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Wow, what a show! Brontez Dance Company (and friends) 2/11/11

February 22nd, 2011 by

Brontez Dance Company, with Brilliant Colors, Pigs, and Tagi Maalik at the Berkeley Art Museum • February 11, 2011

Review by Anna Brown, photos by Janelle Blarg

When does modern dance defy boredom? When Brontez Purnell is on stage.

The debut performance of The Brontez Purnell Dance Company at the Berkeley Art Museum  felt like a watershed moment. Maybe it was the physical space. A museum has a way of making things seem momentous, different from a warehouse or a punk club where witnessing unique, radical performance is expected. But on a Friday night in February, I had the feeling Brontez Purnell + dancers may have done the impossible: made “free jazz” relevant to punk. Consider this: there is nothing more punk than getting on stage and doing something that scares the shit out of people. In this case, it just happened to be dancing.

Brontez Purnell, MRR columnist, noted author of Fag School ‘zine, and member of bands the YOUNGER LOVERS and GRAVY TRAIN!!!!, can really dance. He began leading “free movement” classes to a bunch of fearless volunteers in San Francisco and has been channeling his enormous energy toward choreography — live, and in short films — ever since. To watch him move is something to behold. He says, “I started  back in October and wanted to do this as a way to exorcise my dance demons. I  was working on some pieces at school (I’m a theatre/dance major at Cal State East Bay) and wanted to see the pieces come to life. I wanted to start a company that was mostly people I saw at shows.  Some people had issues with my lack of ‘professional dancers,’ but they can suck it.”

Brilliant Colors (photo by Janelle Blarg)

On this night the amazing conga player Tagi Maalik, and the bands PIGS and BRILLIANT COLORS, provided the musical backdrop for a series of short pieces punctuated by black-and-white films. In one scene, PIGS played a pounding rendition of “Electric Funeral” as the dancers depicted an impressionistic story of death and rebirth. There were three or four acts, some were narratives with a story to tell, others were loose and groovy. Finally, the audience was invited up on stage to participate in a lesson, so we, the spectators, could feel the dance revolution for ourselves.

Punk + free movement. Could this be the beginning of something transformative for us all? Brontez Purnell and Company are daring you to inhabit your inner dancer: Move and be moved.

Wow, what a show! Mundo Muerto/
Desperate Hours/Ratface/Dopecharge
Kimo’s, SF, 1/29/11

February 8th, 2011 by

Wow, what a show! is brought to you this week by Clint Baechle of hella bands and the Boca de Fuma blog, with photos by Jehn Cincinnasti. If you take photos and like to write about punk shows (or if you and a friend wanna team up to do this) drop us a line at with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a MRR shitblogger!

For all the times in my life I’ve been told I smell like a goddamn brewery, there are few of them when the accusation could really be considered correct, and tonight was one such time. As soon as I got out of work, I wandered down the road to Speakeasy Brewery’s Friday night open house. My buddy works there and hooks me up with brews, and I uncomfortably stood there drinking beer after beer and munching popcorn in a warehouse facility brimming with with self righteous young professionals, freshly scrubbed and tweezed, and without a doubt twittering about what a “fucking wild night” they are having. But I digress. My point here is actually that there is nothing better to prepare one’s mind and body for a long night of anarcho-crust than a few (or quite a few) bitter beers. I could have used a few more myself, to be honest, but it was time to go, and I took the 19 Polk Family Adventure Bus along almost it’s entire circuitous route, from Hunter’s Point to the venerable intersection of Polk and Pine streets, home to tonight’s festivities. By now my stomach was rumbling, and I figured I’d better give it some kind of cushion for the battery that was to come. And so it came to be that I missed the opening band, the Neighborhood Brats (a great band by the way) because I was chowing Chinese food and accidentally catapulting spoons across the restaurant with my stupid elbows, agitating the staff who were still recovering from the antics of a hostile “chew and screw” customer.

Ratface (photo by Jehn Cincinnasti)

I ascended the golden staircase into Kimo’s “Penthouse Lounge” just in time to catch MUNDO MUERTO from L.A. I’d never seen them before, and due to their association with the Silenzio Statico posse, I was expecting something a bit more rawponk. Instead it was something tight, (barely) controlled, brimming with hardcore anger and attitude. The instruments were individually distinguishable, not a hot mess of chaos, and the songs went from fast rippers into bouncy mid tempo parts. Awesome.

