR for this wonderful opportunity to reach thousands of our punk rock peers and friends with these healing and empowering messages. Thank you to all of you for reading this column. Thank you to all allies and supporters who do their best to be good to us and thank you to all of us who struggle day in and day out to live a better life. You are all inspirations to me. Peace and tofu grease!

Sincerely and with non-possessive love,

MRR Radio #1369 • 10/6/13

October 6th, 2013 by

MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at radio.maximumrocknroll.com. Thanks for listening!

THIS WEEK: Amelia Anok hosts the airwaves with Rotten Ron and Paul, bringing you a lethal dose of Punk. Tune in or get bent!


Intro song:
SARCOFAGO – Satanic Lust

Rotten Ron is always Ready
STAINS – Sick & Crazy
THOSE UNKNOWN – Darker Hours
DRUNKS WITH GUNS – Punched in the Head
GG ALLIN – I Don’t Give a Shit

Amelia gets nasty on you
R.U.G. – Deathly Fighter
JUDGEMENT – Haunt in the Dark
BITCH SCHOOL – Get Nasty on You
THE SEXUAL – Messiah
BAWS – Like Let’s Have a Ball
GASH – World Turmoil

Paul keeps it Punk
THE CROW – The End
POISON ARTS – Mystery Temptation
FINAL BOMBS – For Future
POISON ARTS – Overhead
METRO YOUTH – Brutalised

Outro song:
CHAOTIC DISCHORD – Anarchy in Woolworth’s

MRR Presents: Friday Fuckin’ Funnies!

October 4th, 2013 by

It’s Friday Fuckin’ Funnies — the best comix section on the whole interwebs! Each Friday we have a selection of comic strips from punx like you… You make funnies? Send em to and maybe you’ll see yer comic here next Friday!

NOTHING MATTRESS by Brian Connolly!

More at www.nothingmattress.com and facebook.com/nothingmattress



(click image to enlarge)
More by Judy at crudelydrawnpen15.blogspot.com


STUPID LIFE by Sean Suck!




Loads more at lifeisposers.com

Records of the Week: Never Mind the Taqwacores… & CHORNAYA RADUGA EPs

October 3rd, 2013 by

Out fourth and final Record of the Week feature focusing on seven new releases from Luk Haas’ incredible Tian An Men 89 Records label. Go to tam89records.com for more info on these releases, and check out Maximum Rocknroll‘s October issue for all of these reviews and many, many more!


Never Mind the Taqwacores Here Is the Real Deal compilation 7″
Of course I’m fascinated by this compilation of Pakistani bands. I want to know to what extent expatriates versus native Pakistanis are involved in these bands and scene(s). Unfortunately, for the bands that do have contact information, some of the links (to Facebook) seem inoperable. Scoping the others didn’t answer my questions, so I’m still ignorant. From listening to the comp I can tell you metal and grind are big influences. MARG gives us a bouncy, mid-tempo track with languid vocals and some noodly guitar leads. The lyrics (translated into English) critique society. CORNHOLE‘s track, “Beards in Power,” is catchy enough through the verses, losing something on the chorus. BVLGHVM plays a standard nasty grind with rather short songs. CHOOTS (which apparently translates as “vaginas,” though any subtleties there may be lost on me) play a quick, fast metal track, with the vocals dominating over the music. “There isn’t a tunnel with fucking light, ain’t no pearly gates, ain’t no Satan to torture you, there is nothing.” MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION plays a heavy grind attacking religion with lyrics in English and a native language. FORESKIN precede their track with what I believe is a sample of the BAD BRAINS, before attacking “faggots” who don’t headbang. “Break those mental barriers and run to the fucking front.” This song is about 25 seconds long. GLORIFIED WHORE MONGERS play some demo-quality metal, which I prefer to the work of BATHORY, who seem an influence. KAFIR E AZAM has a short, well-executed grind track. Overall I’m more excited about there being kids into metal and grind in Pakistan than I am for much of the music here, though a few of these songs I’d be glad to hear wherever they’d originated from.

—Jeff Mason


CHORNAYA RADUGA – All of Us Will Fly… EP
This 7″ appears on the always-interesting Tian An Men 89 Records, that has been putting out records by punks who live in parts of the world where they lack the resources to do it themselves. The label is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. On this release, they bring us Bender’s (Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) CHORNAYA RADUGA, who belts out four songs of post-metal that is informed by emotional hardcore and melodic punk. The first track, “War,” begins with a bomb siren and launches into a depressive, downtrodden song about the business of war. The other three songs delve deeper into the post-metal side of their sound and almost resembles nu-metal in a few moments, but those moments are (thankfully) brief. There are also some solid, confident guitar solos taking up a good chunk of time in these songs. This is a solid release for fans of this style.

