Bruce Roehrs 1950-2010

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Bruce Roehrs passed away in his home on Saturday, March 13th, 2010.  He was a genuine friend to many and always had your back and a kind word to boot.  An ardent music fan as well as a long time column writer/contributor for Maximum Rocknroll, Bruce lived and breathed punk rock. Bruce will be sorely missed.

Bruce’s resting place
Bruce made San Francisco, CA his home the mid ’80s and over the years he took many of his friends, both locals and out-of-towners, to SF’s Columbarium. Built in 1898, this landmark contains the memorial sites of some of the city’s founding families as well as some of its more notorious occupants, such as Dirk Dirksen (the punk music promoter nicknamed the “Pope of Punk”). The Columbarium is a non-denominational memorial site that Bruce loved for its beauty, craftsmanship, and tranquility, and it was where his memorial service was held on Friday, April 9th, 2010.

The Columbarium (photo by Hugh Young/Encyclopedia Britannica)

Feel free to continue to leave comments here. Let us never forget the great Bruce Roehrs!

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20 03 2010
Skippy / Pirates Press (12:29:08) :

It’s going to be gut-wrenching having an open seat on our flights to London next week, but we all know he’ll be there with us. Seeing CockSParrer’s 20 year homecoming in London and then The Who a few days later was something he’d been looking forward to for months. Everyone who knows him can attest to the fact that the man wouldn’t shut up about it!!

We are all so thankful to be out there with all of these wonderful memories everyone has shared fresh in our heads, celebrating (with you all) FOR Bruce… that’s what he would have wanted! (…of course we’ll be in the front row!!)

Bruce rubbed off on a lot of us, and for the rest of our lives every time we feel that inclination to rush to the front and scream along… it’s really just Bruce pushing us from behind… and every fist in the air, arm in arm chorus, he’s right there with us!!

Whether it was 10 years ago as just Skippy the Intern at TKO, or last fall, bringing Sparrer back to SF for our Pirates Press 5th anniversary party, or last Saturday as simply his friend, Bruce always showed his love and friendship on his sleeve. He never hesitated once praising all of his friends for our accomplishments.

The biggest hug I ever got from the man was when I told him that we’d licensed the Sparrer back catalog and planned to reissue it all so that a whole new generation of fans could enjoy it. As we prepare to send it all off to press this month, I find it unbelievably ironic and ridiculously appropriate that all of the artwork was scanned from Bruce’s personal copies… There will be a little bit of Bruce’s love for this band in every single copy.

I had saved a copy of the test pressing for each record for Bruce, as a thank you for loaning us his copies to scan. I think its only appropriate that we auction this off in Bruce’s honor, and donate the money to the fund MRR has setup in his name. We’ll get back in touch with more details soon…

Keep On Keeping On! ..that’s what he always did!!
See You Fucks at the Bar!!

Eric (Skippy) / Pirates Press

20 03 2010
Jeff Bale (13:41:36) :

It was really a terrible shock to learn from Paul at MRR that Bruce Roehrs had died, since he always seemed so full of youthful energy, especially for a geezer almost as old as me. (Ironically, I was just telling another old friend of mine last week that I hadn’t been in contact with Bruce for some time, in part because I hadn’t seen him at any punk gigs in the past couple of years, and that I really should give him a call to see how he was doing. Maybe I was having some kind of bizarre premonition of his upcoming demise. Now I’ll never be able to make that call, or get another \bro hug\ from Bruce at an upcoming Oi show.) Moreover, in a world full of jackasses (both within and outside of the punk scene), his premature death inevitably leaves one pondering about why it is always the truly nice people who die young rather than miserable bastards of one sort or another. If there is a god (or gods), he or she must be a sadistic psychopath. In any case, I will miss having some drinks, listening to records, and hanging out at gigs in sleazy underground dives with Bruce, and I sincerely hope that – if there is a \soul\ or consciousness after death, however unlikely that may be – that Bruce is rocking out to the Upstarts or another one of his favorite bands. I for one will be hoisting a glass and making a heartfelt toast to him the next time I go out drinking. Evens so, I will be left with a really sad feeling, as I’m sure many of his other close friends or girlfriends (like Christeen and Katja) are.

