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Life During Wartime interviews: WIIIIIILD MOHICANS!!

March 14th, 2013 by

Hey, it’s been a while so we’re stoked to bring you another Life During Wartime interview! Our comrades-in-arms at the Life During Wartime radio show in Portland, OR, talk to bands who perform live in the studio, send us the transcript and bada-bing—entertainment! This time Colin and Ian interview Portland’s WILD MOHICANS, who appeared on the show on February 27, 2013. The band’s on-air performance and interview can be heard here, or here:



Colin: What is your name, what do you play in the band and where is your favorite sandwich in Portland?

Sean: I’m Sean, I play drums and my favorite sandwich… I’ll go with East Side Deli cause you can get big old sandwiches for super cheap.

Jason: My name is Jason, I play bass. My favorite sandwich is probably New Seasons cause I can get them on food stamps.

Adam: I’m Adam, I play guitar. My favorite sandwich in town, I’d have to say, and I’ve never had it before I moved to town is Jimmy John’s. And it’s pretty sad when that’s the best sandwich your town has to offer.

Matty: My name’s Matty. I sing and my favorite sandwich is also Jimmy John’s, but I like Taste Tickler because it has a hilarious and slightly ribald name.

Ian: Why did you guys start? Why are you a band?

Adam: Matty and I did a cover band a few years ago covering songs by a band called the Pist. It turned out Matty was a good singer, who would have thought? I knew Matty from back in the day in Boston and I saw his bands play there, and I didn’t really expect much but low and behold. We decided to start a band, recruited our friend Sean and went from there.

Ian: How’d you end up in the band, Jason?

Jason: They were looking for a new bass player a few months and I think I talked to Sean, just kinda went from there.

Sean: We kept having drunk talk, running into each other at bars and finally we had band practice and it just worked out.


Colin: We know why you got together, but why the name Wild Mohicans?

Matty: Lack of imagination.

Sean: Matty came up with it.

Colin: Why that one as opposed to all the other unimaginative ones out there?

Matty: Well once upon a time we originally thought we were gonna sound like Troops of Tomorrow-era Exploited and being a fan of the band Chaotic Dischord, they had written a song called “Wild Mohicans (for Wattie)” about the Exploited. But it kind of turned into a different thing cause of the way I sing and our influences, more of an American hardcore influence, but yeah, that’s the story behind the nom de plume Wild Mohicans.

Colin: So you do have the red dread hawk?

Matty: Yes, I do. At this exact moment I do.

Ian: You go by Wild Mohicans but everyone knows its really WIIIILD MOHICANS!

Matty: Yes, that is the name our band is often referred to.

Ian: Whats that again?

Matty: The name to which you refer?

Ian: Yes.

Matty: It’s uh…. [long pause] WIIIILD MOHICANS! Ugh that was a shitty one…. WIIIIIIIIIIILD MOHICANS.

Ian: And where does that come from? How did that happen? The shouty-ness?

Adam: We get down to the practice space whenever we’re practicing. There’s a good five minutes or so of us tuning up and getting ready to play and whatever. And while we’re doing that Matty is just flying off the walls jumping around, screaming nonsense into the microphone at full volume just to annoy us. And those are one of those things that he screams. There’s a couple of other things some of you might have heard, like the gurgle throat.

Matty: Ya, the bad chicken [**pukes on microphone**]

Adam: Imagine tuning your guitar over that.

Colin: Now you guys are all outlanders. None of you were born in our dear Portland, Oregon. Yet you all come from different cities, if I’m correct. Is that an accurate statement?

Sean: Yes.

Colin: Do you guys feel you have a different perspective, or a unique sentiment than a typical Portland band?

Adam: Yeah, I dunno… maybe. Being here for five years I feel like I haven’t seen too many bands that were 100% born and raised in Portland, or Oregon for that matter.

Colin: It’s a rare thing.

Adam: Me and Matty knew each other from Boston, we both lived there and we met along time ago.

Ian: Where are you guys from?

Sean: I’m from the Bay Area.

Jason: Originally from San Diego. I’ve lived here for about 11 years or so.

Adam: It seems like bands only last for a little bit here, and everyone is from all over the place anyway. It’s rare that you get a band like that unless they were kids that met here growing up, have known each other forever and have been playing music together since. There are a few of those bands here but few and far between.

Matty: I think Portland is unique to cultivate a deep and un-abiding hatred for humanity. I mean, just walking Alberta St I have enough fuel for my rage and alienation and can write at least a couple dozen songs. I used to live on a street where a guy would ride by on a unicycle everyday and I just wanted to run out with a big stick and jam it in his spokes, that usually keeps me going for a little bit.

