Help Preserve the MRR Archive! Pt. 3

July 29th, 2014 by

Welcome to the third installment of the epic MRR record reorg! Last week we told you a bit about the first phase of the project to improve our archive of 46,000 records, one of the largest punk and underground record collections in the world.

Now that all of our precious cargo has been placed into the boxes we purchased, we’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty. This means re-alphabetizing records, fixing old green tape, and giving each one a brand new plastic sleeve.

Alphabetizing is a long and tedious process. Over the years, many shitworkers and guests have accidentally misfiled records where they didn’t belong (a lesson for all you newbies: the NAPALM DEATH/ELECTRO HIPPIES split belongs under E for ELECTRO HIPPIES since it comes first in the alphabet). All of which means we have to look through every box and confirm that each recorded is in the correct spot. And if it’s not, time to put it where it belongs!

Next, we have to re-do any bad green taping. This is an ancient practice, developed by Tim Yo way back in the early days, to help identify records that are part of the MRR collection. Shitworkers are expected to green-tape their records after submitting their reviews. Over the years, however, some of the green tape has degraded or gotten smooshed from the cramped shelving system. This shelving system needs changing, also because tightly shelved records stick to each other, resulting in sometimes ripped covers or glue residue damage.

Finally, we’re placing each of the records in a protective plastic sleeve to keep them safe and keep them from sticking to one another.



This is the heavy lifting part of the project. And, as you know, this is all volunteer run, so again we’re asking for your help with funding. This is a massive and costly undertaking, but with your help, we’ll be able to pay for these supplies and afford an even more killer and functional MRR record collection.

To help us out, please click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation to MRR via our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, SFAAAMP.

You can also send your tax deductible donations by check or money order to:

San Francisco All Ages Art & Music Project Inc.
c/o John Downing
3657 20th Street, Ste. 4
San Francisco, CA 94110

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