20 03 2010
Chris Peigler (15:49:08) :

I only met Bruce once but I was blown away with how personable and friendly he was. After talking for a few minutes I wanted to get his opinion on somebody that I was certain he knew and who I had had an unpleasant encounter with. Out of respect for Bruce’s privacy I won’t mention any names, but it was certainly reassuring to hear that Bruce did not hold this person in high regard. He proceeded on a rant about this person and their lack of musical knowledge. I think my favorite quote from his rant was how this individual didn’t know “Joan Jett from Alice Bag”. I hope Jeff Bale’s got it wrong and we get to see you again on the other side!

20 03 2010
Red Union (16:35:45) :

We’ll drink one for you, Mighty Bruce…
So many bands that are important to us we found via you…

21 03 2010
Stomper 98 (10:55:47) :

bad news from the USA. I`m Sebi,singer in german band STOMPER 98. We met Bruce on our first US-Tour in Summer 2008. He came to the show, spent the whole time at the bar & when S98 & THE TEMPLARS played in front of the stage. I met a funny ,nice,friendly & loud guy with a lot of things to say ! A day after our New York Show I was walking by myself down the streets of manhattan & guess who I met there in the middle of Washingthon Square park ? Yeah, it was Bruce, he hughed me & we had a big laugh & talk about that funny shit. He said a with the words of THE TEMPLARS \ A city so big & a city so nervous! \ million of people & we met there. Hope to meet him again one day ! R.I.P.

Sebi/Stomper 98/Germany

21 03 2010
Spencer (11:12:36) :

bruce, youll be an icon to me in the next life as well.

21 03 2010
DavidM (11:23:32) :

Been reading the man’s column for the best part of 15 years. RIP Bruce. Best wishes to his family and friends at this difficult time.

21 03 2010
Kevin Dorning (12:10:12) :

I have been friends with Bruce since 1983. It all got started through rocknroll. We were literally at hundreds of shows together. I took him to 2 crappy artpunk shows. He mocked me about those 2 nights on and off for 20 years. He was one solid rock of a friend. I allready miss the guy. If anyone knows how to contact his 80’s girlfriend Christine Curran please do.

21 03 2010
Max Schmeling (17:38:58) :

I met him first time at the 25th anniversary show of Antiseen and we had such a great time. Talk over bands and music and realized how common our taste of music was. I hoped that we could continued with this sometimes but sadly…


Max Schmeling (Chemnitz/ Germany)

22 03 2010
Pencil (11:13:14) :

Playing Victim in Pain and 13th floor elevators at top volume in memory of Bruce Roehrs…..see you at the bar!

22 03 2010
Abel F. (11:26:23) :

Wow. A great and tragic loss.

23 03 2010
Chad Williams (20:06:38) :

still shocked. Bruce was such a fixture in our city and our corner of rock & roll, it’s impossible to imagine either without him. he deserved a long life, retiring and living out his many years seeing, listening to and writing about yet another generation of killer new bands. one of those rare people that you could always count on, whether to give you a ride, score you an impossible to find record, or even just to be there across the room at a show, letting you know you were in the right place… reading MRR and seeing him at shows over the years, he always seemed like someone I’d like to know: a kind, no bullshit, genuine person and FUCKING EXCITED!!!! about this music. I had the privilege these last couple years to count him as a friend, and all those qualities he not only possessed, but LIVED. Bruce, we miss you buddy. – Chad/SF

24 03 2010
spiv (07:09:11) :

Bruce was unique.His energy was infectious. Being in his presence was always the best. Imet him in Miami in 1970. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of all music and turned me on to everything from Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee to Charles Mingus. We spent many years seeing groups now considered to be “classic Rock”. I did threaton to reveal this to the punk world but BR was proud of having seen Hendrix and the Who at Miami Pop in 68. He was psyched to see The Who at Royal Albert Hall in London this month. Im still stunned and very sad that I will never share a beer and a laugh with my great friend.

24 03 2010
IRA STAHL (10:18:39) :

If you met him, you loved him. I will miss you

24 03 2010
Kubo (11:48:49) :

Anyone that has ever known him knows what a genuinely all around nice guy he was. I’m really sorry to hear the news.

24 03 2010
Dulcinea Loudmouth (13:46:16) :

I miss you Bruce!!
Please check out Allan McNaughton’s piece on Bruce in the Guardian : or pick-up this week’s paper p.24.

24 03 2010
Djindjic (15:22:22) :

Feeling it.

