From the Vaults: Ads of ’86

April 17th, 2012 by

We’re still digging through the stacks of old moldy PDFs here at MRR Web HQ… Maximum Rocknroll #36 was another classic issue, with 7Seconds, Slapshot, and Tozibabe, to name but a few of the great interviews therein. But what kept grabbing our attention was the ads, imagining being able mailorder all of this shit when it came out and marveling at long-forgotten demos and zines of yore.

Check out the Pusmort records for $5 ppd. and the “upcoming” Poison Idea Kings of Punk LP! Those Disorder mailorder ads were hand-written every month and they did a huge hand-written catalog that came out pretty regularly as well. Does anyone remember SICK BOY from Nanaimo, BC? Who’s got a copy Twin Falls, Idaho’s No Answers zine? How about a FACTION tour video?

In another 20–30 years will the young punks be doing the same thing with MRR #348? We sure hope so. But for now, let’s take the time machine back to May of 1986. Won’t you?…


8 responses to “From the Vaults: Ads of ’86”

17 04 2012
Dave (18:42:13) :

No Answers was Kent McClard!

17 04 2012
the stowaways (22:26:58) :

can we talk about that thrasher ad?!? i was watching this interview with jake phelps and he was talking about how when thrasher first started it was about as much of a music zine as it was a skate zine. can anyone confirm or deny this? also how much of an influence did mrr have on thrasher or thrasher on mrr considering they’re two of the longest lasting/most respected zines (that are both from the bay area). Any answers will be appreciated. thanks.

19 04 2012
MRR Web Coordinator (16:30:27) :

@the stowaways: Thrasher always had a pretty good music section, and since there was a lot of punk/skate scene crossover in the ’80s, there was naturally a lot of punk coverage. MRR had a skate punk themed issue (issue #8) and we shared Pushead as a regular contributor. So yeah, there’s was lots of mutual influence going on for a while there but punk and skate culture kinda grew apart as the years went on…

18 04 2012
Will (08:41:54) :

I love this! Thanks for taking the time and scanning and posting this. I wish I could get a $5ppd Septic Death LP today!

19 04 2012
Anton (16:23:48) :

That was a great issue not only did it have a awesome article on those fuckers at Coors but they also printed my space shuttle blowing up letter. Thanks guys I’ve been reading the mag for 29 years and plan to never stop.

19 04 2012
the stowaways (18:05:15) :

thanks a bunch. that’s awesome. issue #8 sounds like the coolest!

20 04 2012
Carlos Dias (14:11:01) :

I still have this issue…

6 06 2012
Dk (15:36:04) :

I used to have one of those notebook folders where you could slide pictures in the front/back and used to cut the ads out of MRR to put in there (scaring some of my high school teachers.) I realize now that I shouldn’t have done that because then I would still have those long gone issues. It was a lot of fun, though.

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