Ian: Why didn’t you?

Matty: Why didn’t I… fear and cowardice.

Ian: Now there’s rumor going around that, to be in the band, you gotta get the Wild Mohicans tattoo? Read the rest of this entry »

Life During Wartime interviews: Replica

October 10th, 2012 by

Hey, we’re back after a little hiatus with our Life During Wartime interviews, where our friends’s at the Life During Wartime radio show in Portland, OR, talk to bands who perform live in the studio… This time Colin interviews Oakland’s amazing REPLICA!

Check out their on-air performance HERE or here:


Life During Wartime (Colin): Name and instrument?

Juliana: My name is Juliana, and I play the guitar.

Alicia: Alicia, I play bass.

B: My name is B, I play drums

Dharma: My name is Dharma Moony, I play the glockenspiel.

LDW: I don’t believe you.

Dharma: I sing in this band, though.

LDW: I believe that. Tell me, how did this band form? Who had the idea, Let’s start a band?

Alicia: It all started in Oakland, California.

LDW: Go on…

Alicia: It was in West Oakland.

LDW: So we got the place…

B: It was Juliana’s idea. We were at a show for our friends’ band, Alaric.

Alicia: Right before the general strike in Oakland, which was November 2nd, maybe a bit before, of 2011.

B: So we just got together, wrote five songs in about a month, and played our first show and recorded a demo.

LDW: That’s pretty quick. And how did you decide on your name Replica?

B: It was a very rare band name brainstorming result.

Juliana: Wwe liked it because it was in Portuguese and English it’s the same word. So, it’s pretty easy for me to say “Heplica” so that’s what we call the band.

LDW: Let’s talk about that, Juliana, why do you speak Portuguese?

Juliana: Because I’m from Brazil.

LDW: And how did you come to live in Oakland?

Juliana: Oakland is awesome, that’s why I moved there. Now I cheer for the Raiders. If you could see me, I’m wearing an Oakland Raiders T-shirt… (laughs)

LDW: Fact. I can see her, so I can totally vouch. So you recorded — what happened with that recording you were talking about earlier?

B: We made a cassette tape, and then some friends of ours in San Fransisco have a label called Radical Punks Never Die. They are doing a series of flexis — they’re putting out flexis of the demos of some local Bay Area bands. We’re the third one in that series. There’s also one by Effluxus, and one by Permanent Ruin.

LDW: What other recordings do you have in the pipeline?

Alicia: The first recording was by Craigums in Oakland, in December, and we just recorded four songs in May with Ear Hammer, which is also in Oakland. We’re submitting one of them for a Bay Area bands comp that Brian Stern is putting out. Two of them we submitted to the Maximum Rocknroll comp. We’re still waiting to hear about that. Future plans are to record in the fall. We still have to figure out when and with whom. We want to put out a record, and we’re writing more songs!

Juliana: Right now we have a tape and a flexi, with five songs each. That’s it.

LDW: Dharma, is it safe to assume that you’re doing the lyric writing?

Dharma: Yes.

LDW: And what are the topics of these songs?

Dharma: Some of them are pretty philosophical, life struggles in general. Others have to do with funny social occurrences that you might find in most social circles…

LDW: Like what, for example?

Dharma: Well, there’s this song “Sycophant,” which is not necessarily about a particular person, but how some people might try to exploit punk or hardcore, the underground social circle, for means of climbing the social ladder and being recognized for not particular reason but to be seen, which can sometimes hurt other people in the end. “You Can’t Stop the Weather” is more of a life struggle song. It’s about going through tough times — you can’t change change what happens, you just gotta role with the storm I guess. And then “Sandy Bottoms” is about having sex on the beach… (laughs) You got your range of topics….

LDW: Right on. So you are doing a tour?

(all): Yes

LDW: How is that going so far?

Juliana: Pretty cool, we’ve played Sacramento, Eureka and Oakland. It’s been pretty cool so far.

LDW: How much longer do you have ahead of you?

Alicia: The rest of the week.

B: Three or four shows. We’re going back to Oakland on Monday, so tomorrow we’re playing in Tacoma, Friday we’re back in Portland playing at Slabtown, Saturday we’re playing in Seattle, Sunday we’re playing in Olympia, and Monday we’re driving home.

LDW: Do you have future tour plans?

B: We’re going to try to make it down to the southern part of California, and hopefully go farther away at some time too. Everything’s nebulous. And we’re going to do a 7″ in December, we hope. We think our friends at Prank Records are going to help put it out, and this guy Flo, what’s his record label?

LDW: Flo from Germany?

B: Yeah. That’s the next big hope, plan

LDW: Do you all live in Oakland, California?