Considering how easy it actually is to pack a walk-in closet the size of Kimo’s, I’ve seen relatively few packed shows here. This one wasn’t the biggest, but it was pretty close, and things were starting to get tight by the third band, but not too tight to easily get up to the bar and get another few beers, thank god.I had to enrich my punk state of mind.

DESPERATE HOURS is a band I’ve seen many times before, so I knew what to expect. The trio of Isla Vista, filthy, beach-crust bums ripped through a succinct and serious set of blown out, Japanese worshiping, crusty d-beat. Chris and Chuck made plenty of snarling faces in our direction, and Denver stomped along, holding it together with wild bass lines. It seemed like moldy black denim and phlegm was everywhere. If that was actually the case, then the problem only increased during the set of Pittsburgh, PA’s Ratface.

Desperate Hours (photo by Jehn Cincinnasti)

RATFACE seems to have several things to its advantage in the midst of the massive d-crust noise punk barrage we’ve been experiencing lately. One of these things is a healthy sense of (self deprecating when necessarily) humor. It has nothing to do with the show review but check out the “Cider Song” intro to their half of the Desperate Hours split tape. Hilarious! Rather the the bombed out mass grave shattered corpse ridden battlefield in which most of their contemporaries dwell, Ratface is perfectly at home falling down cider-drunk in gutter with yer mates and laughing it off.

Ratface’s next advantage is an acknowledgment of pre-Discharge and Anti-Cimex punk music, as evidenced by their covers (yeah, I don’t really think punk bands should do covers; yeah, I went crazy as fuck when they played “Religious Wars,” because that’s the only thing appropriate to do, plus I love that song) and the stylistic variables in their own songs. Yeah, they’re basically d-beat still, but they sound less diluted than most of the shit out there these days, with more tasty ingredients stewed into the studded vest, mucous, cum, blood, spit and filth stew that they’re cooking up for us to all enjoy.

Ratface (photo by Jehn Cincinnasti)

Ratface’s third advantage is their guitar player, Jimmy, who was apparently in some other band that people really liked. He takes take a uniquely workmanlike approach (must be that Midwestern blood) to playing noisy-ass guitar, almost gracefully(?!) piling on the extra squeals, feedback, wah-wahs and rudimentary solos. Right the fuck on.

After that I drank more beer.

I wish someone had told me beforehand that this was to be the final DOPECHARGE show, I would have paid closer attention, maybe tried to break out some teeth or at least spill a beer on someone during their set, but I thought that I would always get another chance to see them, to let them be the soundtrack to another wasted night in San Francisco City, in front of too many kids who were too drunk in a too small bar in a not quite shitty enough neighborhood. It’s a band that I will probably remember more for their attitude than their wild d-beat bashings, more for the nihilistic party atmosphere that their presence seems to suggest. Oh well, I wonder what they’ll do next.

After that I drank a lot more beer.

All in all this was a very satisfying punks spending loud night — it included bus rides, wastedness, alleyway drinking, public urination, denim, leather, and lots people having a good time. And I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it, but damn, there are not only so many good bands coming through right now, but enough venues in San Francisco and the East Bay to host them, and enough drunken retards to go to all the shows, mosh it up, and maybe even take home a nice t-shirt with a skull on it. Ride the wave, boss.

Wow, what a show! Short, Fast, and Loud 10 Year Anniversary at 924 Gilman

February 1st, 2011 by

Wow, what a show! is brought to you this week by Will Butler of To Live A Lie Records with photos by Sergio Amalfitano of Magnum XL Photos. If you take photos and like to write about punk shows (or if you and a friend wanna team up to do this) drop us a line at with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a MRR shitblogger! Now, take it away, Will…

First off, respect goes where it is deserved. I love MRR, but I also love Short Fast & Load magazine. From the early days of Chris Dodge interviewing the likes of HERESY ten years ago, up to today where Jeff and Athena from Six Weeks picked up and kept the magazine running, this has been one of my favorite magazines, especially since it focuses on fast hardcore and grindcore.

