Maximum Rocknroll #324 • May 2010

The May issue is here, featuring a tribute to one of the cornerstones of MRR, Mr. Bruce Roehrs, who tragically passed away this month. We, along with the rest of the punk scene were devastated by the loss. Bruce worked on the magazine for over fifteen years, first in the review section, but he is most known for his monthly music column, through which he became a defining part of MRR. There are also interviews with Japanese cult punkers ISTERISMO, New Orleans hardcore mutants NECRO HIPPIES, Swiss girl punk innovators KLEENEX/LILIPUT, and Pittsburgh antagonists ROT SHIT. We got pop punk covered with Florida surf punks TUBERS and the North Western sounds of RVIVR. Denmark is represented with the surly teenage post punk ICEAGE, and there’s a piece on some punks who moved to Cairo, IL… All of this plus columns and the most extensive review section in punk…


6 responses to “Maximum Rocknroll #324 • May 2010”

5 04 2010
Kyle Kepone, Edmond, OK (03:44:55) :

See you fucks at the bar!

8 04 2010
Blair (14:30:41) :

what are you’re views on malcolm maclaren?

8 04 2010
MRR Web Coordinator (15:45:00) :

Not nearly as important, cool, or punk as Bruce Roehrs.

9 04 2010
Kris (09:57:48) :

I just wanted to publicly say that the interview with Pittsburgh band “Rot Shit” was very offensive. I don’t think I have ever seen the words “bitch”, “wigger” and amongst other crude dick and fart jokes in MRR, ever. I hope this is not a recurring theme in upcoming issues. It made me sick.

10 04 2010
white light (14:57:28) :

I look forward to Mykel Boards dick,fart,pussy,whigger,bitch jokes and insite he has provided in his 320 something issues. Oh yeah and the dick,fart,whigger,bitch jokes condensed down in a single interview by rotshit. Makes me happy to know MRR still provides a platform for all of punks little ugly sores.

11 04 2010
Mariam (14:11:23) :

Just wanna say that that, yes, MRR still has that stuff in our content, some of it I could do without, but i would much rather know if I should be supporting a band or not. It took me years to find out about bands that I thought were great, were actually homophobic racist pieces of shit and if every member was not, that they did not realize that they are the company they keep. So with head hung low, I made my way home, smashed all their records and sent the tattered pieces of my false hope and hard earned cash to them. What I am saying is that, I am glad it made you sick and I encourage you to write more about it, let other punks know that they do not exist in a vacuum and that accountability is the new “recurring theme”. MRR is only a common place for punk, for exposure, for information, but its up to us to make it a place for intelligent and, yes emotional, debate. Not safe message board anonymous communication. The things that bother you in the Rotshit interview are not uncommon in our community and maybe it’s your choice to turn your head away or not. Some people do not have that choice. I welcome the fight for punk, always have, and I hope you do too.

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