MRR… multi-use…

May 14th, 2011 by

We received this letter a few weeks ago and it’s pretty rad:


Thought you might like this. My six year old, Ramona, insisted on coloring your recent cover. I think she did pretty good.

—Douglas Holland

4 responses to “MRR… multi-use…”

15 05 2011
eliza (05:41:49) :


15 05 2011
Robby Kills (18:09:15) :

I did this with another cover. It’s not as good though.

I’m 24 : \

16 05 2011
golnar (11:45:07) :

yo this girl should obviously be hired immediately for layout/art purposes.

16 05 2011
Justin (18:49:02) :

I wonder if that’s the Cro-Mag, Doug Holland?

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