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Vomit Pigs

MRR Radio #1587 • 12/10/17

This week Matt pulls some rarities out of the vault to make the scums and punks drool. Intro song: STENGTE DØRER ...

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MRR Radio #1586 • 12/3/17

On this week's MRR Radio, Rob goes ballistic for late '70s and early '80s Bloodstains punk rock from around the ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #416 • Jan 2018

Another new year, another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #416, our January 2018 issue, begins with a sad note as we ...

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"Who gives a fuck?"

MRR Radio #1585 • 11/26/17

“[...] Elvis gives them a short speech about the death pangs that humanity must go through in order to reach ...

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MRR Radio #1584 • 11/19/17

Another fuct up Rotten Ron and Horrrible Halitosis Punker Power Hour. Intro song: DRUGCHARGE - Husk Rotten Ron fucks it up so you ...

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Record of the Week: Andy Human and the Reptoids

August 18th, 2015 by

“Reptoid Rock Revenge” is the motto on the collage/lyric sheet. How and by whom were they slighted? The answers may be in Fortean Times rather than these pages. I, however, can tell you that so much of what makes this record great could have gone terribly in lesser hands: saxophones, synthesizers, rhyming “insides” with “intestines”. It all comes together in the hands of ANDY HUMAN, rocker and composer. Some tracks toe the line of Boogaloo palatability, but there’s an attention to detail and careful application of sheer noise all over here, the watermark of a dedicated stylist. The production here is polished enough to let the static and atonal saxophone-wailing stand out. High fidelity recording works to a band’s favor for once. Then again I seriously think the internet-using public would flip out if this was recorded on a Tascam 414 and if everyone in the band was 5-10 years younger. Perhaps the world will appreciate this record after all, though we know too well how cruel America’s tastes and ultimate fate can be. But seek out “I Got Soul” if you need a sample; rarely since Rock’n’Roll Animal have punk desperation and glam virtuosity come together in such a frothy eruption. I’d buy seven copies of this record if I could afford it, but I can’t. Anyway, this record is one of the two most assertive statements on having no money in the city to come in this month. Some react to late capitalism in urban America by withdrawing; some stick around to try their hand at outplaying, outsmarting, and outlasting the suddenly very late night. Hand them the keys to the studio. (Eli Wald)

MRR Radio #1466 • 8/16/15

August 16th, 2015 by

Cincinnati, OH’s VACATION stop by the MRR compound in the middle of their US tour.


Intro song:
SEXY – Smoking Popes

VACATION, all I ever wanted.

“All I ever wanted.”

Dylan Plays Drums
THE MOB – Witch Hunt
EGO SUMMIT – Beyond the Laws
JOY DIVISION – Digital (Live)
THE FALL – Totally Wired

Jerri Sings
YOGURT – Gravity
TINA, AGE 13 – Sunday Morning
ST. DAD – Kill Me – Kill You – Luv You
THE SLOBS – Kill Kill Cool

Evan Is the Wolfman
GENERATION X – Ready Steady Go
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS – Quit This Town
THE FEELERS – Nothing Always

John Shreds
DISHPIT – Dishpit Anthem
DISHPIT – Super America
LAZY – Fire Escape
50 MILLION – Sleepover

Punk Runs in the Family

Outro song:
VACATION – Decaying

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Blast From the Past: Limp Wrist

August 14th, 2015 by

Interview by Brontez

MRR: Do you remember the first gay punker you knew or saw or made an impression?

Paul:I didn’t know any gay punkers. I didn’t know very many gay people let alone punks.


MRR: You can’t remember a first one? I know it’s a hard question; the first one I met was a bitch, so I don’t really count him

Martin: There was one in Chicago who I met when I was into the scene already. He was really cool; his name was Mark Ruvolo—he was in that band No Empathy, and he does a label called Johann’s face. I remember talking to him, and it was pre-me coming out of the closet, me being, “that’s cool man, that’s cool that you’re gay.” I was trying to talk to him, and we’d always see each other at shows, he was an older punk, and he’s still around. I thought that was really awesome. I remember having a conversation with Dan Vapid from Screeching Weasel about what he’d do if he saw two guys making out at a show, and this was pre-coming out, and he was like “I don’t know it’d be kinda weird.” I said if people came after them I would defend them. We were talking about this, we had this weird conversation—I was like why can straight punk kids make out at a show and not queer punk kids. I had discussions with people. But I think the first person I could really have a coming out picture with was Mark Rovulo.