(all): Yes

B: Within about ten blocks of each other.

LDW: Do you feel like you’re members of the entire Bay Area scene, or do you feel very specific to Oakland?

B: Both

Dharma: I was born in Oakland and I’ve never left, so I don’t know. I feel not only part of it but stuck to it. I haven’t really cut the umbilical chord on that one yet.

Juliana: I think our sister bands are Permanent Ruin, who have members from San Francisco and San Jose. Effluxus has members from San Francisco and Oakland, Hunting Party the same, so it’s this new breed of Bay Area bands that have members in common with Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Area… it’s kind of a new scene.

B: There’s generally more going on in Oakland. We’re all united to bands from the greater Bay Area.

Juliana: But the thing is, in San Francisco, most shows are in bars, which sucks. And in Oakland it’s usually punk houses, which is way better, I think.

Dharma: Not as many outdoor shows anymore, which I wish would happen again.

LDW: Awesome. Anything else you want to say to the listeners at large?

Juliana: Hope you can come to the show in Portland on Friday cause Walls is really good.

Alicia: Thanks for letting us play here. This was awesome. I’ve never done anything like this.

Juliana: I got nervous but it was cool.

(Everyone adds their cute self deprecation moments)

LDW: You’re very welcome… and if people want to find your music, how do they contact you?

B: We have r-e-p-l-i-c-a.bandcamp.com, and an email

Alicia: And you can find our flexi on the Radical Punks Never Die website, and we’re on Facebook at facebook.com/replicareplica.

LDW: Thank you!

Life During Wartime can be heard on Portland, OR’s KBOO 90.7 FM Wednesday nights from 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. They can be reached at , and you can send them records at PO Box 1113, Portland OR 97207-1113. Get their podcast here.

Life During Wartime interviews:
Light Brigade

July 27th, 2012 by

Hey, the Life During Wartime interviews are back! Our pals at the Life During Wartime radio show on KBOO in Portland, OR, like to share with us their talks with bands who perform live in the studio. This time Colin During Wartime interviews Portland’s new sensations LIGHT BRIGADE, whose 7″ was recently released on Raw Sugar Records out of New Orleans, and participants in infamous Downtown LA Chalk Riots of 2012

Check out their on-air performance HERE or here:


Chalk cops, Los Angeles


Colin (LDW): Okay you guys, here it comes! This is an interview with local mavens of music, Light Brigade.

Callie: Hello, Radio Land.

LDW: You are Light Brigade. Who are you individually? Say your name, what you play, and how ’bout the junk food snacks to eat on the road. Why don’t you start first Erin…

Erin: My name’s Erin Yanke, I play drums, and on the road I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips and baby carrots.

Icky: My name’s Icky, on the road I ate slushies, and I play bass.

Callie: My name is Callie, I play the guitar, and I definitely at some point made everyone fussy with me cause I ordered a milkshake at a gas station, and it took a long time…

Erin: We just thought you were kidnapped. That was the bum-out part, not the milkshake…

Melinda: My name’s Melinda and I sing and play the train whistle, and I like coconut popsicles.

LDW: Your band is called Light Brigade. Tell me, where does that stem from, some kind of post impressionist painting?

Icky: No. Light Brigade came from me, from a list of prospective band names. I was thinking “Light Brigade, that sounds cool” (we all laugh). That was about it. I thought it’s like Brigade, kind of punk, but light like kind of dreamy. And also Light Brigade was the charge of the English cavalry  against the Russian artillery before WWI in the Crimea, and it was a clash of dumb antiquity versus modernism. It’s like us.

Callie: It’s also the name of a boring movie.

Erin: Explain more about dumb antiquity…

Icky: The Charge of the Light Brigade was a bunch of people who listened to their aristocratic British generals say, “Run into these Russian cannons”. That’s like us. (laughs)

LDW: How did this band come together?

Erin: I don’t remember exactly, but Icky currently attends nursing school in Pittsburgh, and we decided we’d have a band before he left, and we’d cram it all in. We started playing, then Icky said, “I know the perfect singer, her name’s Melinda.”

Callie: Then Melinda appeared and she had all these songs, it was great.

LDW: So Icky lives in Pittsburgh, how does that change the band dynamic?

Callie: We can’t Skype practice, though we thought about it

LDW: Why not?

Callie: The delay. The internet.

LDW: How else had it affected the band? Did you plan on continuing on after the move?

Icky: I don’t think so. We didn’t have too many plans, until I left, then we started thinking about plans. How has it affected the band? It’s sad.

