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May 25th, 2009 by

Made in South Bay comp 7"Ever see this 7″ sitting in the dollar bin? Hope you picked it up! Though details are sketchy and hard to come by, the Made in South Bay compilation is probably one of the rarest American hardcore records in existence. Supposedly only 100 were made and given away at a show in Los Angeles in the early ’80s late ’90s (??). Given that there’s no label artwork or picture sleeve—just a stamp on one side of the record—I wouldn’t be surprised if at least half of them were tossed in the trash over the years. The only copy I’ve ever seen has a sticker on the other side with a track list.

The bands? The most “well-known” of the six is Artistic Decline. They had a four-song 7″ in ’83 and an LP that was supposed to come out around the same time but didn’t end up getting released until ’87. (The album, which features Pettibon artwork, is a bit underrated in my opinion, probably due to its rarity and the fact that it says ’87 on the cover instead of ’83). Ill Will pops up on a couple of the Life Is… SoCal hardcore compilations that New Underground Records put out. I don’t really know anything about the other four bands (or  when they were around)—Genetic Damage (think they shared one or two members w/ Ill Will), Western WasteBedlam, and Unknown Society.

You might have heard Unknown Society on the Staring Down the Barrel comp LP that came out a few years ago (their track was taken from this 7″). Now you can listen to the entire six-track EP here:

1) Genetic Damage – “Badge Means You Suck”

2) Artistic Decline – “Reality or Dream”

3) Ill Will – “New Job”

4) Western Waste – “Trapped Inside”

5) Bedlam – “Lies”

6) Unknown Society – “You Hippy”

My guess is that “Criminal Records” has some connection with Ill Will, since the band reunited in the late-’90s (?) and released a CD on the same label. But who knows? If you can shed some light on this obscure comp, post a comment…

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27 05 2009
Mike Beer (09:31:00) :

No light to shed on this , but thanks for posting . These songs are pretty good.

29 05 2009
Luke Oh (20:48:08) :

Killed By Death posted mp3s of Artistic Decline’s other 7”:

3 06 2009
Mrowster (08:02:08) :

I grew up in the South Bay and still only ever heard rumour of this one, but ack! the links don’t appear to work! Would love to hear the whole thing. Thanks!

3 06 2009
Hubbs (10:40:27) :

OK, should be working again…

3 06 2009
SouthBay (21:21:11) :

WOW!! this isn’t anything special.. none of these bands were really ever popular. Western Waste came around in 97 so I don’t think you found something super old school.. there is no way that this hockey puck is the rarest of the rare. The kooks in these bands probably recorded this last week, it might seem old school but it’s probably not… Ill Will those guys are like 100 and probably played 2 shows since their reunion..
If you know anything about The South Bay then you’d know there is nothing to get worked up over here. South Bay Punk?? The Crowd played a few years back and everyone was like “who are these fags”, before that when Ginn did his thing and everyone at that spot was like “who’s this kook” because he opened with a Gone song. There aren’t really any punks in that spot, just yuppies with hats and drunk posers with Black Flag tattoos. Oh look they made a record… Yippee!!!!!

6 06 2009
Hubbs (11:08:59) :

Hmm, sometimes drunk posers w/ Flag tattoos make some good HC… Thanks for the info, and if you’ve got an extra copy of this “hockey punk” please send to MRR, PO Box 460760, SF, CA 94117…

7 06 2009
taqn (16:44:57) :

is there any way you can re-rip each song at 192+ bit rate? thanks!

7 06 2009
Hubbs (18:48:08) :

“are u crazy wendel?” Sorry, nope.

8 06 2009
Ian (12:59:28) :

Glad to see you moved the songs to another server (and don’t allow my comments?), but I’m still worried about where KFTH went. I knew I should have printed it all out.

8 06 2009
Punk Business Manager (14:00:31) :

Like most collector nerds, I first heard Unknown Society’s “You Hippy” on the great “Staring Down The Barrel” comp in the Summer of 2005. But did this “Made In South Bay” comp REALLY date to the early 80’s?? The suspected “Staring Down The Barrel” compiler, though, is supposed to be a cat hip to spoofs/”fake” old records but maybe it was the late 90’s like you changed it to in the posting. Whatever the year was, I like it for the most part and it’s nice to hear the whole record. The wonderful Artistic Decline song also appeared on their 1987 LP (different version perhaps?). Also, most rubber-stamped records I’ve seen from the late 70’s and early 80’s usually have a plain, dull font and not the “fancy” wavy lettering like this EP was stamped with. Sometimes matrix numbers can provide clues to where/when a record was actually pressed but since 2 or 3 people have copies of this EP who the hell is going to provide those/research it. Dammit, I wish Tim Yo was still alive to help solve mysteries like this!! Someone hold a seyance and ask him if he knows anything, OK.

