Blogging • Adding Music


Our policy on posting music: You must make a legitimate effort to contact the band or label that put out the song, send them a link to the page, and let them know that we will remove their song if they do not wish for it to be on our site. When sending them an email, CC , and let them know that that is the contact address for removing songs from the site. If you’re not using email to contact the band/label, please email and tell me how you contacted them. If I don’t receive any correspondence, I will remove the song myself! And now, the instructions…

As with images, the song link will be placed wherever your cursor is in the blog text. Place your cursor, then click the Upload/Insert button with the musical note. Click on Select Files in the next window to choose the MP3 file on your hard drive. Once the file is uploaded you’ll get a box that looks like this:


Change the Title so that it’s a readable description (this will be the text for the link to the song), and click Insert into Post.


Your song will show up like this: (click it!)

Elton Motello – “Jet Boy Jet Girl”