MRR Radio #1229 • 1/29/11

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MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

THIS WEEK: Dan and Brad dig through the new release bin, take two.


Rape Revenge (photo by Andy Nichols)

Intro song:
UNDERDOG – True Blue

Brad’s picks
TOO MANY DAVES – Dudes Like Us
PHAROAH – Two Thousand Seasons
KONTATTO – Guerre Tra Poveri
POISON IDEA – Another Place

Dan’s picks
FEJLFIX – Langsom Død
VACCUUM – Frustration
PORCODIO – Nessun Posto Per Me
RAPE REVENGE – Car Ride With a Vivisection Intern
CIRCLE X – Albeit Living
XTRA VOMIT – No Turning Back

More of Brad’s picks
ESKAPO – Just the Interest
SLANG – Life Made Me Hardcore
HIP COPS – In the Shadow of a Grinding Death
DEEP SHIT – Intro/Roid Rage

Dan again, with previously-unreleased-on-vinyl stuff!
STIMULATORS – Crazy House Rock (live)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE – Religious Ripoff (Boycott Stabb sessions)
HELLSHOCK – Ghosts of the Past (demo)
DIRECT CONTROL – Bucktown Hardcore (demo)
BORN AGAINST – Resist Control (live)
GO! – The Dead Ones (live)

A couple of songs Dan has had stuck in his head today
N.O.T.A. – Sick Society
SIDE BY SIDE – Dead Serious

Outro song:
ZEROS – Main Street Brat

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3 02 2011
Will Butler (11:40:09) :

Great choices all around, dig Brad’s ones a lot. Hip Cops!

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