I have never traveled to the West Coast for a show, figured 2011 was the time, and this was the show. I was a little bummed to see LOW THREAT PROFILE played a show in the area a few weeks beforehand, but I was secretly hopeful that they might crash the show and play. No such luck on that front, but they are playing Chaos in Tejas with LÄRM!

So on to the show…

I was quite jet lagged after a seven hour flight into the Oakland/SF/Berkeley area. My friend Ziggy and I hit up Amoeba first, after that we found a restaurant run by a vegan cult to eat at, then headed on to the show with our friend Javad in tow. Following a pack of people off the BART train we eventually meandered down the bike path and over a few blocks and we were at the longest line of punks I’ve seen in a long time. Our small group got absorbed by a larger group which contained a Miami’s friend which was an awesome and odd coincidence. Bummer his band’s last show was the beginning of this year — RIP MEHKAGO NT.

Iron Lung (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

After some stint of time waiting in the longest line ever, we were inside just as DHC is about to go on. I was fairly busy people-watching and getting my bearings on where I was for probably their whole set. I bobbed my head some, but didn’t really register that this was the first band I had ever seen play on the West Coast. After the set I realized I was standing right behind Shawn from CAPITALIST CASUALTIES and excitedly talked to him for a little bit. Sorry DRUNK HARDCORE, wish I gave your band a little bit more of a chance but my own hyperactivity is a wicked mistress.

Next up was IRON LUNG. I have historically been out of town anytime they had played near me in the past five years until I saw them for the first time in 2010 at Maryland Deathfest and they wowed me beyond wow.  Super excited to see them again. I met Mike from HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH for the first time and he was right up near the front. I ended up  stuck between him and a guy with a fancy camera, that is where I was when all hell broke loose as the band ripped it up on stage. I tried snapping a few pictures on my crappy digital camera but was bumped and knocked into camera man to my right a little too much for my liking. Killer set by the band — no witty banter like at MDF but I was impressed and happy.

Athena from Voetsek (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

Next to play was VOETSEK, a supergroup of a band including Ami Lawless who contributes to SF&L zine and is the front woman of  the band, Athena of Six Weeks on bass,  Peter of POPULATION REDUCTION and also a cooking column in the zine, and finally the very courteous Scotty Karate from Tank Crimes Records. The band (don’t hate me) is super sloppy live, but that is really what I’d expect from a bunch of punks playing thrash metal. There were some killer guitar sweeps, I can respect that!

PLUTOCRACY went on next. They were having some sampler issues, but once they got up and running they delivered. The fact that I hadn’t slept in almost a full day was catching up to me but I enjoyed the band. Don’t know how often they play but I’m pretty sure it is a rarity. One guy in the band had his mic cocked upwards, Lemmy-style!

LACK OF INTEREST were the second to last band of the night. I’m not sure what was up, maybe my sleepy stupor, but LOI didn’t really deliver for me. I was super excited to finally see them and just kind of ended up being a sour taste in my mouth. If you disagree with me or you’re in the band, just go with the jetlag excuse — I had probably been awake for 24 hours at this point. Just wasn’t feeling it, was bummed! I feel better about missing MDF this year now.

BRUTAL TRUTH went on last, and my dear sir Rich Hoak, you’re going to hate me, your band was the only band I missed play at the fest.  I needed rest and we needed to catch the only way we knew back, which was by way of the BART, and its last departure was 15 minutes from leaving us stuck to try to figure out the 1am bus route. We booked it out of there without an eyeful of their cowboy-hatted front man.

Rest rest rest rest. Woke up and just bummed around San Fran and found foods to eat and ran into the same 303 Miami clique from the day before in the downtown area. They were on their way to Haight Street and we had just come from a brewery my friend wanted to check out, where I got a delicious homemade ginger beer. Pretty sure we went out seeing the sites all wrong, but we both knew what we were in store for that night and needed a nice simple day.

