Video of the Week: Gordon Zola, Cheesemonger

March 17th, 2010 by

Here’s a little change of pace from the usual band videos. Gordon Zola, former MRR & Epicenter shitworker and member of the infamous COOPERATIVE, has written a book… about cheese! It’s called Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge, and if you missed our review, you’d better go back and get yourself a copy of MRR #322. Here’s a short video by Bridget Huber and Nancy López documenting the book’s release party at SF’s Amnesia bar (which used to be called something else, but I just…can’t…remember…)

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17 03 2010
Rob Coons (13:33:42) :

It used to be called the Chameleon. Home to many amazing punk shows in the 90s.

19 03 2010
Karoline (13:09:03) :

and the Chatterbox before that. Home to many shows in the 80s.

19 03 2010
Paul (13:21:56) :

And who are you guys again? i just have such a hard time remembering these things since going to this bar…. What’s it called again?

19 03 2010
Hubbs (21:00:43) :

I keep reading this as “Cheesemonger of the Week”

20 03 2010
MRR Web Coordinator (00:36:31) :

Keep us bookmarked so you can see who we have for our next Cheesemonger of the Week!

19 03 2010
Allan (21:42:33) :

Don’t worry Paul, I got your joke…

19 03 2010
Paul (21:49:59) :

Thank you! Wasn’t sure if this thing was on…

24 03 2010
Blair (14:15:31) :


8 04 2010
Owen (02:14:19) :

Holy Crap, I remember Gordon from shitworker days, pretty cool video, interesting to see where some of us went. I live in France but rarely touch the stuff because I am terribly allergic, but it was an interesting story.

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