MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #328 • Sept/Oct* 2010

MRR #328 has hit the newsstands! This month we have an interview with Roger and Vinnie of AGNOSTIC FRONT, the last interview by Mr. Bruce Roehrs (RIP), from his all time favorite hardcore band. The PUFFY AREOLAS are continuing Ohio’s fine tradition of musical mutation, whilst SUPER WILD HORSES from Australia have been described as FLIPPER trying to play the SHOP ASSISTANTS, and we have some politically charged, female-fronted new wave from Macedonia courtesy of BERNAYS PROPAGANDA, which features ex-members of FPO. RAPE REVENGE from Canada is a mostly female, mostly power violence band, and DEATHRATS from DC are part of a crew of bands who are making sure hardcore stays harDCore in a most thrilling manner. Boston’s CONVERSIONS played driving complex punk inflected hardcore with some of the most ferocious female vocals. There are scene reports from New York City, and Brno in the Czech Republic, supposed to be one of the best places to play when touring Europe. We have cover art by Welly of long-running UK zine Artcore, and as always, the most extensive review section in punk, and all your favorite columnists!

*This issue mistakenly got labeled as the October issue when it shoulda been September. Don’t worry, the real October issue will come out as scheduled, and subscribers will get 12 issues this year. We apologize for the confusion.

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5 responses to “MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #328 • Sept/Oct* 2010”

10 08 2010
Daniel (11:46:38) :

shouldn’t this one be the september issue? because the last one was the august issue;
just wondering about that.

10 08 2010
MRR Web Coordinator (12:31:19) :

Good eye! Yeah, we screwed up on the cover, so September will have to wait till next year. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.

17 08 2010
Nigel (21:40:46) :

I object to the use of the phrases “female-fronted” and “mostly female” on the grounds that it is insulting in this context.

I support the examination of the gender make-up of a band if it is unusual in a particular genre or otherwise relevent, but I don’t believe that it is noteworthy in the context of a brief description such as this. Maybe the use of these phrases was intended to foreshadow some discussion of gender/genre relationship in the specific articles, but wouldn’t you agree that noting the members’ genders in these brief descriptions is insulting, as it implies that gender, and not skill or creativity, is a defining charactaristic of the band?

18 08 2010
Mariam (16:57:49) :

I understand what you are saying here, but if a band does make it a point to identify as feminist or chooses to make one of the defining characteristics of their band as “female fronted” or “mostly female” then I see nothing wrong with that designation except perhaps “Woman” should be used in place of “Female”, therefore not excluding woman identified people and not limiting the description to sys-fem.
With a charged name like “Rape Revenge” there will rightfully already be discussion about the bands intent. Which, I would argue, is part of the bands aim.
Personally, I would re examine your point of view, because for some of us that choose to play with other women (and I am including women identified and trans women here) and seek out other women who play music and identify as feminist, it i a beacon, not a hindrance. Those who see it as limited are not usually the people we give a shit about or specifically the ones that we DO want to piss off. If you think that being a woman implies limited skill, then you are the one with the problem.

20 08 2010
Ross (13:26:18) :

From my personal experiences in life, I would say we still live in a world based upon the idea of male dominance. Only in the past couple of centuries have we begun to move slowly away from these archaic principles. When considering punk as a social movement rather than a social club I can definitely see the importance of gender representation in organizations, musically and politically. Mostly because I still hear ignorance muttered in the form of, “she’s pretty good for a girl.” And because I see women in bands being appreciated as pieces of meat rather than being appreciated as hard working musicians. When a magazine such as MRR lists a band by gender I do not believe it to be because they think the band is good just because of their gender or mix of genders. Rather, I believe to be used as a reminder that this is “not just boys fun” -Kevin Seconds. To empower women rather than to simply ignore them. A reminder that anyone can do this and if so willing, should do this.

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