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November 19th, 2014 by

Carolyn Keddy

Hi. This is Carolyn Keddy, film reviewer, record reviewer, top tenner with some highlights of things I am working on for the next issue — MRR #380, out in early December.

AUSMUTEANTS – Order of Operation LP (Goner) and “Fed Through a Tube”45 (Total Punk)
In the post-EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Australian music scene there seems to be an endless supply of the “next best band out of Australia” coming across the Pacific Ocean. Sure, some of them are good, but there are some that aren’t. Most simply don’t fall into the “Best” category, no matter how many people tell me they do. Then there’s AUSMUTEANTS who just exceed all expectations. It helps that I got to see them live twice. When a band is amazing live it always enhances my record listening experience.

My current favorite song (it will probably change tomorrow) is “1982.” I like when the synths take the lead in AUSMUTEANTS songs. Decipher the lyrics for yourself:

Listen to the entire LP at

The Total Punk single:


GINO AND THE GOONS – Shake It! LP (Black Gladiator)
Being a radio DJ my number one problem is that I hook onto one song and I play it over and over until everyone in the universe is sick of hearing it. Then I play it one more time. I justify my obsessiveness because I can only play one song per band per show, so it may as well be the best one, right? That song for me right now is GINO AND THE GOONS “Got the Skinny.” It’s such a catchy garage punk tune, with the great chorus of “Oh well, I’m a-going to hell.” The other songs on this LP are equally worth listening to, but it’s that one that I’m stuck on right now.


MANATEEES – Sit n Spin LP (Pelican Pow Wow)
The front cover of this album is rather unappealing. I don’t even want to think about what is coming out of that mouth. The back cover photo of the “Fuck You” banner hanging behind the band on stage with their hair all drooped over their eyes makes me smile. That is more of the image of MANATEEES that I have when I listen to this album. It’s got a noisy, dark, ominous feel, but with a bit of playfulness and a who-gives-a-fuck attitude. Singer Abe’s vocals remind me of David Nudelman on a few songs, which makes me very happy too.


GHB – Dope EP (Die Slaughterhaus)
With GHB standing for GET HIGH BOYS, the first song being called “Dope,” and the band having a slight bro feel, I am amazed at how much I like this. Four fast songs of bratty punk attitude blasting out of the speakers. I keep turning it up louder and louder. The bands features Mike Koechlin, who seems to also be in/have been in every other Atlanta band.

Here’s a video for a song on their cassette, but not on this EP. I wish it was:


THE SEX RAYS “Midnight Caller/Where’s the Tambourine?” 45 (Piñata)
Usually I predictably play a record A-side first, followed by the B-side. Sometimes I pick up a record and have the desire to play the B-side first. When I saw a song called “Where’s the Tambourine?” I went with that first. It is a nice, groovy ’60s-style garage instrumental. It’s really catchy and just plain fun. “Midnight Caller” starts out in a similar style and although the vocals are pretty good I am wishing it too was an instrumental.


WHITE ASS – LP (Frantic City)
Probably not the best choice of a band name. CUL BLANC might have been subtler for our English speaking ears. I have been enjoying the bands coming out on Frantic City Records for a while now. WHITE ASS is no exception. Their music is a fuzzy blend of ‘60s garage rock with some surfy-ness and some pop stylings. As usual I really like the faster ones like “Fox Around.” WHITE ASS hail from Paris and feature current or ex-members of Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Viscous Brothers, Crash Normal, Pierre et Bastien, T.I.T.S. and Feeling of Love. With a pedigree like that it’s hard to go wrong.


ANIMALS & MEN “Don’t Misbehave in the New Age/Machines” 45 (Danger)
The reissue of the incredible 1979 debut 7” from English post-punkers ANIMALS & MEN. Two minimalist and cold sounding songs that are so throughly great. Danger does an excellent job with all of their reissues. The sound is excellent and the covers look great.


Because I am The MRR Film Reviewer I have to tell you about a film you need to see. It’s Jean-Luc Godard‘s latest film, Goodbye to Language, which happens to be in 3-D. An arty French film in 3-D is intriguing enough, but as great as it is; the problem is there aren’t many theaters who can or will show this in 3-D. Bay Area people will have to trek up to San Rafael, CA’s Rafael Film Center tout de suite (ends November 20), but it is also playing in Ohio, Indianana, South Carolina, Florida and other states across the US, and in Toronto, Cananda. Get out and see it. 3-D isn’t the same on DVD.


Watch the trailer at

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