Maximum Rocknroll #341 • Oct 2011

It’s the greatest month of the year! October! A new issue of MRR hits the newsstands, this one is #341 and features a delightful cover by none other than Brian Walsby, hardcore illustrator extraordinaire! He is interviewed within, alongside Buffalo hardcore mutants PLATES, Gainesville’s savage DIET COKEHEADS, and Mallorcan punk destroyers DECRANEO. We got Australian garage sounds from ROYAL HEADACHE, who are currently on a US tour, Brazilian hardcore from the raging UNFIT SCUM, London garage slinksters BLACK MAMBA BEAT‘s tour of South Africa, and an interview with the evil minds behind Mongrel Zine. Plus we got an exclusive look at the illustrious ED NASTY AND THE DOPEHEADS for all you collector scum and KBD maniacs, and a scene report from San Jose, CA! All of that plus the usual columnists that rankle and sooth, the news you can use, and more reviews than you’re gonna know what to do with!

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2 responses to “Maximum Rocknroll #341 • Oct 2011”

2 09 2011
golnar (12:33:43) :

Why is October the best month of the year?

5 09 2011
Layla (16:43:42) :

1: Autumn rules
2: I was born on October 26th in case you want to get me that Teddy and the Frat Girls or Pervers record (I am putting together a want list-I will keep you updated Gnars)
3: Halloween?

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