8 06 2009
Hubbs (16:57:48) :

The guy from whose copy I ripped the tracks found the record in a store years before Staring Down the Barrel was released, so I’m guessing it came out in the late ’90s, around the time Ill Will put out their CD… But who knows? The sticker on the other side said something like “Made in South Bay Demo” so I think it was a low-run sampler with minimum (or non-existent) artwork/packaging. It’s just interesting that it was pressed on vinyl instead of dubbed to cassettes (I think it was before the popularity of CDRs) and that it includes at least one track from the early ’80s. I’m sure someone could dig through old issues of MRR and find some clues to answer the question, but that person is not gonna be me. It’s a good comp, the Genetic Damage, Ill Will, and Western Waste tracks in particular, no matter what era produced it.
As for KFTH – there are some technical difficulties, but it should be back later this week…

11 05 2010
Mr. Wesson (02:08:48) :

From a scene report in Flipside 44 (November 1984) …

Criminal Records “Made In The South Bay” is getting close to being released, the 10 bands to be on it will be: ILL WILL, GENETIC DAMAGE, UNIT DOWN, MOOD OF DEFIANCE, WESTERN WASTE, LAWNDALE, UNKNOWN SOCIETY, ARTISTIC DECLINE, BEDLAM and the MISANTHROPS

My guess is the 45 is actually from back then, and not the 90s.

11 02 2011
Coastal Eddie (14:57:08) :

This compilation is real and from the early eighties as I know the band Western Waste(the original) out of El Segundo along with Genetic Damage. ILL WILL was quite popular in those days as they had done the compilation “Life is Ugly so why not kill yourself” with ANTI and Mood of Defiance. This was a time when Dez Cadena was fronting Redd Cross and the Nip Drivers were doing backyard shows with WW and GD in Hawthorne and the beach cities. I think Mark G. was the producer and still has the original tapes.

13 05 2011
Jerry Cesario (12:55:41) :

Wow…I happened upon this site this morning and couldn’t believe it. I was the lead singer for Unknown Society. I grew up in Redondo Beach, but my girlfriend lived in Playa Del Rey. I hung out in El Segundo with Ill Will and Western Waste a bit, and with Instigator down in Redondo (lots of Parties). My gf’s brother started the band and I sang. Just to set it straight, we recorded this around 1984 or 85. We did 4 songs in studio (I think the actual album has more of our songs on it) and we played some parties, then opened up for Social Distortion (Mike Ness was a friend somewhat and got us the gig), The Texas Butthole Surfers and The Big Boys at The Cathay De Grande around that time. After the gf and I split, so did the band and that was it.

13 05 2011
Jerry Cesario (12:57:31) :

Hey, anyway you could send me the songs from Unknown Society? My kids would get a laugh, and I cannot remember all the songs we did….

13 05 2011
Jerry Cesario (17:19:21) :

Oh, I guess the EP only had the 6 tracks. Glad “You Hippy” made it on. I had a copy I think that got lost when I moved out of the South Bay. I found some obsure blogs today that mentioned the song from the Staring Down The Barrel compilation. Apparently it was a catchy tune to some people.

16 02 2012
Sugarbunklee (19:47:18) :

Luckily, have “You Hippy” on tape from the former ‘Slaughter’ show on WMUH 91.7 Muhlenberg College—5/28/08. Thought it was 7 Seconds. Putting the band’s stuff on a CD for sale would be a hugely, largley, big-gee good idea.

Get ‘Known’, Unknown Society–it’s never too late.

28 05 2012
Scott Aicher (09:11:35) :

Hey Jerry! Glad you’re still breathing! Look me up (facebook) It’s been many years!

9 11 2014
CriminalMark (12:04:41) :

DingDingDing… Coastal Eddie & Jerry were there, they know… actually most the bands recorded in 83, some finished in 84… it took almost a year to record everything… everybody was recorded in Dana’s Garage… yes, we ended up wit 10 bands on the finished compilation, tried to do everything in El Segundo… had to go to Hollywood for the mastering w/ John Golden… stampers plated in Gardena @ Greg Lee Plating … pressed 150 7″discs @ Bill Smith Records in El Segundo… made the stickers for the song list label at work, hand stamped our Criminal Records logo on each disc in the living room @ the KabukiPalace, with an eraser that we cut the logo into… we were sell’n the 7″ for $2ea back then… actually there were 11 bands… Fletcher from Con800 never came back to record his vocals… each band recorded 5 songs for the final compilation they picked 2 songs they liked, i picked 1 song i liked, so the final compilation has 30 songs from 10 bands… every thing was recorded on a Fostex 8 track, which could only record 4 tracks at time, we’d setup n mike drums on 4 tracks, then figure 3 tracks for other instruments, 1 track for vocals, so each song was recorded at least 3 times to get the final recording… we got as far as the 7″ demo to circulate to friends, radio stations, magazines, etc… then the party’n & the 80’s got us…

4 03 2015
Coastal Eddie (15:05:24) :

CM, Let us know how to get access…….a lot of history here that I can’t remember. Huge interest in old school punk and you and Dana made an outstanding attempt.

3 04 2015
Jerry Cesario (20:03:16) :

Mark, I’m with Eddie. I would love to get a hold of the 5 songs we recorded. Any way you could send them to me? I’m just feeling sentimental and would like hear them…

26 05 2015
Craig Ibarra (09:34:32) :

My buddies were in BEDLAM. They were a San Pedro band who played mostly backyard parties. They were around from ’83 to about ’85. Christian Wabschall-Moreno was the singer and Rick Pugliese was the bass player. Later, in 1991 I started a San Pedro band called Rig, with the two of them. After Rig broke up in 1997, Christian went on to play guitar in 400 Blows. Christian has a copy of this. As far as I know, it was a test pressing and only a handful got made. It was never officially released. This was around 1983 or ’84.

18 04 2017
Danny Dean (18:56:47) :

I have 2 copies of this….

18 04 2017
Danny Dean (19:21:55) :

Hey Mark, do you still have the masters?

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