Callie: We’re basically a holiday band. We play Christmas, 4th of July, weddings…

Erin:  I think we’d intended to quit when Icky left, and then we had a mini-Washington tour last year and in the middle of it we were all sad cause it was so fun, but we decided we could change our minds. We could not break up! Then we were happy. And we didn’t fulfill our dream of playing in Tacoma. Please Tacoma, let us play there…

LDW: Speaking of touring, you guys recently went on a tour. Let’s talk about it. Would you call it a success, were you happy with it?

Melinda: Yes.

LDW: Give me some tour stories…

Callie: One time, we were in LA, and we were playing at the Last Bookstore, which was really awesome.

Erin: There’s this LA Art Walk, like (Portland’s) Last Thursday, where a bunch of yahoos get wasted and look at art, and the commercial hip hop station co-sponsors live performances at this bookstore…

Callie: And they were MC-ing our show! I think my favorite part was when they said “three sexy ladies and one very sexy man…” It was so amazing, and then this riot broke out, where people were writing in chalk…

Erin: The Occupy LA people had been getting arrested for writing with chalk on the sidewalk, and so they had made an informational flyer and handed out chalk during the art walk. That turned into a typical LA cop riot. Everyone was trapped in the bookstore, but I was with Ariel in the van at the beginning of the riot, and we figured that was a bad time to be in the van and ended up about three police lines away from everyone else.

Callie: It added about four hours to our agenda.

Erin: I think about 20 people got arrested… it was probably the most exciting tour event.

Callie: It was more surreal than anything, lots of things happening at once, lots of emotions…

Icky: I walked out of the bookstore, and thought, What’s going on?  Then the cops threw some tear gas, so I went back inside and go to Callie and Katie who are looking at records and say, “I think there’s a riot going on outside.”  Katie walks to the window, and Callie goes, “Oh cool,” and keeps looking at records. So Katie and I are looking out the window, and I asked where Melida and Erin were. “Melinda’ s upstairs, and Erin’s in the van.” Cops are all around the street where the van is. Then Katie goes, “Oh wait, I just got a text from Erin.” “What’s it say?” “I’m in the van, where’s the corkscrew for the wine?” And I look outside, and, well, there’s a riot going on. Callie’s looking through records, and Erin’s like, “There’s cops outside the van tear gassing people and shooting beanbag  rounds into people, where’s the corkscrew?” (laughs) What ended up happening is there was a delay on the text cause everyone was using their phones and stuff, but we got it literally while we were watching the cops load up their guns with bean bag rounds. So, it was all a little odd.

LDW: It’s good to have a crew that’s pretty unaffected.

Callie: But there’s nothing we could do, I tried to leave earlier and the bouncers wouldn’t let me leave.

Icky: Bouncers in a bookstore, that’s LA…

LDW: You guys made a record.

Erin: Yes.

LDW: 7″ — who put it out? Wow did it come about? Tell me the story

Callie: It’s on Raw Sugar Records out of New Orleans, run by our friend Brice. Going back to the “Oh my goodness, Icky’s moving away” thing, we figured we’d better do something. An attempt of productivity, as a band with limited time to be together.

Erin: Our friend Sid came over to the house we practice at and recorded us there. Brice was in town DJing and helping with the roof of Icky’s old house, and they played the recording and he liked it.

Icky: He was blown away. He said, “Holy smokes, this rules. I have a label, let’s put it out.”

(bad jokes all round)

LDW: Next question for Melinda, This is the first band you’ve ever been in, is that correct?

Melinda: Yes.

LDW: Do you enjoy this whole being-in-a-band thing?

Melinda: Yes.

LDW: Is this something you’ve wanted to do for some time?

Melinda: I had dreams of it.

LDW: Literally or figuratively?

Melinda: Both.

LDW: Can you tell me one of the literal dreams?

Melinda: No.

LDW: Moving on, now… Who are you guys in your lives, what do you do?

Callie: I make coffee for the public, I listen to a lot of records, I play records on the radio, (KBOO 90.7 FM, Drinking from Puddles).

Melinda: I work at the Northwest Film Center.

Icky: I’m in nursing school, I used to work at the Film Center with Melinda. When we were looking for a singer I told our mutual co-worker, Joe, “I think maybe Melinda is going to be the singer for our band.” He said, “Oh, get the quietest person at our job to sing for your punk band,” and it worked. Joe was proven wrong.

Callie: Take that, Joe!

Erin: Icky’s also an awesome artist, part of the Just Seeds Collective… I am the program director of this station, and I also am in one other band called Social Graces.

LDW: What holds in the future?

(Alex Yusimov comes in the door and tells our future… jokes ensue…)

Erin: We’re supposed to figure out today if we’re playing a wedding in August… but for future things, we haven’t talked about it.

