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KILLED ON JUAREZ (photo by Rob Coons)

MRR Radio #1592• 1/14/18

On this week's Maximum Rocknroll Radio, Rob highlights bands from Indonesia and plays a Rip Off Records set. Time to ...

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Fight No More: The Music and Death of
J.J. Jacobson of Offenders

By David Ensminger As the crushing cold front overtook much of North America, including an unusual swath of the South, and ...

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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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MRR Radio #1591 • 1/7/18

MRR Remote Radio present Jenna and Melissa trying on their favourite Toronto punk outfits in this 1-hour-long Ontarian special. "We ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #417 • Feb 2018

It's that time you've all been waiting for: Maximum Rocknroll's Year-End Top Ten Issue! MRR #417, our February 2018 issue, ...

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MRR Website Features

Here’s a list of our regular features (some more regular than others) here on maximumrocknroll.com

Latest Issue of MRR
We publish an actual magazine every month!

Monday Photo Blog
Contributions from punk photographers from around the world, every week!

Friday Fuckin’ Funnies
Our punk comix section, guaranteed to amuse and/or bemuse.

Create to Destroy!
Amelia Anok interviews punx involved in art/distribution/etc. No bands!

MRR Archives Series
We started posting our earliest issues here, with intros/interviews with the original MRR shitworkers!

“We Got Ways” by Golnar
Former MRR coordinator Golnar dives deep into the best punk records of the ’00s.

Friday Funnies, plus Janelle Blarg shares some of her favorite punk cartoonist, illustrators and artists.

“Wow, what a show!”
Live show reviews with rad pix to boot!

Life During Wartime interviews
Our pals at the Life During Wartime radio show in PDX share on-air interviews with bands that roll through the KBOO studios.

Record of the Week
Featured record reviews from MRR magazine, plus a few exclusives to MRR.com.

New Band Spotlight
Fresh meat for rotting punx.

Video of the Week
You’ll never guess!

Blog/Website of the Week
We like other peoples’ websites too!

From the Vaults
Old fruit for rotting vegetarians.

Tim Yo
A page dedicated to the dude who started it all.

2 responses to “MRR Website Features”

8 10 2013
Bryan Iverson aka Jerry Hatrick (16:04:17) :

Funny how MRR is supposed to be the subscribers magazine. I merely commented 3-4 times on the MRR fb page asking for the return of Mykel. Now I appear to be blocked from commenting. I usually share every single post MRR makes as well as promoting the radio show. I have been an on and off subscriber for many many years. y subscription ran out when MRR fired Mykel. Your behavior and blockage of my comments on MRR fb posts pretty much validates all the people who consider you to be punk fascists. Thicken your skin MRR. I will not subscribe in the future. Looks like its Profane Existence and Razor Cake from now on. Too bad the people who run MRR these days are like this.

9 10 2013
MRR (12:14:03) :

Hey Jerry,
I’m Paul, MRR’s web coordinator, the one who moderates comments on this website and on our Facebook. It’s *our* magazine and our website, and we have the right to choose what we print or post, just as any other magazine does. In general I will only block commenters who are being harrassy — commenting insults multiple times across unrelated posts — I believe the kids call them “trolls” these days. So, I may have mistaken you for a troll with your consistent “asking,” and for that I apologize. I cannot speak to Mykel’s being let go from the magazine, but that has been covered plenty in the magazine. MRR does not shy from criticism, and you are more than welcome to write a letter or a well thought-out comment (like yours here) and we will be glad to post/print them. Trolls get blocked. I’ll unblock you, as you seem like you’re probably not a troll, and I appreciate your comment here.

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