Help Preserve the MRR Archive! Pt. 2

June 28th, 2014 by

Dearest punks!

Last time around, we told you a bit about our ambitious goal to reorganize the Maximum Rocknroll vinyl archive, one of the largest punk and underground DIY record collections in the world.

Right now we have our records shelved like books, ut with this project we’re moving to a brand new system that will save us space and protect our records. The bright idea on how to solve this issue came one night during a MRR board meeting. We were discussing the lack of space when Mr. Robert Collins suggested, “Why not put them in 7-inch boxes like Amoeba does?” And hence our problem was solved.


So, our first task is to take all of the records off the shelves and put them into our new 7” boxes. This process took a few days of heavy man- and lady-power.


We also devised a new system to organize the contents of each box. Each shelf has a color assigned to it and every row has a symbol (Minor Threat sheep, Void crosses, Anarchy “A”, etc.) Each box now houses about 110 records to ensure that there’s plenty of room to grow (on average we receive 75-85 new EPs every month, and 40-50 new LPs. If you do the math, you’ll easily find out how quickly our archive grown on a yearly basis).

BUT as mentioned earlier, the boxes (and the sleeves we’re about to put them in) cost money — and they ain’t cheap!

So consider this your call to action. With your generous donations (dig deep!), we’ll be able to pay for these supplies. Once we transfer them into boxes, we will make sure each box is alphabetized, each record is sleeved and all the misfiled records are re-filed correctly. This means a better organized and well-cared for collection for us all!

To help us out, just click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation to MRR via our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, SF AAAMP.

You can also send your tax deductible donations by check or money order to:

San Francisco All Ages Art & Music Project Inc.
c/o John Downing
3657 20th Street, Ste. 4
San Francisco, CA 94110

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