Help Preserve the MRR Archive! Pt. 1

June 25th, 2014 by

Most punks know Maximum Rocknroll only as a zine, but we also curate an archive! Zines, books, and demo tapes, but the majority of our archive consists of over 46,000 vinyl records, which began in the ’60s as Tim Yohannan’s record collection and has turned into this ever-growing monster. Many punks have come by to check out the collection, and if any of you find yourselves in San Francisco, feel free to email or call us to set up a time to come over and check out this giant resource and legacy. You are also welcome to bring some cassettes and make a mix tape!

Over time we’ve run very low on room here at the compound and some of the records have been damaged. In addition to the space issue, our decaying brick walls that have contributed to a great deal of damage, particularly to the 7”s. We have now begun the process of protecting and reorganizing the record collection.


We have started moving the 7”s into boxes. Each shelf has a color assigned to it and every row has a symbol. We have also begun to poly-bag each 7” and pull all of the misfiled records. This is a huge undertaking and we could only do this with the help of out loyal shitworkers, Mike Keskinidis, Jason Halal, Matt Badenhop, Heidi Booth, Greg Harvester, Martin Sorrondeguy, Kat Smith, Jeremy Meier, Jason Ryan, and Dan Gudgel!


This archive is treated as a resource for punks all over the globe. You can visit the compound, make mix tapes, search for that release you only saw once in your life, check if you band’s record is in there. But to facilitate this, we need to ensure the longevity and quality of the record collection archive!

While the great punks generously volunteer the labor, we still need to cover the cost of materials. MRR is hand to mouth. What we have coming in covers each month’s expenses, but we never turn a profit. So we are asking for your help to raise funds for materials to finish this project! We are trying to raise $4,000 for boxes, sleeves, markers, dividers, green tape and a few unforeseeable supplies needed to repair various records, including archive materials like acid-free backing and more.

To help us out, please click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation to MRR via our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, SFAAAMP.

You can also send your tax deductible donations by check or money order to:

San Francisco All Ages Art & Music Project Inc.
c/o John Downing
3657 20th Street, Ste. 4
San Francisco, CA 94110

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26 06 2014
Adamski (13:34:50) :

It’s one of my life’s ambitions to come to the compound and just be in the presence of so many records that I’ll probably never ever see again! Me and my girlfriend were planning to come to SF this year but it didn’t happen, unfortunately. The plan is to go next year, so maybe see ya then!

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