Population Reduction (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

We knew about the mega-line from the night before and got there quite a bit early. Neither of us wanted to miss a band play. When we got in there I found some nachos and non-meat taco meat to eat on to tide me over for the night… very nice of the Gilman folks for giving out some food for us! POPULATION REDUCTION took the stage.  I really only know the band because their label has been nice enough to send me free copies of their CD in the past. I didn’t know they were a two piece. The highlight of the set was when they called for Dave from PLF to take the stage and sing. Dave is a man among men and I had never seen him sing sans a guitar. He belted out the song and I remembered him hunkering down to bellow into the microphone. The band finished their set sans Dave. Two-piece bands are great!

PLF (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

A band who I cannot say more great things about took the stage: PLF came from Texas to bring the grindcore laced with thrash mayhem to the city of Berkeley, and the mayhem was indeed brought. My little bubble of insecurity of being out of town was popped by their onslaught. They played for a surprisingly long time but the more the better in my opinion. Frank and Dave never go wrong in my book — really the perfect two-piece grindcore band. For as long as they’ve been a band they deserve any praise they get. Hell, I think POPULATION REDUCTION has been a band for ten years even, so quite a good set of veteran bands were gracing the stage tonight.

Despise You (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

Moving on, the almighty DESPISE YOU took the stage. They killed song after song after song. Instead of me describing it in detail, I did take select videos of them while they were playing, you’ll want to check these out. This was my third time seeing them, one time was a secret show, and they preformed just as well as the secret show they played the year before!

Capitalist Casualties (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES took stage. I think all these guys are great, the singer Shawn is nice, Jeff does  SF&L magazine with Athena and runs a killer label, I don’t really know Mike at all, and Heraldo is a super sweet guy from Denver who also plays in CATHETER and runs Bad People Records.  I was stuck behind the worst person ever for their set… goddamn. This dude was towering over me and had a video camera and every type of finger ring imaginable. I’m not much of a shit talker but I don’t care if he reads this, he probably knows he is the huge douchebag who is flipping out filming the band while throwing his video camera all over the place to the point where I could see half of what he was recording was black because he was thrashing around too much to keep the camera pointed at the band. Maybe he is the endearing superfan — take it as you may. I moved up and out of the path of the mega camera arm guy and snapped off a few videos. Say what you may, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES always puts on a solid show… even when Shawn fell through a roof before MDF and sang either in a wheelchair or on crutches they still killed it with energy. Someone got wrecked in the pit during their set and I accidentally ran across the video of what happened here.

I had my fingers crossed on the next band. I was hoping for no more disappointments for the fest, as I had never seen FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION (FID) before and had no idea what to expect out of the all female Japanese grindcore outfit.  First surprise, white guy on guitar… what? He apparently lives in Tokyo and he went crazy on stage during their set. The singer did some cutesy dance moves and girly singing in a few songs but the rest of the time was belting out horrifying high pitch screams mixed with the most brutal, guttural growls I’ve heard come out of anyone’s mouth. I always seem to compare the band to MIND AS ASIAN, but seeing them live they became their own band in my head. They killed it. Highlight of the two days for me. Here is some video I took of them.

FID (photo by Sergio Amalfitano)

The band to conclude the fest was BASTARD NOISE, aka Eric Wood’s ever evolving ex-MAN IS THE BASTARD/CHARRED REMAINS band, this time taking on Aimee from L.A., of PROGERIA fame. She (wo)manned the noise devices and added screams. Wood and Connoly on their respective bass and drums. I think she had some kind of crazy glowing LED ring/noise device? The band itself took forever to set up and lethargy set in… also the couple dry humping behind me didn’t help, but I was ready to cut and run for the 1 a.m. bus. Had a good wait for the bus, ran into two really nice folks from Dublin, and heard about their travels to the fest and what things are like in Ireland.

Really and truly this fest was mission accomplished. Cheap flight out there, free place to stay (much thanks to Javad, Sarah, and George for putting up with Ziggy and myself), much vegan food was eaten, new friends were made (nice to meet you Marco from Fedup, Mike from HOD, Sir Scotty Karate, Sergio from ACxDC, nice Dubliners, a girl named Paris from PDX, etc.), old friends were high-fived, there were new people for me to hate on as well (no names mentioned), and just a huge thanks to Jeff, Athena, and of course Chris for doing an awesome zine that spans ten years and will continue hopefully at least another ten. I highly encourage you to check out the 10 year anniversary zine + 10″… it is a good read despite an unfortunate slew of errors in spelling and duplicated content… think they might have had to push this out faster than normal for the show. Until next time, fine MRR people, don’t think I’ll have anything as epic to talk about until maybe the Dropdead/Magrudergrind show in DC, and then of course Chaos in Tejas. Until next time — distort Berkeley, distort Raleigh!