24 03 2010
Brad (17:09:44) :

Bruce- thanks for the great memories you gave me.

24 03 2010
Brad (17:14:09) :

Thanks for the memories

25 03 2010
beck from philly (16:41:23) :

Love you!

25 03 2010
Cynthia (CC) (20:58:41) :

I met Bruce in 1988 at a Butthole Surfers show. We were part of a steadfast group of friends for many years and saw countless shows together. I have no words to express the joy of being a close friend with him. My tiny claim to fame was that no matter where we went he would introduce me as follows…”This is my friend CC. She saw the Misfits live.” The sweaty bear hug in the pit is what I will miss the most. Tears, love and sincere gratitude for my dear dear friend ………

27 03 2010
Mundo (22:17:28) :

It took some time for me to process this but you played an integral role in my life and I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for chipping my tooth at a Teengenerate show, thanks for interviewing my crappy street punk band way back when (sorry you weren’t the first person to know when I quit I could tell you were pissed), thanks for introducing me to Ian who I introduced to Ken who then hooked up with so and so to make some good records and thanks for helping hook me up with a long time girlfriend. I’m glad you got a chance to meet my mom and a couple of my brothers too. Anyhow, I had a blast at your wake! Sounds weird because a lot of people were bummed but I saw all kinds of MRR and band cronies who I never thought I’d see again! So thanks for bringing us together. Finally, thanks for that hug, beer and shot the last time I saw you at the Parkside. I’ll miss you. Besos!

28 03 2010
Nibbles (16:51:00) :

Damn. Lived in the bay area all my life (30 years), and never met you. But I sure as hell loved your column! Holy hell, fuckin’ bizarre that Bruce Roehrs is no more…

31 03 2010
Armen (11:31:11) :

It was my pleasure to meet Bruce in person one time in Philly, I don’t know him very well, but he felt like a friend to me, he will be missed – and rock and roll lost one its biggest fans. Cheers Bruce, you are a cool guy!

5 04 2010
ted roehrs (11:11:26) :

Bruce was everything to me- my big brother, mentor, teacher, competition in all sports, my protector, my best friend. Although he would want to be remembered as a good friend and brother, as an exuberant rocknroller, as an energetic fun guy, I think he would be most pleased to be known as a great example of our Mom’s good work. Most of the comments I’ve read so far show that kind of love and service our mom taught us. Since my very first thought I have always wanted to be like Bruce when I grow up…… always will. I look forward to meeting the San Francisco part of our family !

5 04 2010
toby (22:29:22) :

he was a helluva guy. i had a great deal of respect for Bruce and he always had a smile and a kind word for me. last time i saw him was at Pierced Arrows gig. Thanx for setting a good example Bruce. tip your bartender and don’t forget your donation to his memorial…

6 04 2010
Randy Midnite (05:30:20) :

It’s been a couple of weeks now since st. pats day.. we (before i hang) were playin a local show that night and i remember saying aloud to myself, “we’ve GOT to get back to San Fran”.. the news came the next morning.
i still can’t wait to go back but it just wont be the same this time cause getting to see bruce was part of the highlight of my trip. I met bruce when we were asked to play the weekend of Antiseen’s 25 yr show a few years back in charlotte, NC. right after we played, this dude comes straight at me with his fists in the air, still punchin the sky, with nothing but an outpouring of compliments on our set. lucky for us, he came to our hometown the next year along with the antiseen camp while they were on tour. bruce and i had a fun time ridin home once the show ended and after just a couple of miles of backroads and some thrash blairing out of the stereo, it felt like i had known this fellow all my life-same feelin of hangin with an old friend you haven’t seen in years- SO fuckin cool.. one of the kindest and most genuine souls to ever love/live rock and roll–just being around the dude for any length of time, you got a sense of his energy and passion and devotion to music. my condolences and sentiments go to his family and to the rest of his friends. Proud to have known the man. R.I.P.

John w. (randy midnite) littlejohn
hattiesburg, MS

6 04 2010
Frankie Loyal (08:24:14) :

It is an honor to have met someone whose life truly impacted the lives of others. Even now Bruce, you still reach the masses. Godspeed to you…

6 04 2010
Dan Randall (09:57:06) :

Bruce was of such huge importance to the scene and everyone involved in it… the man never had a bad thing to say about anyone… such a sad loss…i can only hope he’s lookin’ down on us happily thinking ‘oh drink a beer you fucks’… R.I.P.