Andrew: In Philly there was this group called the Cabbage Collective that put on shows at the time; this was the early to mid-’90s, where there were lots of people sitting down at shows watching bands thrash around and stuff. It was a little weird sometimes, but they were very into being non-aggressive, women friendly and gay positive, so they created this atmosphere that was accepting. I don’t really know how many gay people were there, but there were other people that were out, like Shawn Gustilo who had written stuff for the Give Me Back comp back in the day. He would be around, and he was gay—that was when I was nineteen or twenty, that was when I had just kinda come out too. So I didn’t know anyone before that. That’s for sure.


MRR: I wanted to ask y’all that for obvious reasons, but I also was thinking about the first time I heard about you guys. I had just moved from Chattanooga to Bloomington to be with my boyfriend, and Bloomington was a town where people left their front doors unlocked, and this other gay dude came in the house to re-steal the Limp Wrist record he had loaned to my boyfriend but he didn’t know we were there and then we had a threeway.

Martin: I remember getting letters from you Brontez.

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Create to Destroy! All Punks Go For It

August 12th, 2015 by


Gurpaul sings in this band from Fresno called MUTANT ITCH.  They play the Bay all the time and I almost feel like they are a local band here in Oakland.  I really respect what the punks in Fresno are doing from MUTANT ITCH to Dark Raids Records.  I thought I’d find out more about this fest and how it all happened.  Gurpaul is speaking on behalf of Screaming Vomit to answer my questions about this mysterious one-day punk bonanza occurring in Fresno on September 19th.  See you there, punks!

What is Screaming Vomit???
Two members of MUTANT ITCH that got sick of the lack of punks gigs here and starting booking some! Also a Screaming Vomit zine is in the works.

All punks go for what?
IT!!! TOM AND BOOT BOYS!!! and the punk explosion that’s gonna happen in Fresno that day. So… ALL PUNKS GO FOR IT!!!

That’s right! …The middle of California, A small city between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. If you’re looking to play a gig or make some extra gas money while on tour I suggest stopping here. Our punk scene is pretty small but we always try our hardest to do what we can for touring bands and make sure they have a good time.

I agree—go play Fresno, Fresno has a small but strong punk scene and is not a bad drive from other California tour cities. Where should we stay?
Well, if you don’t have a friend to stay with, get a hotel room with some friends. it can be pretty cheap. Other than that you’re screwed. Last thing you wanna do is roam the streets of Downtown Fresno late at night.

What’s the weather like?
Right now its extremely hot, but in September I don’t know what its gonna be like… the weather here is so unpredictable.

What should we bring?
Your ticket! and enough money to party and buy merch with.
….and of course money to get the hell out of Fresno!

Can we trash the venue or do we have to respect it?  Basically, can we set off explosives inside?
Definitely respect the space. Its very hard for us to book gigs right now due to lack of venues and this brewery was nice enough to allow this sort of event to happen and its locally owned, so I have mad respect for them. The plus side is the bands are all playing outside! Haha

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Record of the Week: No Form

August 11th, 2015 by

NO FORM – 12”
I must sound like some kind of sycophantic anglophile the way I’ve been raving about UK hardcore lately, but something is really happening over there. Apparently this thing that is happening is not limited to any particular major city, but is happening all over the island. I have been told NO FORM are from up north and maybe the cover photo is indicative of exactly where. Either way, this is a band after my own heart. I’ve seen reference made to certain hardcore bands alongside certain early industrial / post-punk bands I hold in the highest esteem, but really all you need to know is that this record is a complete fucking beast. The A-side contains four quick stompers accented by noisy effect-laden guitars and off-kilter rhythms while the flip is a side-length filth-dirge that really hits the proverbial spot. Just a two-note bass plod accompanied by manic guitars, pounding drums, cavernous rantings, and a mutilated saxophone. This is not for everyone, but those who are prepared to dare will be rewarded with endless delights. (Jon Kortland)
(Muscle Horse / Reagent)