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June 3rd, 2010 by

Having just reviewed issues number six, seven and eight of ANTIPATIA, a Spanish language zine from Barcelona, Spain, I immediately subscribed to their blog to read the issues I missed and to make sure I will never miss any again! The interviews and reports are some the best I have ever read seamlessly incorporating, music, culture and political themes. The blog gives you access to their archives where you can read every issue up to date with the option of printing them out for yourself. Subjects include all realms punk; a really awesome Cuba punk report, the artist/tape label/zine maker Afeite al Perro, a concise history of industry and war as bedfellows, a heads up to good punk from Barcelona, and much more. There is information about their radio station, Radio Bronka, giving access to radio shows from Spain and beyond (including MRR Radio). The blog also has an events list, flyer archive and photo gallery (check out their new pics of ATENTADO!). You can also order from their distro offering zines, books and music (punk and more) from all over the world. The blog is primarily in Spanish with some English, but non-Spanish speakers can still enjoy it to a degree. It is a bummer for those who can’t speak Spanish, because this is a blog/zine would benefit anyone that wants to learn about punks of other cultures in an intelligent and informed way. You guys are really missing out.

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4 06 2010
Blair (06:08:16) :

You can translate pages haha, yes it sucks growing up in countries where you only learn one language obstensibly, least i didn’t have to go to class, ‘spose. Anyway i’m useless but that doesn’t mean everyone is and look what happened, people can’t even translate ‘my language’. I don’t particularly like reading at length on the net/hmm that word, we have a site but it is only motivated by stupidity which is a little sad. Thanks, keep inspiring, let nothing stand in your way.

4 06 2010
Dk (06:49:53) :

There’s a temporary solution for those who don’t speak Spanish fluently or at all – try copying and pasting the text in Google translate. It’s fairly accurate for the most part :)

5 06 2010
Carlos Palacios (08:51:27) :

if someone want help with translation of this page let me know.i would be glad to help any person that is interesting :)

CArlos (Entes Anomicos)

8 06 2010
jose (10:36:00) :

Antipatía is a GREAT zine made by AMAZING people!
When I grow up I want to be like them!

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