MRR Radio #1197 • 6/19/10

June 19th, 2010 by

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THIS WEEK: Rob and his brother Brent (aka DJ Majitope) relive their youth and the good old days of living in Indiana.


The Dickies (photo by Theresa K.)

Intro song:

Rob/Majitope – The Hits, Part 1
7 SECONDS – Aim to Please
TOKEN ENTRY – Latent Images
INSTED – Live and Let Live

Rob/Majitope – The Hits, Part 2
RAW POWER – We’re Gonna Die
CHAOS UK – No Security
DRI – Sad to Be
GBH – Sick Boy

Rob/Majitope – Old Punk from Richmond, IN
BLACK PHLEGM – Music Industry
DRYROT – Push and Pull
KID WITH A STICK – The Words That Fail

Rob/Majitope – The Hits, Part 3
REAGAN YOUTH – Reagan Youth
POISON IDEA – Lifestyles
ADOLESCENTS – Wrecking Crew
THE DICKIES – You Drive Me Ape

Rob/Majitope – The Hits, Part 4
ARTICLES OF FAITH – Up Against the Wall
FACTION – Skate and Destroy
SUBHUMANS – Religious Wars
MDC – I Remember
TREASON – Drop Out

Outro song:
ZERO BOYS – Vicious Circle

3 responses to “MRR Radio #1197 • 6/19/10”

20 06 2010
Blair (22:09:13) :

Word to famz! I liked The Technobabble too, if is indeed the same DJ, embarrisingly for me it probably isn’t, lucky i don’t have much shame. This show brought up these thoughts: ‘is this what people think punk is’: anyone can write a line, learn a powerchord and play really fast but diversity? the reason it came to being was cause music sucked so people wanted it not to suck not just this idea of moneybrain that, ‘its all just fun and shits maaan’, ending up in the kid who doesn’t even have a guitar being able to ‘keep up maaan with the loud and brash sounds’ and easy to copy without diy, so even with personal choice, ‘you’re’ expecting a person with a dumbed down education and shitlife to pick up on all this, it doesn’t even have time to sink in let alone mulch, just get out forks and make noise, ‘screw the scene’ and i’ve met them all. The scene was there to welcome those who felt unwanted or didn’t fit in already and when you question this people go off and become the same people they purported to dislike, hmmm, can u say ‘co-opted’, no duming down. Bless 2nd half of show sorry but true saved it’s arse by the skin of it’s teeth which i don’t want ‘punk’ or good sounds to be, punishing itself by it’s own hand beyond reproach ie: complaning, nothing good happens anymore bla bla bla bla bla, let the other one in, stay true! for ‘musics’ sake and yes i like crust, hardcore, ‘punk’ ……

1 07 2010
jcrash (08:12:49) :

I completely disagree. I liked the the energy of the this show and it reminded of how fucking excited I was when I first heard this kind of hardcore and punk and became forever addicted to the rush. Now that I’m a geezer and dead in the eyes of \the scene\, and have sold my soul to company man, rarely listening to punk and hardcore… hearing this makes me want to chuck it all out the window, run wild in the streets and never earn a another honest dollar again. Thanks a fucking lot.

2 07 2010
Blair (23:48:58) :

well selling ya soul obvs informed ya decision ;) Johnny!!!!!

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