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June 16th, 2011 by

If you’re not from the Bay Area you may or may not remember Marian Anderson. She was the super outrageous and controversial singer of THE INSAINTS in the ’90s. She almost got Gilman shut down for sticking a banana in her vajayjay and other sordid sexual acts when the douchebag ex-drummer of the DKs called the man. She also had a torrid relationship with Tim Yo, who she loved dearly till the end. I just know her as one of my few bestest friends and I loved her dearly. One ex-girlfriend even used to refer to her as my mom. I was in a band with her and lived with her when I moved to Hollywood, taking me in when I had no place to go. Anyway, the movie is fantastic. Along with fellow Marian pal Nick, we drove all night to make the film’s premier at Sundance, resulting in us getting pulled over and detained for two hours while drug sniffin’ dogs were sicked on our ripped apart rental car. She would have loved it. Fuck the pigs! Great and heartfelt interviews with Tim Yo(!), Lint, Daniel from the Insaints, the dude from the Offspring, and love of her life Danielle Bernal, along with all of her friends. Narrated by Henry Rollins!?! I cried my guts out and so will you. A woman who rose from sexual and physical abuse, who wasn’t bitter but loving and protective as hell to those lucky enough to call her their friend. Don’t miss it.

Last Fast Ride plays Saturday June 25th at the Victoria Theater in SF as part of the Frameline Film Festival.

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16 06 2011
Tony Party (13:23:32) :

Do you know if this will be released to DVD? I loved the Insaints!

16 06 2011
Dk (15:14:07) :

My introduction to the Insaints must have been the split they did with the Diesel Queens. “Last Fast Ride” seems like a much needed/overdue requiem to Marian Anderson, which I’m discovering was a voracious figure of strength, friendship, love and punk. I’d love to see it. Will this eventually be available on DVD for those out there who aren’t able to see it if it’s touring? Just curious.

Also, here’s a link to an interview with director Lilly Scourtis Ayes done by Punk Globe/Ginger Coyote if anyone is interested:

20 06 2011
danielle santos bernal (23:39:47) :

great article ron thank you so much!! cant wait to hangout with you!

23 06 2011
Lilly Scourtis Ayers (00:28:37) :

Thank you, Ron! I’m so honored. For more on the film, including when it will be available on DVD go to
If you can’t make it to Frameline this weekend, we will be screening again at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival on July 8th.

28 06 2011
odd (21:40:29) :

Also hoping for a DVD release….this movie is long overdue. Glad it’s finally out.

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