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April 28th, 2009 by

mentally-unstableOne of the greatest things about volunteering at MRR is the access to our incredible archive of records, fanzines, tapes and assorted other weirdo stuff! Mentally Unstable zine came out in 1984, has reviews of THE COMES “No Side” 12″, the GISM “Detestation” 12″, KUKL and ULTIMO RESORTE records. I have tried to scan in the reviews page, but unfortunately my scanning job wasn’t quite able to capture the insanity of the 5pt font and the ADD layout! There are reviews of records separated by country, from Holland to South Africa, Norway to Australia… So many classic records:  SVART FRAMTID, MALINHEADS… I also scanned in the cover and another random page, so maybe you can make out some of the text. This zine was from the UK, and really captures the excitement of hardcore and punk. It’s really funny too…

inside-2 inside-of-zine

4 responses to “Mentally Unstable zine”

11 05 2009
Gene Quagmire (11:33:53) :

Like the new blog format, just hope it isn’t foreshadowing the future of the print version.l..

26 05 2009
Slobodan (02:58:04) :

nice one, actually you’ll find that scanning a whole zine shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes, converting to pdf an additional 2-3 minutes max, then uploading to some online pdf reader (like, say another 5 minutes max) = instant zine archive, voila!

that’s what we’re doing here:

…imagine what we could do if we had access to MMR’s much rumoured zine archive…wow

9 06 2009
matt (16:12:15) :

yeh seriously way to post a few pages of something that is a hell of a lot better to read than MRR, start putting your archive online lazy-asses

16 06 2010
Blair (02:16:52) :

Long live less tech and more reading in hands

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