LDW: Anything you want to add?

Callie: Rock and roll!

Contact Light Brigade at PO Box 1113, Portland OR 97207

Life During Wartime can be heard on Portland, OR’s KBOO 90.7 FM Wednesday nights from 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. They can be reached at , and you can send them records at PO Box 1113, Portland OR 97207-1113. Subscribe to their podcast here.

Life During Wartime interviews:
Your Pest Band

October 12th, 2011 by

Hey, it’s time again for our Life During Wartime interviews, where our home slices at the Life During Wartime radio show in Portland, OR, talk to bands who perform live in the studio… This time around they interview YOUR PEST BAND from Japan. And starting with this installment, you can listen to the bands’ on-the-air performance right here! Enjoy…


Your Pest Band (photo by Katie B)

(*A=Alec Holland, local punk Japanese speaker)

LDW: Alright! Exciting to hear all of the answers that they will say! First will you say your name and what instrument you play? Humito-san…

HUMITO: Hello, I am Humito Yamazaki and I am playing guitar and I sing.

SATORU: My name is Satoru Kiroda. I am playing bass. Yeah!

T-BOY: My name is T-boy. I am playing guitar.

MARU: My name is Maru. I am playing drums.

LDW: Very good. OK. Next question. What other bands do you play in in Tokyo?

H: I’m not playing.

LDW: Humito, only in Your Pest Band.

H: Right.

LDW: Satoru-san.

S: I’m playing other band. Name — Dog Hotel.

LDW: Doc Hopper?

H: H-o-t-e-l.

LDW: Oh, Dog Hotel!

All: Yeah!

LDW: Yes! And this band, which style of music?

S: (pause) uhh… killer dance punk.

(all laugh)

LDW: T-Boy-san, what other bands do you play in?

T: I am playing in Broken Mountain.

Your Pest Band (photo by Katie B)


LDW: Alright. Maru-san?

M: I am only in Your Pest Band.

LDW: Alright! Good job you guys! (all laugh)

A: You don’t need me at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Life During Wartime interviews: Arctic Flowers

August 12th, 2011 by

Welcome to the latest in our series of Life During Wartime interviews, where our BFF’s at the Life During Wartime radio show in Portland, OR, talk to bands who perform live in the studio… This time Colin interviews Portland’s celebrated ARCTIC FLOWERS, whose LP has just been released on Inimical Records! Their on-air performance can be heard here. Read along with us, won’t you?…

[The first moments of the interview didn’t get recorded… this is probably how it started:]

LDW: Please introduce yourself and your instrument?

Alex: I sing.

Lee: I play bass, and sing back ups.

Stan: Guitar.

Mike: Drums.

LDW: And also, add what other ways do you contribute to the portland punk scene?

Alex: Books shows, DJs around town, runs a show listing blog, and probably more

[And now, ladies and gentlemen, this is where the tape actually starts recording!]

Lee: Cultural Minister, and I manage Alex.

Alex: She is my spirit animal..

Lee: That’s actually true.

Stan: I record bands, Buzz or Howl studios.

LDW: How ’bout you mike?

Mike: I play in some other bands. I sell sandwiches at punk shows…

Stan: Grilled by Death!

Mike: …and I sometimes book shows.

Lee: Mike is also the community sauerkraut provider.

Mike: I provide the punks with fermented vegetables.

Alex: It’s really good.

LDW: They need it for their digestion.

Mike: Don’t we all…

LDW: So, Arctic Flowers, how did you start as a band?

Mike: Stan moved here from Austin, and was looking to start playing music.

Stan: …and we (Stan and Mike) had played before, in a band with Lance Hahn,

Mike: it’s true, he and I played music for one day in a band called An Uneasy Peace.

Stan: We also slept on the floor together.

Mike: A lot!

Alex: Together together?

Stan: Close!

Mike: Occasionally. So, he moved to town, we talked about playing music. At the same time Lee and I had been talking about playing music, but we needed a guitarist.

Stan: And you were like, “I have a friend named Lee”…

Lee: (laughs)

Mike: Yeah, and it turns out that Lee and Stan know each other from long times back.

Lee: Yeah. I met Stan in 1995, when we were young children. And, I’ve been living in Portland for a few years/ So, old friends getting together and we just jammed, and it meshed together cause we all wanted to do the same things. We had our influences, but we also created our own style and sound. Then, we needed a singer. We were stuck for a while. How long did we wait for a singer?

Stan: A year. Then we saw Alex sing in an Avengers cover band at Halloween and asked her to sing.

Alex: I messed everything up from then on. (laughs) Read the rest of this entry »