6 04 2010
Trek Behnken (13:24:30) :

Me and my girlfriend JUST visited bruce last august…. he has ALWAYS been one of my favorites when i go to the city,and when i first met him at Gilman circa 1995, we had introduced ourselves and then just ranted on and on about bands and shows and labels and EVERYTHING that was cool basically…. he WAS a mentor to me too dougie…. He breathed hardcore,rock and roll, and pure enthusiasm…. the ONLY columnist that represented genuine HONESTY in his writings, rants, and love for music… ONE of a kind…and you’ll NEVER get another one like him…. THE BEST GUY…. i will think of you while listening to many of your favorite groups… im about to play Niblick Henbane for you old friend….. I’ll see you soon enough…. he’s in Oi heaven ….wherever that is…. – Trek B.

7 04 2010
Marco Rapisarda (15:43:42) :

First time I was in SF I slept in the MRR kitchen and the first person I met when I woke up was Bruce. He started to say good things about my bands and He made me very happy… He always wrote kind words about my bands in his columns too. Grazie Bruce, riposa in pace.

7 04 2010
Jean Luc Gaudry (18:06:40) :

I met Bruce a few times .. it was always a pleasure to speak with him about music. A TRUE MUSIC FAN !!! You will be missed !!! jl – Headline Records

8 04 2010
zwolf (13:11:29) :

Man… when I opened my new MRR in the mail and saw Bruce on the cover I was happy for a second ‘cuz he was my favorite columnist (don’t worry, George, you’re a very close second), but then I immediately got a sense of doom because I knew something must have happened.

Bruce was a joy to read. I always got cracked up seeing his mild, kindly face at the head of a column about music that he promised would crush and pummel us lucky fucks until we were destroyed/annihilated/left in a heap, etc.! His columns were always a million laughs, but also a lot of valuable info, too — I think Bruce turned me on to more good music than anyone else in the magazine, and I could always trust his judgement. I’d actually seek out bands based on the fact that if Bruce liked them, there must be something worthwhile there. And his enthusiasm was infectious. His columns were fun to read because you could tell he was having a lot of fun writing them. That unashamed, bombastic prose… it ruled! He loved the music, and he made us love it, too. I’m really going to miss seeing him in MRR every month; he was always the first thing I turned to. And even though I never was lucky enough to meet the man or even correspond with him, I still feel kinda like I lost a friend. This is a big loss, and he’ll be missed. But, he won’t be forgotten. I’ll think of him every time I listen to Bonecrusher, the Templars, Hammerlock, The Wretched Ones, Nuts & Bolts, or any of the other great bands he helped steer me towards. So, I’ll still see ya at the bar, Bruce.

8 04 2010
H E (16:36:27) :

I only found out about this today and am still in a state of disbelief. I’ve known Bruce long enough to admit that I took him to his first “punk” show back when it was still “New Wave” (Talking Heads at “Choo Choo’s in ’78.) Of course they’re now mainstream but at the time I met him he was a big Dead head (seriously) though he also had his broad eclectic love of all things musical. (I think we saw Sonny and Brownie at the same venue we saw Iggy Pop.) But while I convinced Bruce to enter an “Elvis Costello Look-Alike Contest” with the promise that 1st prize was 10 Columbia LPs and he could fill in his Dylan catalogue (he took second place – this is when he had hair!) he completely blew past me with his complete submergence into the burgeoning punk scene. Of course there were the road trips to see a wide array of bands but this was 30 years ago when we’d decide in the morning to check out some band in Phoenix after seeing them in Tucson the night before. Jesus – we even saw the Beach Boys – I shit you not! If it was musical Bruce was all over it with an open mind and an appreciation of the musicians who make it all happen. I think this is why he was so beloved at MRR – because he was never caught up in the marketing – he just loved what he loved – and most of small bands are the closest true musicians we have left. Yet, he was still psyched about going to see The Who perform Quadrophenia when I last spoke to him. I busted his balls on what would be our last conversation – telling him how lame they were and that Daltrey had a one note range, that I saw them do that back in ’73 – oh yeah, and that I was jealous since we actually drove to LA to see them (but really for the Clash who opened – plus T-bone Burnet who opened for the show…) But the funny thing is that Bruce was really about so much more than his all-consuming passion of music. He loved art, botany, “moter-sicles” J, old cars, and mostly all of you. Over the years he always spoke fondly of the bands he supported, the fans who supported them, his union brethren and his gig at MRR where I guess he was something of a legend.

