MRR website exclusive: 2010 Year-End Top Ten from Dougie!

February 7th, 2011 by

From our record reviewer Sean Dougan, here’s the first in a series of 2010 year-end top ten lists that didn’t fit into the latest issue of MRR. Enjoy!

RED DONS – Fake Meets Failure LP (Deranged)
The second full-length from these soggy bottom dwellers from up in the land of bobble hats and half masked pants. Stripping it down to a more dark and minimal sound whilst maintaining those ever-important hooks. Get on board.

More herky-jerky and less driving than the previous two, but even a good ECSR record is still amazing.

THE POTENTIAL JOHNS – “Can I Really/Past Due” 7″ (Dirtnap)
Jeff from the MARKED MEN doing his all by himself project. Sounding like the MARKED MEN on downers with a hint of shoegaze but still firmly holding on to that ever important melody that makes Jeff and his buddies the envy of me eye.

AUTISTIC YOUTH – Idle Minds LP (Dirtnap)
More gloom from Portland, done with a wink and a nod to the WIPERS whilst taking in some early LA drive and punch. An addictive record that grows and grows with every listen.

THE BROKEDOWNS – Species Bender (Red Scare)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT mixing it up with DILLINGER FOUR whilst having a big boy wrestle with NEGATIVE APPROACH. Weirder things have happened. When I’m feeling down this picks me right up, and I don’t even have to snort it. Roll on, Chicago.

MIND SPIDERS – Worlds Destroyed EP (Dirtnap)
Mark Ryan from the MARKED MEN doing his own thing and doing it so well. It’s got that MARKED MEN X-factor whilst adding a nice touch of garage and indie pop.

TERROR – Keepers of the Faith LP (Reaper)
Back to the brutal sound of their first two LPs. Stomping, karate-kick infused hardcore that could instigate a fight at Buddhist retreat.

AIRFIX KITS – Flex Time EP (Deranged) Playing Both Sides EP (Dirtnap)
One record set the world alight with its sexist rants, the other set the dance floor on fire with its post-punk grooves. The JAM meets GANG OF FOUR meets TV PERSONALITIES.

THE MARKED MEN – “On/Other Side” 7″ (540)
I really don’t think that my favorite punk band off all time could write a bad tune. Dare you to.

J.C. SATAN – Sick of Love LP (Slovenly)
Tight pants Europeans mixing some TY SEGALL with the OH SEES, and I must say I was very impressed.

Airfix Kits (photo by icki)

Honorable mentions: RED RED RED – New Action LP, WHITE NOISE SOUND – s/t LP, CHEAP TIME – Fantastic Explanations LP, SKIN LIKE IRON – Descent Into the Light LP, VAASKA – Ruido Hasta la Muerte LP, TOTAL CONTROL – “Paranoid Video/Real Estate” 7″, DESKONOCIDOS – En la Oscuridad LP, THE ESTRANGED – The Subliminal Man LP

2 responses to “MRR website exclusive: 2010 Year-End Top Ten from Dougie!”

7 02 2011
Flowerchild (15:54:16) :

Great list. Then he kills it with that TERROR record. I really should check out the Brokedowns.

8 02 2011
Cody (17:24:03) :

I hope there is some Masshysteri in the mag version.

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