From the Vaults: Christ on Parade

March 14th, 2012 by

Here at MRR’s Web HQ we continue to dig thru the archives of back issues searching for hidden treasures to post on the website. There’s no shortage of gems, actually — it seems like every page of these ’80s issues contains something of interest, or hilarity, or strange prescience…

Here we find the East Bay’s now legendary CHRIST ON PARADE, from MRR #25, May/June 1985 — only a few months after the band formed. The interview captures quite perfectly the zeitgeist of the mid-1980s, with talk about opening kids’ eyes through punk music, how TV is lame, why religion sucks, questions like “Do you think the scene is an alternative lifestyle as well as alternative music?,” and the best bit:

MRR: Is there any general message you want to get across?
Malcolm: That we’re all just shit, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Listen to Christ On Parade – “Drop Out” MP3 from their 1985 demo tape

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