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25 songs recorded in 1983, nearly all previously unreleased. A blazing mix of Black Flag and early DRI showcasing a relatively unknown American hardcore band at its peak.

“You need this BAAAADDD! If this was released as an LP back in 1983 it would’ve been a classic up there with all the greats like Jerry’s Kids, Scream, F.U.’s, Circle Jerks and then you fill in the blanks.”Killed By Death Records (read the full review here)

Listen/download: “Drunken Sex Sucks” MP3

By mail (prices are postage paid, in US dollars):
$8.00 US • $15.00 Canada/Mexico • $21.00 world

Send check or money order (payable to Maximum Rocknroll) or well hidden cash to
Maximum Rocknroll • PO Box 460760 • San Francisco, CA 94146 • USA

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