But what I really loved about Bruce was that he was one of a kind – something clearly affirmed by all the people who have made a point of leaving a comment and sharing a thought with us. You know that he was ornery, cantankerous, argumentative and caustically funny. He’d frequently find out what pissed someone off and then immediately latch onto that like picking at a scab. Hanging with Bruce was rarely dull for me, but sadly, though I finally ended up in the Bay Area I never saw him enough since it was pretty hard to drag him out of SF too often.

I know I’m rambling here but I’ve only had a few hours to digest it. Let’s just say that my life is richer because Bruce was a part of it and I will miss him like hell. I am glad I have Bruce’s friendship as part of my legacy – and will NEVER forget him. Thank all of you for looking after him because he was really just a big kid, which is a part of us we could all be happy to embrace. Love you and miss you B!

8 04 2010
Natman (21:03:02) :

I still can’t believe it. I was lucky to live with Bruce from 1978-1984 until he left Tucson for SF. We hosted the TDO annually, an amalgamation of punkers, cabbies, law students and others cutting loose. He had more life in him than anybody I knew. He knew and loved music, never complaining about my acoustic taste.

I’m so sorry I can’t be there tomorrow. I haven’t seen Ted in 100 years and probably wouldn’t know more than one or two people, but Bruce would want everyone together.

We’re going to raise glasses to Bruce in Tucson on the 17th. Anyone in this part of the desert who’s interested should give me a note on facebook. See you fucks at the bar.

9 04 2010
Isaac (18:09:12) :

This was the last thing I expected to read when I surfed onto the MRR site….I just wanted to listen to the radio show, and this is simply shocking since Bruce had a large part in getting me into Oi and Street rock n roll. In the early 90s, when I was an @narchopunk, I avidly read MRR and was beginning to get into Oi. Bruce’s was really the only column that regularly mentioned these types of records, and as there was no internet or mp3s at the time, I would dutifully mailorder the records which he would review and which sounded rockin and powerful by the way he would write about em. It was through Bruce’s column (and his reviews in the back) that I found out about Anti-Heros, Niblick Henbane, Those unknown, the Service, and many other oi/street rock bands whose records I got and still have…..As a matter of fact, i still have those MRRs precisely because of Bruce’s columns and reviews. If it hadn’t been for him I surely wouldn’t have found out about these awesome bands because that stuff was simply not available down here (Miami) even at the independent record stores. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but it would have surely been an honor to meet someone who truly changed my life, as street music will be with me until my dying days. Thanks a lot Bruce, and I know we will drink and talk about mighty oi oi music in the great pit in the sky….cheers, brother.

Isaac Carrillo
Miami, FL


11 04 2010
Markus/ Bezirk7 Mag. (08:05:10) :

we’ll miss you,mate!!!

bezirk 7-markus/ germoney

11 04 2010
Bonnie Willax (13:05:10) :

Bruce, thank you for holding onto to what you believed in. Thank you for all fun times we shared in the pit, and for all those intense debates and discussions…. There will always be a warm place for you in my heart.
Travel well my friend…

17 04 2010
Mr.Edding (03:11:31) :

RIP Bruce!

11 05 2010
Dave Gipson (07:39:55) :

What shitty news!! Yet another tragic loss in the punk rock community!

25 05 2010
Matt Petersen (15:00:27) :

I just found out Bruce passed. There is all kinds of storys to tell but the thing i liked about Bruce the most was not matter if i saw him every week for a month or two years went by like the last time we met up, was his ” Come here and give me a Hug”. I hate hugs but he was genuine about it. Take it sleazy brother you are one of a kind.

6 06 2010
Jim (17:39:21) :

It was a pleasure to have met you Bruce at the Ruducers SF gig when I was in San Francisco in 2001…Yes it was my first day there, first gig there and at the Mad Dog I bump into the guy who had been reviewing the 7\s from my label at that time that I had sent in to MRR. I only ever met you once Bruce but my instinct told me you were a 100% genuine guy.

