Come to Our Show: a Punk Flyer eBook

January 31st, 2012 by

Blogger, punk flyer collector, and MRR reader Willona Sloan recently sent us a link to her free eBook of amazing flyers called Come to Our Show. Originally intended to be a printed book, this project was put on the back burner for a few years, but now it is finally available to one and all thanks to the wonders of the interweb. The book contains a very impressive collection of flyers from many decades of DIY punk, mostly concentrated on DC bands and the ’80s, but represents a pretty wide variety of genres and regions. No extra info is given with the flyers, leaving you to guess sometimes where or when exactly the show is from. Yet I find that the parts of the story that are left to the imagination can be just as inspiring as the artifacts themselves. And, besides, it’s free and it’s fun — what have you got to complain about?

Willona’s eclectic blog DC Scorpiongirl is worth checking out too. Send her kudos on a job well done while you’re there.

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1 02 2012
Willona (07:48:25) :

Paul– thank you so much for reviewing the ebook. This warms my heart! AND, I would like to say that I initially made many of my international contacts in late 90s through MRR’s “Book Your Own F-ing Life.” I practically wrote everybody in there for the international issue of my zine and that’s how I started this collection, so I am so happy to share it back with the MRR fam. I debated putting country info on the pages so anyone who has questions or wants copies of the flyers please email me for info at creativegeniusdc@gmail. Thanks!!! – Willona (DC Scorpiongirl)

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