MRR Radio #1244 • 5/15/11

May 16th, 2011 by

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THIS WEEK: Mariam and Joe are porter fueled… again. With a lil’ help from Dan G and Justin.



Intro song:

Mariam gets sensitive
GIUDA – Kidz Are Back
BELLICOSE MINDS – Tension Building (“They still owe me two demo tapes, fuckers…”)
ALE MANIA – Tetherfree
PLATES – Marching

Joe plays some Dance Jams
JAGS – Dumb Blond
SPIZZENERGI – Where’s Captain Kirk?
RATSIA – Lontoon Skidit
LOST KIDS – Asocial

Dan has a contact high
BROWN SUGAR – Urban Prairie Blues
AMSTERDAMNED – Traditie Ammeballe
SWEET TOOTH – Saved by Hardcore
NAW DUDE – Stealing from Your Parents

More of Joe’s drunk jams
PROTEX – Look Out Johnny
THE NERVES – Working Too Hard
IVY GREEN – I’m Lost
THE DOGS – Nobody But Me

Mariam loves the HC
ROPES – Your End
WARHEAD – Acceleration

Outro songs:
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Who Sold the Scene
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Corporate God
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Fuck Culture-Let’s Kill
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Justice Is Dead and Seems That No One Cares
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Face Your Fears
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Jabem ti Mater
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Selling Perfect Lies, inc.
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Grindcore Is Rather Selling Out
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Satanchrist
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Truth Hurts
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Hate Us, ‘Cause We Hate You Even More
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Independent Music Is Boring
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Another Worthless EP with Full of Noise Shit
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – No Alternative
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Emotional Emptiness
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – God Heroin
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – The World Is Fucked and So Am I
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Music is Inspired By Desire to Make Money
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – The Circle of Human Stupidity
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – From One Extreme to Another Trend
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – I Don’t Give a Fuck About E.S.
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Empire of Hypocrisy
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Misinterpretation of Noise
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Divine Manipulation
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Suicide Can Solve Your Problems
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Harmony Like Hate
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Apocalipse J.C
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – Equality In Difference-Difference In Equality
EXTREME SMOKE 57 – I Wonder What All Conservative Grinders Will Do With This

4 responses to “MRR Radio #1244 • 5/15/11”

16 05 2011
Layla (21:49:31) :

I feel like I should get credit for typing out all the Extreme Smoke 57 tracklisting.

17 05 2011
Joe (from above) (14:16:49) :

I always mess up my credits on these things! Dogs song comes from the album “Different”. Somewhere there is a collector that hates me.

19 05 2011
Tom (05:13:45) :

Mariam, the Giuda you played on the show is different than the HC/Crust band. The one you played on the show has ex members of TAXI who play music very similar to the GIUDA you played. I put out the last 2 TAXI LP’s and the new GIUDA LP. Review copy of the Giuda LP coming to MRR soon. If anyone wants a copy, check it here:

22 05 2011
Mariam (22:00:12) :

I just realized that! haha! My mistake. Some one around here “confirmed” that a dude on the cover looked of the guys in the Crust/HC band. I thought it looked like Taxi! I apologize. I really should have done my research. I guess part of me was hoping that a band I already like (with the same name) could turn this out. Well, I am glad no dreads were harmed in the making of this record. That EP rips! Can’t wait to hear the LP!

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