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AQUARIUM by Martin Sorrondeguy

MRR Radio #1579 • 10/15/17

Strace and Strayla vote MITCH CARDWELL for President of Punk.  Intro song: AQUARIUM - Human Current Sounds from the New Bins MR. WRONG - ...

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Secreto Público

MRR Radio #1578 • 10/8/17

Matt is joined by Ben and Claudia for just another hour of the best new punk and hardcore worldwide! Intro ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #414 • Nov 2017

Are y'all ready for Maximum Rocknroll #414? Our November 2017 issue will teach you a thing or two all about ...

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Flipper rules, OK?

MRR Radio #1577 • 10/1/17

Phillip Greenlief spent an afternoon in the stacks. This is what he came up with. BAD RELIGION - You Are the ...

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Jackal (photo by Zack Rogers)


“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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Records of the Week: BIG EYES 45 & HOT NASTIES EP

June 6th, 2012 by

Two for the price of one this week with MRR reviewers Kenny Kaos and Brace Belden!

BIG EYES – “Back From the Moon/I Don’t Care About Friday Night” 45

Wow. This is badass. Seriously.

The really good ones are often the toughest to review. It’s mid-tempo, it’s melodic and catchy, it’s got a really full sound and the female vocals carry a sense of urgency that makes the difference. I suppose if I had to label it, I’d call it power-pop, but I refuse to label it. This one is going to live on my turntable for a little while.

Awesome. Find it.
(Grave Mistake)

—Kenny Kaos

HOT NASTIES – The Invasion of the Tribbles EP

Reissue of a Calgary punk single from 1980 and it’s great! It’s got that British sound a lot of Canadian groups had for some reason, and it’s a pretty perfect meld of pre-UK82 but post-77 Britpunk sound mixed with tasty (and tasteful) pop licks that symbolize everything I like about punk. Dumb teenagers from nowhere writing pop hits that maybe four hundred people will ever hear (especially with the original 7” running at around $300).

The B-side has a bit of a Flying Nun sound, almost. If you’re a modern punk, by which I mean if you’re a genius who likes all kinds of good music, and you don’t (or maybe only slightly) ghettoize yourself in some bizarre, childish fetishistic sub-sect of a youth movement that was at one point led by someone named Johnny Rotten and died when people were still wearing bell bottoms, you’ll recognize a pretty wide range of sounds going on here. Which means it’s a great goddamn record — and hell, who knows, even skinheads might like it. Ugly Pop is doing a small series of Canadian punk reissues. Off to a great start with this one.
(Ugly Pop)

— Brace Belden