Monday Photo Blog: Dod Morrison

May 9th, 2011 by

The prolific Dod Morrison dropped an email a few weeks ago with a link to his site, asking if we’d be into using any of his photos. Christ, there are tons of great photos there  – lots of the old, great UK bands from recent fests and the like. UK Subs, Cocksparrer, Anti Nowhere League, Skids, Rezillos, Discharge, GHB…and Willie Nelson! Anyway, Dod sent a small handful of photos for the photoblog. Do yourself a favor and check out his site though. Lots to look at.

Anti-Nowhere League at Punk & Disorderly Fest, Berlin, 2011 (photo by Dod Morrison)

The Subhumans (Dick Lucas) at Rebellion Fest, 2009 (photo by Dod Morrison)

UK Subs (Charlie Harper) at Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen, July 2010 (photo by Dod Morrison)

Cocksparrer (Colin McFaull) at Punk & Disorderly, Berlin, 2011 (photo by Dod Morrison)

Agnostic Front at Rebellion Fest, 2010 (photo by Dod Morrison)

The Adicts at Ventura Theater, California, March 2011 (photo by Dod Morrison)

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23 06 2011
kimpunkrock (19:14:54) :

Love those gray chops Stigma got rocking! at least it looks like hes rocking gray chops on the side of his head!

23 06 2011
kimpunkrock (19:15:54) :

ok never mind its just a light effect.

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