Rest In Punk friend…your passion for punk rock will be sadly missed

Jim intimidation records

12 06 2010
Mike Harding (19:25:00) :

So Bruces brother Chris and I took some of Bruces ashes to Shannon Falls, a huge waterfall near Vancouver BC last vweekend We found a really cool place right up close to where the falls are roaring and powerful and massive. We both had small evergreen trees to plant in his memory for ya all. First we put some of his ashes in the hole for the trees and then planted them on top of them. I poured beer around mine in his memory, then we both shouted ‘See you fucks at the bar”. You were all there with is and it was pretty fuckin powerful. Love ya all and love you Bruce. Mighty trees to be, for a mighty guy.

17 06 2010
Rev. Nørb (14:42:27) :

I first met Bruce Roehrs at the Purple Onion in San Francisco. I think it was the Rip Offs/Skull Control/Loudmouths. Anyway, i am standing there, watching the bands, and Bruce emerged from what passed for the pit — complete with glasses and stinky Devil Dogs t-shirt — told me “I HOPE YOU’LL TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TELL YOUR READERS THAT THIS BAND IS FAR INFERIOR TO SUBURBAN MUTILATION!” ((Suburban Mutilation being my hardcore band in the early 80’s)) and then, without further ado, re-entered the pit whence he came. It was great. I haven’t had contact with the guy in over ten years, but it is indeed a shame he’s gone.

27 06 2010
Chris (15:33:58) :

man, i only just found out about Bruce’s passing. such sad news. i met him 3 times on 3 different trips to SF from Liverpool, England and he was always the soundest fella you could hope to meet.
the first time i met him was in 2001 in Amoeba and we got to talking over a Randumbs 7″, next thing you know we’re arranging to meet later that night at a Stitches gig in some transvetite bar. i met him as arranged and he intoduced me to all his mates, most of whom were guys i’d seen on the back of record covers, like i was an old friend of his from way back. the Stitches were playing Gilman St the following night. getting there wasn’t a problem but getting back to SF would’ve been had it not been for Bruce’s insistence on giving me and my mate a ride back. he dropped us off on our door step and as we were saying our goodbyes he says, “hold on, you might like some of this shit”, he opens the car boot and gives us a bunch of shirts (randumbs, workin stiffs, OMA- still got them all) and a handful of records each! what a guy! i don’t know if bruce always rode with a car full of records and t-shirts but i always thought he purposefully picked them for me after our very first conversation.
RIP Bruce. a great guy. a kind heart.

28 06 2010
Leon Hirsh (17:04:42) :

6-28-10 Sixty of Bruce’s high school buddies from the Kentucky Military Institute, Louisville, Ky., were informed of his passing only yesterday. Is the California crew a bit shocked that Bruce hung his hat at KMI from 1965-68 or did he actually talk about it from time to time? You all might have guessed that Bruce was a bit rebellious toward the whole ROTC thing. He did a pretty good job of \not getting caught\ during his shenanigans because he managed to keep a pretty good ROTC rank during his senior year. He actually was our batallion Sergeant Major. Imagine that!!! He and I talked from time to time over the years when I would inform him about upcoming KMI reunions. His early sense of humor was something of which all of us could have used a little more. He’ll be missed.

8 07 2010
craig (14:25:02) :

He was one of my best friends, beer drinking buddy, and all around great man! Nobody can replace him and I will miss that Fucker! I found out on the web that he is gone, as I just talked with him a week earlier. As a Chief Engineer and fellow contracter I raise my hammer and beer to my friend. I hope the Rumblers in the Bay Area keep his Pontiac and Buick alive and in the family. I wish Rich, Hillbilly, Ben, Loch, EB, Lars and the rest of the crew my best. I still feel your pain and shed a tear knowing he is gone. This beer is for you brother and we will meet again some day in the future!

Last Originals C.C.
San Francisco

22 03 2011
The Pirates (18:39:33) :

In case anyone has made it this far down the page, and they want something wonderful to do to help the cause… check out for more info on our continued plan to get Bruce in the Columbarium.

Thank you for everyone’s support!!

17 04 2011
D.Wylie (15:01:56) :

I didn’t know Bruce well, but I remember he and Tim Yo from Epicenter and MRR and it was those guys that reminded me that punk could be much more than a haircut. Not an ounce of pretension in Bruce, just kind, cool & humble.

9 10 2012
Sonic Mike (13:34:47) :

Wow, Bruce was one of a kind. I sent him a Red Squares 45 in 2008; he called me and thanked me. Was one of the best reviewers ever…raise one to you brother…

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