Maximum Rocknroll #338 • July 2011

The newest issue of Maximum Rocknroll is hot off the presses! In MRR #338, the July 2011 edition, we bring you an extensive interview with Japanese punk legends ZOUO discussing being a punk Japan, the current state of punk and more! Also check out our interviews with Mexico’s garage- and snot-punk fusion blowout INSERVIBLES, Australian Confuse-influenced noise punx KRÖMOSOM, and USELESS EATERS: garage rockers from Tennessee taking cues from Jay Reatard. We talk to blown out, gloomy, Confuse/Gai influenced D-beat punx from Arizona NIGHTGAUN, Canadian street-punk tinged hardcore band NO PROBLEM, Portland’s dark, heavy, mysterious, feedback laden RAW NERVES, Germany’s modern hardcore punks FAMILY MAN, and Virginia’s synthy death rock, dark wave punks LOST TRIBE. And we have a report/interview with Spain’s GATILLAZO in Mexico, playing with bands like Sedición, Alergia, Disolucion Social and more, plus the first part of an in-depth history of Czech punk. All of this, the most extensive record review section in punk rock, and all the columnists you love to hate to love!