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AQUARIUM by Martin Sorrondeguy

MRR Radio #1579 • 10/15/17

Strace and Strayla vote MITCH CARDWELL for President of Punk.  Intro song: AQUARIUM - Human Current Sounds from the New Bins MR. WRONG - ...

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Secreto Público

MRR Radio #1578 • 10/8/17

Matt is joined by Ben and Claudia for just another hour of the best new punk and hardcore worldwide! Intro ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #414 • Nov 2017

Are y'all ready for Maximum Rocknroll #414? Our November 2017 issue will teach you a thing or two all about ...

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Flipper rules, OK?

MRR Radio #1577 • 10/1/17

Phillip Greenlief spent an afternoon in the stacks. This is what he came up with. BAD RELIGION - You Are the ...

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Jackal (photo by Zack Rogers)


“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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Free Pussy Riot benefit compilation!

August 18th, 2012 by

To support the imprisoned members of the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot, German label F.A.M.E.D. Records is releasing a record with a compilation of contributions of various bands. All benefits of the project will be donated to the support fund of Pussy Riot (www.freepussyriot.org). Besides raising money for the imprisoned women, the project also intends to show a clear sign of international solidarity to Pussy Riot. We were surprised and amazed about the great support from the local and international punk scene. By now, we have had more support requests from bands than we have space for on the record. The collaborative support towards, and solidarity with Pussy Riot in the punk scene is reflected in the diversity of different styles on the compilation: from Danish power-pop to German hardcore to melodic punk. The following bands are represented on the compilation: The Movement (DK) , ZSK , Atlas Losing Grip (Sweden), Missrata, Rantanplan, Pestpocken, Cut My Skin, Hausvabot , Antidote (Netherlands), Diva-Kollektiv, Die Ärzte, The Boring (France), Patsy Stone, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Restarts (UK) , The Living Deadbeats (Canada)…

The LP (including MP3 download code) is strictly limited to 500 copies. Release date: end of September. Order now at www.famed-rec.de. All money raised (excluding production costs) will be donated to Pussy Riot legal fund.

R.I.P. Jef Leppard

June 12th, 2012 by

Former guitarists of Voetsek Jef Leppard passed away two days ago as a result a motorcycle accident, and his partner Nikki is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Please read on for information about how to help and where everyone is gathering to remember Jeff:

Our community has lost a very loved/respected individual over the past 24 hours and for this we mourn, all in our unique ways. RIP Jef Leppard. Now we’re all gathering the light of the universe and sending it to Nikki Davis for a full recovery… I just left SFGH, she can not have visitors at this time/and prolly not for a couple days. Nikki’s mom Donna Lee Wayrynen Culbert and father Smiley are here with various family members. We are setting up a memorial for Jef at Lennon Rehearsal for this Saturday June 16 7-10pm. He will be cremated. Please pass this info along, they have so many friends and extended family who truly care for them…this has been devastating.

—Ami LawLess

Jef Leppard memorial at Lennon Studios
271 Dore St, SF CA 94103
Saturday June 16th 7pm
Please bring some $$$ to donate — Jef will be cremated and Nikki is facing mountings bills. This is a potluck and strictly a four-band bill.

SMD (from L.A.)

Donations can be made via PayPal to: page.amy.s (AT) gmail.com

And please spread the word on this. These two have helped so many of us out over the years. Now it’s our turn to pay them back in a small way.


May 24th, 2012 by

San Franciscans, you are in for a treat! Happening now through June 23rd at the Luggage Store Gallery and other venues around the City is a huge art show — nay, art experience — curated by drummer, street artist, writer, and punk mainstay Erick Lyle, along with renowned SF artists Chris Johanson and Kal Spelletich. Streetopia, which opened on May 18th, features over 132 artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, activists, thinkers, and public policy makers to address the show’s themes of Utopian aspiration for the city.

Bill Daniel's evolving photo exhibit about SF's Mission Bay — now at the Luggage Store Gallery

There are too many awesome events to mention, so you should check out the full schedule on the show’s website. Some highlights include “Planting Trees in the City and Tree Giveaway” with the great fanzine editor, artist, and graffiti writer Joey Alone at the Tenderloin National Forest on May 27th. In “The Uses of Market Street” on May 29th writers and historians Chris Carlsson and Erick Lyle retrace the path of countless demonstrations, working-class parades, queer celebrations, bombings, and more on SF’s main drag. On June 5th award-winning investigative journalist (and punk rocker!) A.C. Thompson presents “Muckraking For Anyone” in which he lays out the basics of investigating government agencies, corporations, and individuals, and helps you figure out how to research any subject that intrigues you. Fans of legendary SF punk band HICKEY will not want to miss The Matty Luv Tapes on June 17th where you can help finish some of the Matty Luv’s incomplete songs. And on closing night, BIG BOYS‘ guitarist Tim Kerr and friends present “Freedom” where (again) you can join legendary punk musician and artist, Tim Kerr for a group performance of his musical piece “Freedom” and see  SF-exile bands BLACK RAINBOW, SUN FOOT, SHELLSHAG, and other surprise guests.

