Maximum Rocknroll magazine sales and distribution

You can distribute MRR! Sell ‘em to your friends, at shows, or whatev’s…
In the US only you can order 5 or more of the same issue of MRR for only $2.49 each plus postage. What a deal! Contact MRR Distro using the form below for more info.

US Distributors
Newsstand circulation through Ingram Periodicals: 18 Ingram Blvd, PO Box 7000, La Vergne, TN 37086, (800) 627-6247,

Also available from: Armadillo, Ebullition, Revolver, Small Changes, Subterranean, Last Gasp, Ubiquity, and Marginal.

Or contact us directly at:
PO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146-0760

Phone (415) 923-9814
Please use the form below to contact MRR Distro via email.

International Distribution
Click here for our list of non-US distributors

We are always looking for new stores and distros to carry Maximum Rocknroll. If you want MRR or have any suggestions for stores, newsstands, distributors, etc., that we should contact about carrying the magazine, please email our Distribution Coordinator using this form. Thanks a lot!

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