Wow what a show! Draize/Cloud Rat/
Oily Menace/Positive Noise/
Shallow Breath/Xtra Vomit

January 11th, 2011 by

Wow, what a show! is brought to you this week by Ryan Cappelletti of Punks Before Profits, with photos by Stephanie Kiewiet. If you take photos and like to write about punk shows (or if you and a friend wanna team up to do this) drop us a line at with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a MRR shitblogger!

Positive Noise (photo by Stephanie Kiewiet)

The first official show at the new diner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called Bartertown! The diner is expected to be open by March, if all goes right. When we first found the location for the diner we knew the upstairs area was perfect for what we wanted to do, but we had no idea it also came with an entire basement. When punk rockers go look at spaces, we look at them in an entirely different way than the average person. When we look at spaces to live or to do a venture out of, we look at the entire building and all the crazy shit we can do inside of it. We look at basements and instantly dream of all the wild shows we can have, all the illegal gatherings we can make happen with nobody ever knowing any better in the outside world!

Cloud Rat (photo by Stephanie Kiewiet)

It all started with XSHALLOWBREATHX, a new local straightedge band, playing a tough set of heavy, heavy hardcore with all the right breakdowns. This band did their homework on ’90s sXe HC. I had to be out front checking sound during their set, but I did catch some of the moshing going on downstairs. Next up was XTRA VOMIT. This band is fucking perfect every time they play. Fast as fuck, angry-as-shit HC punk — two guys who know how to play hardcore. I feel it would be like seeing ACTIVE MINDS in ’89 or even 2009! POSITIVE NOISE took the floor next to play about eight minutes worth of HC. I looked at the clock before we started and it was 9:22. When we got down it was 9:30!

Xtra Vomit (photo by Stephanie Kiewiet)

DRAIZE from Boston, Mass ripped through the basement next, playing one of the best hardcore sets I have seen in a long time. Just song after song of pounding noise. DRAIZE is a new band with just one LP, on Punks Before Profits. Watching them that night was like getting a shot of life straight into my veins. The great feeling of truly being alive, and the lack of care about anything else going on outside of that room for those 15 minutes. Our local favorites CLOUD RAT played a set of awesome, inspirational hardcore that kept the crowd slamming into one another. At this point we all were sore/bruised and tired, but the hardcore kept coming so we kept moving! The final act of the night was OILY MENACE. The crowd was beat up at this point, and I was truly unsure of how we all could handle another ripping band. They started with their standard old-school grindcore — total NAPALM DEATH-meets-the-FILTHY CHRISTIANS fucking hardcore. They destroyed everybody and ended the night with “Reign in Blood” from SLAYER. The perfect end to a perfect show!

Draize (photo by Stephanie Kiewiet)

No cops, no bullshit, some prob with kids tossing cigs in the toilets. I truly believe one thing and one thing only will bring down hardcore: cigarettes! Yes, that’s right, it will not be the cops, it will not be your parents, it will be the tobacco companies. Kid drops a smoke, half the scene burns up in a small-ass, packed butt-to gut-basement. Kids standing outside illegal spaces just to get that drag, cops roll to see whats going on, and boom! — show is over, space is dead. Stop smoking at shows! Go get some fucking gum for a couple hours.

To all touring bands this summer Bartertown Diner/Roc’s Cakes will open in time for the touring season. We have no idea how many shows we will have after being open, but stop while in town. All touring bands will be treated very well. This is all worker-owned, this is about community. For more info on this growing scene in Grand Rapids check out grscreamer.com, and go to bartertowngr.com for updates on the new space. We will also be doing guest chefs for touring bands, so if you have a day off and want to set up something with us get in touch. 99% of the punks in this world work in kitchens so come by and we will see what you got!