Find out all the deets at streetopiasf.com

Don’t miss out! Tell your friends! Go early, go often, before it’s too late… Then — go start your own Utopia!

Punk in North Korea?

May 11th, 2012 by

The public radio program The World on Boston’s WGBH (Charged!) had this very interesting report the other day about Ri Seong-Woong, “North Korea’s most famous punk rock star.” While Ri Seong-Woong, and any form of punk rock in North Korea, does not actually exist, the extent to which the purveyors of this “hoax” went is impressive, as is the music itself.

But could there be some inkling of truth, or potential truth, to the idea of punk in North Korea? Luk Haas, our intrepid explorer of the world’s most hidden corners of punk and rock ‘n’ roll writes, “It is true that in North Korea, in the springtime, on days off young people gather in parks with alcohol and acoustic guitars for picnics. They love singing together, all the North Korean patriotic propaganda hits, and some are quite tuneful, like ‘We Will Meet Again'(about reunification of Korea). But nobody would dare singing anything remotely punk or even rock.”

Still, we have Ri Seong-Woong, as interpreted here by South Korea’s 악어들 (The Alligators)…

Find out more about this “project” here and here.

RIP Kindred McCune, aka Stinkweed

April 26th, 2012 by

By Dan Lactose

Kindred McCune, aka Stinkweed Malone, has left our planet. Took the warp triple-six Doom Ryde straight through our galaxy. Stinkweed was best known to punx, thrashers, vandals and dank smokers as a founding member of the pioneering Redwood City, CA, political grindcore unit, Plutocracy. He was also a founding member and leader of the long running Redwood City hip hop group Shed Dwellaz. Stinkweed was born in San Francisco and grew up on Army Street. He told me he first witnessed punk rock at the legendary Farm. Bands were playing, punks were thrashing and he was breakdancing. “I won’t conform to the norm so I perform in the orange,” he wrote. Plutocracy took grindcore in directions no one else had attempted, blending Black Panther speeches with blast beats and MC Pooh. It took a certain type of person to “get” it. Kindred and Thomas’ twin guitars had a unique and abstract sound.

At the time, I lived in Redwood City, was in a crappy punk band, made zines and bounght Earache records at Tower. I met Thomas at school, he tells me he plays in a band called Plutocracy, gives me the Progress demo and I’m blown away. I became a huge fan of everything these guys did from that point forward. When Plutocracy broke up, No Le$$ twisted wigs back even further! Electric Jungle Violence slid Sabbath style jams into grind riffs while obscure samples popped in and out. The live shows were drunken and dangerous. Stinkweed started the West Bay Koalition and dubbed himself El Presidente. He was constantly creating. He was in so many bands: Agents of Satan, Go Like This, Kalmex & The Riff Merchants, Bullshit Excuse, Shadow People, Apeshit, United Sicko Foundation, Torture Unit, the list goes on.


There was a six hour radio show on KZSU called the West Bay Radio Station Hostage Situation in which he was in every band. I was honored to be a part of the Shed Dwellaz with him. I told him I could DJ and he got me a sampler so I could make beats. Together we recorded hundreds of songs on 4-track. I learned so much about how to create music both from him and with him. He taught me to be myself and not worry about what others would think. If you liked what you were doing, then do it. He hated “kritiks.” And COPS. Fuck, he hated cops.

From the way he strung his guitar strings backwards to his shower cap and pajama stage attire, Stinkweed did it his way. He didn’t have a computer or go on message boards or give a shit about what anyone else thought was cool, he was on his own trip. Whether he was writing a riff or a sixteen or texting bandmates to schedule a jam, his mind was constantly on music. The guy was the most original person I’ve ever met in my life. Larger than life, LOUDER than life. If you ever hung out with him, you walked away with a story. Right before his death he was working on new material with Agents of Satan. He was recording raps and talking about starting a new West Bay Doom Ryderz band. He planned to release a compilation next year and was trying to compile all of the tracks for it. He was working with Pelon from Immortal Fate on the release of a 1992 live session of Plutocracy and Immortal fate on KZSU. The world will be a lot different without his demonic harmonics. Launch a hog leg and puff tuff for Mr. Stinkweed.

Donations on behalf of Kindred McCune can be made to: Redwood City Education Foundation, PO Box 3046, Redwood City, CA 94064. RCEF provides music education to all students in Redwood City – grades 2 to 8