Maximum Rocknroll #334 • March 2011 • 2010 Year-End Top Tens!

With amazing cover art by Eliza Childress, the new issue of Maximum Rocknroll is on the loose! This is MRR #334, the March 2011 issue, and features the ever-coveted Top Tens of 2010. This year’s Top Tens are the largest in Maximum Rocknroll‘s history with submissions by our reviewers here at home and a number of people active in the punk scene overseas. Also in this issue: an interview with the classic, Crass-influenced, Bay Area anarcho punk band A STATE OF MIND; and the heavy and noisy USELESS CHILDREN from Australia. Another Aussie band, KITCHEN’S FLOOR, discusses their brand of noisy downer-pop, and author Gabriel Kuhn discusses his new book, Sober Living for the Revolution, covering the political movement within punk through the straight edge niche. We have a Washington, DC scene report and all the great columns and reviews, including the most extensive review section in punk. Get it now!

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7 responses to “Maximum Rocknroll #334 • March 2011 • 2010 Year-End Top Tens!”

5 02 2011
Dk (00:49:27) :

Eliza Childress’ cover art looks way out crazy. I dig it. Looking forward to this issue.

5 02 2011
James D (22:25:56) :

Who wrote the DC scene report?

6 02 2011
MRR Web Coordinator (13:39:02) :

The Washington, DC scene report is by David Combs, Carni Klirs, Beck Levy, Brian Lombardozzi, Henry Mesias, and Chris Moore.

6 02 2011
Food (and records!) not bombs… · Punk Till I Die – (02:54:38) :

[…] « Maximum Rocknroll #334 • March 2011 • 2010 Year-End Top Tens! […]

7 02 2011
Adam Johnston (12:15:53) :

Always love the Top Tens issue. I await my copy from Active Distribution in the UK with anticipation!

11 02 2011
Website exclusive: 2010 Top Ten from Daniel of Sorry State Records · Punk Till I Die – (03:47:34) :

[…] top ten for 2010 (as seen in the current come forth of MRR magazine). This time, from guest writer Daniel […]

16 02 2011
Flo (07:44:15) :

Looked at/read the Top-10-Lists for hours yesterday. I am really happy that many of my friends’ bands are in there. Great. But overall the tastes of people (and predictability of their listst given the recent trends in DIY punk) really make me wanna cry. Also I wish there was another best-of radio show. You can do better than the last one! Most of that was kinda weak. C’mon Martin and Co!

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