MRR Radio #1437 • 1/25/14

January 25th, 2015 by

“That might be tall for a squirrel, but I wouldn’t say that, generally, it’s tall.”


How tall is that, exactly?
VOIGHT-KAMPF – Last House on the Right

The average height of a dandelion is 5.3 inches

The average height of a dandelion is 5.3 inches

Brevity and Newness and Error
VEXX – Stress
DARK TIMES – Never Know
WEED HOUNDS – Heather W.

Everything that’s old is still old, unless you haven’t heard it before. It’s relative, like how tall that squirrel was.
BATON ROUGE – D’Année en Année
SOUL SIDE – Name in Mind
FUGAZI – Turn Off Your Guns
C.R.A.S.H. – Cock Worship

We went on a trip to the place of the hall of the temple of the king of the tall squirrels.
THE MOLES – Europe By Car
SWELL MAPS – Blenheim Shots
RYE COALITION – White Jesus of 114th Street
HOT & COLD – In Paradise

A was for a lot of things. It’s not doing much anymore. Give it a call.
THE MONORCHID – A Was for Anarchy
ALPHABET OF DAGGERS – This Is the Start Ass-Kicking Now
ADMIRAL – Revolving and Loading

Here, have one more.
AGENT 94 – Be Controlled

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3 responses to “MRR Radio #1437 • 1/25/14”

26 01 2015
Daniel (00:27:12) :

That’s one tall squirrel right there. What did you use for Squirrel Bait?

28 01 2015
BasicPerfect (23:20:01) :

The only problem with this set is that you both failed to play “Grimple up you ass” by Grimple on the album “Up You Ass.”

31 01 2015
pete (00:31:27) :

We used the demos because they are more punk. This is despite the fact that squirrels, like sulking kids with Spock haircuts, prefer the later stuff that Brian McMahan plays on. Also, you are totally right about Grimple. I remember when as teenager, a friend of my said, ” You should check out Grimple, they’re like Crimpshrine but way more punk”.

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