—Greg Harvester

Create to Destroy! Yoga Punx SF

October 2nd, 2013 by

I met Khristine when I first moved to the Bay in 2011. She’s always been like a shining light in the punk community in San Francisco for the time I’ve known her, and she does a lot of service here. She started Yoga Punx a few years back and I thought I’d bring her movement to the forefront here on Create to Destroy!


What is Yoga Punx?
Its an alternative to conventional yoga studios in a warehouse in the Mission in San Francisco. Everyone and anyone is welcome! We do all levels of Vinyasa flow yoga classes.

I wanted to create an environment for folks that wanted to try yoga or didn’t want to go to a studio or people would normally not do yoga or seek it out. I play punk music and there is an awesome and diverse community of folks that come. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s truly all levels and done by donation.

I think it’s pretty punk to get quiet and see what’s happening within you physically and emotionally. It’s punk and DIY to create some space for ourselves in life.

How did you start teaching a punk yoga class?
It started at 2Spirit Tattoo Shop in 2010. My friend Hydi and I wanted to create a space for the freaks to do yoga, but done in the manner described above. In the past three years it has grown and become its own entity. It is so amazing and a privilege to teach and be a part of this community. The kindness, openness and laughter are moving and so impressive to me.

What’s your response to the idea that term “Yoga Punx” is ironic?
Because people think yoga is hippie? I don’t have a response to that.

How is yoga “punk”?
The revolution starts with me! I think it’s pretty punk to get quiet and see what’s happening within you physically and emotionally. It’s punk and DIY to create some space for ourselves in life.

So much is fucked up with world. Originally that’s what drew me into the punk scene, where other people were expressing that through music, like the politics and community. I think yoga feels similar in a lot of ways. Now yoga has caught on and is everywhere. But still in many ways Yoga Punx is not the status quo. The very concept of yoga is a variation, a different view, and against everything our society tells us we should do.


I understand you weren’t always on a spiritual quest of sorts. How is your life today — sharing yoga with people — a contrast to your old life?
Yeah, I was a gutter punk for years and all fucked up on drugs. I didn’t give a shit about myself or other people. I was in a dark place. Today I get to teach yoga for a living. I always joke that the old me would have beat up the new me. I just don’t give a shit anymore. I get to let go of all these ideas about myself and world, what is punk and what’s not. Being authentic is what’s punk!

How did you discover yoga?
I was a social worker and worked at a Needle Exchange in the Haight. It’s a pretty stressful but rad job. I was looking at ways to take care of myself after work. A friend brought me to this super big yoga class and I was really intimidated and felt like I didn’t belong. I had a lot of judgment! It happened to be that my longtime old friend was teaching the class and I knew she was cool and that I could trust her. She was not fluffy or hippie-dippy at all, and I just kept going. Years went past and I realized I wanted to teach yoga — it had helped me so much. Yoga helped me to be in my body, the moment and it helped so much with anxiety.

Why do you do it…what are the benefits to doing yoga?
It’s good for the body and mind and I’m way less of a dick after I do it!

How does doing yoga compliment a punk lifestyle…besides giving one a way to get rid of back pain while sitting in a tour van for hours?
Like I said, it’s good for the body and mind. It’s a great way to detox the body, and some of the postures are great for shoulders and forearms stressed and messed up from playing guitar and drums.


Do you have any upcoming trips planned? I understand you’ve been to India. Do you go there to study with specific teachers?
Yes. I’m going to back to India to study with my teacher Sharath at the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. I’m also going to check out Thailand and Indonesia while I’m over there. I’m very excited. I went to India last year and it was nothing like I expected it to be. It was hard and beautiful at the same time.

My favorite things about India are the chai, the wild animals everywhere, and the kids. I taught some yoga while I was there to kids that were rescued from sex trafficking — pretty intense and heartbreaking. They loved the yoga and loved visiting them every week. The laughter and how resilient they all were was amazing. It really changed my perspective and life.

Have you run into other punks who do yoga?
Yes there’s a bunch. People thank me all the time for creating a space for this in SF, but other punks are starting either Yoga Punx or punk yoga all over the world? I know there’s a Philadelphia Yoga Punx and New York as well. Check ’em out if you’re there.

How can we stay up-to-date on your classes and travels?
At www.yogapunx.com or our Facebook page . The classes in SF at the Koo Koo Factory (1449 Stevenson, off 14th St.) are Sundays at 2 p.m. and Tuesdays at 6 p.m. There is a new class in the East Bay at 4th Street Yoga (1809 4th Street in Berkeley) at 12pm on Wednesdays.

Any last words?
People always say to me, “I cant do yoga, I’m not flexible,” and I respond, that its not about that! If you’re focusing on your breath and learning to steady your mind, you’re practicing yoga. The physical postures and flexibility come and go. Yoga is a moving meditation.

Come do yoga! Up the Yoga Punx!!