Wow, what a show! Natural Law/
Dystrophy/Trapper/Dethroned Emporer/Burma

January 4th, 2011 by

Wow, what a show! is brought to you again this week by Will Butler of To Live A Lie Records / Fastcore Photos. But why let him hog all the glory? If you take photos and like to write about punk shows (or if you and a friend wanna team up to do this) drop us a line at with a sample review and pics, and maybe you too can be a MRR shitblogger!

Parking lot after the show

Perfect timing for a slightly out of town show… I had Friday off for New Years so a show an hour away wasn’t a stretch. This was originally going to be in a Raleigh basement but due to some roommate issues it got moved to a Greensboro show space called CFBG. Word is that the place is a dance studio, and it had some cool artwork up. Appears to be a business where the owner is nice enough to have bands come play.

Matt White of Burma (photo by Will Butler)

Technical difficulties caused a short delay… I think a PA needed to be brought or found or set up and a large bass cab was set up for vocals.  BURMA went on shortly after. They share members across Raleigh and Greensboro so they are a perfect band to have already been booked to play in Raleigh and to also play this night in the other town. They pumped out some jams to room of smiling faces. I think I must have been spoiled by Matt’s antics at their last show when he went off..  tonight he wasn’t as energized and bloody, although a guitar was swung fairly close to his head a few times. There were shouts for a Minor Threat cover but alas no cover. The great thing about Minor Threat is the fact that is really hard to ruin their songs, they are both solid and sloppy, so I always enjoy seeing one covered.

Tom Murphy and Greg Bueno of Dystrophy (photo by Will Butler)

Following Burma was DYSTROPHY. I was really hoping this was the Cali thrash punk band who put out We’re Nice Kids, but it turns out this Dystrophy still rules AND also contains my friend Matt Thompson… quite a pleasant surprise. This Dystrophy is a NJ area death metal band. Lots of riffage which had quite a few people jumping around and getting wild. They played a solid long set and even covered a Death song.

Dethroned Emporer (photo by Will Butler)

This next band I had never heard of before, but based on their look I was highly interested. DETHRONED EMPORER took stage (took floor). The guest vocalist during the Dystrophy set is on drums and their singer as the guy  I noticed wearing a Cryptic Slaughter jacket earlier in the night. His guitar setup was super loud and crunchy on sound check. Later on I noticed he has two instrument cables coming out of his guitar and each cable was connected to a different head connected to the same stack. I talked to him later as I was super curious and he gave me an overly technical answer that I forget most of, but I know he was running each pickup to a different amp head and he mentioned taking off his volume pot and running 1 Ω out to overdrive the whole rig I believe. The sound of this two piece death metal band was more familiar to me than the previous band, they obviously draw a lot of influence from early grind. They had a few parts containing what I call the mince beat… that really awesome slowed down grind beat that Agathocles is known for.

Lee Milsaps of Trapper (photo by Will Butler)

Second to last band that played was TRAPPER. Their second guitar player was nice and talked to me earlier in the show and I was in kind of a quiet mood so I felt like a douche, so I wanted to make sure to get some good pictures of them. The band hails from Charlotte and the other guitar player helped make the whole show happen at this venue.  Trapper had a definite hardcore sound but did have some darker guitar tone which was crunchy at times and I noticed sludge influence. I spent most of their set trying to get a picture of the singer who wouldn’t slow down… lots of bounding around and bending backwards. Some of this stuff falls off my radar as I write it off as Bridge 9/Converge type jams… in actuality they are  probably more along the lines of Doomrider or Nails… definitely not bad for a local area band.

Natural Law (photo by Will Butler)

The final band is one I had heard so much about but had not actually heard, NATURAL LAW. The fine folks from Double Negative talked about them in high regards and Ira wouldn’t shut up about their Slump EP, so I was excited to see them. The band shares members with Black Kites and seems to be a scattered New England/DC crowd. Their bass player lives with two members of Deathrats I later found out. The band played non-stop hardcore jams that definitely gives a nod to Double Negative but with its own originality. I think this is where my ability to describe music drops off. You really should just track down their demo or 7″, not many people will be disappointed.