MRR Radio #1320 • 10/28/12

October 28th, 2012 by

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THIS WEEK: Amelia and Andrew’s running joke becomes a reality — welcome to disshow…


vermin love punk

Intro songs:
DISCOCKS – Go Go Discocks
DISCARD – Death from Above

Lydiya – Dis Around the World
DISARM – P.I.Y. (Pay It Yourself) (Italy)
DISARM – Dömd (Sweden)
DISKELMA – Friend or Crap (Finland)
DISAFFECT – Fast Music Doesn’t Mean Violent Dancing (Scotland)

Amelia – Dis Dis Distort
DISRUPTERS – Young Offender
DISORDER – The Rampton Song
DISCLAIM – Drug Story
DISARRAY – Bad Blood
DISCOCKS – Boot Boys Anthem

Andrew – Kawakami: King of Dis
DISCLOSE – Surrender/Slaughter House
DISCLOSE – The Report of a Gun
DISCLOSE – Conquest
DISCLOSE – Neverending War/Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare
DISCLOSE – Mot En Strålande Framtid

Jason H. – Disguy Again…
DISCOCKS – We Are Proud Punks
DISKONTO – Mental/Sarajevo
DISORDER – You Gotta Be Someone

Laura – Dispumpkin Head
DISTURBED – Who Do You Think You’re Fucking Foolin’?
DISCLAIM – Fuck Money
DISTURD – Isolate

Jason – Discussed it with the System
DISRUPT – Led to the Gallows
DISGUST – Welcome to Our Hell
DISTRAUGHT – Staring at the Sun

Outro song:

4 responses to “MRR Radio #1320 • 10/28/12”

28 10 2012
e.conner (09:19:50) :

where da distjej at?

31 10 2012
Dk (05:38:51) :

I thought I was experiencing a little Dis-jà vu when the show from last week downloaded instead of this weeks. I ended up grabbing it from here instead, so all is good. Great show as always. Y’allz rule. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Layla & all the late October birthies.

7 11 2012
humble opinion (04:05:18) :

D-beat is not a joke as war is not a fairytale.
Punk has not kings, gods or masters.

18 11 2012
tedd (16:49:20) :

Sorely disappointed that DIS SUCKS were not included here, but I’m also a total nerd.

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