MRR Radio #1287 • 3/11/12

March 11th, 2012 by

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THIS WEEK: Part one of going “Around the World” with Robert and Devon from CONQUEST FOR DEATH. Conquest For Death has played all over the world and this week they bring us tracks from Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. These are all bands that they either played with or were associated with their tours in someway. Be sure to watch for part two of their Around the World special coming to MRR Radio in a few weeks where they highlight bands from South Africa, Indonesia and more!


Devon of Conquest For Death (photo by Wander Willian)

Intro song:

TEST – Ele Morreu Sem Saber o Porque
TIKEI ZERO – Mate ó Poder
PERIFERIA S.A. – Destruição
PUSHMONGOS – Cheap Thrills
DEFY – Interminaveis Conflictos e Mortes

VIOLATOR – Futurephobio
CÄTÄRRO – Livoro Mata
LEI DO CÃO – Doce Vingança
FAIXA PRETA – Javla Domestica

CRUX – Maker Machinated
OCCULT BLOOD – Joyful Eruption
SNAKE RUN – Brain Accident

New Zealand
SHORT LIVED – I Don’t Pray, I Think
ROGERNOMIX – Fear of Work
ELECTRIC MAYHEM – Wasted Wednesdays

RATOS DE PORÃO – Aggressor/Repressor
POSSUIDO PELO CÃO – Semen Churches

Outro song:
GALINHA PRETA – Sacó Plastico (Brasil)

4 responses to “MRR Radio #1287 • 3/11/12”

12 03 2012
Dk (00:01:26) :

What a killer show!! Looking forward to the second part!! At first when I heard you guys mention Kiwi heads it didn’t dawn on me until a moment later that you were talking about New Zealand. My first thought was a troll doll look alike with magenta hair sticking straight up. Oh, the psychedelic mind of lame ass Dk. Ha ha. Much respect for you guys doing your international punk thing. Keeps it up.

12 03 2012
kleyton amaral (19:46:46) :

really nice dudes…these bands from brazil are real awesome…and the guys from CFD are great…i’m glad i had the chance to talk to them…congrats

ps: the name of the ratos de porão song is SISTEMA DE PROTESTO, not Agressão/repressão

17 03 2012
JK (19:49:41) :

Awesome show but the audio could have been better – needs extra microphones for the guests! I’m straining my ear to listen to the two.

Big up!

18 03 2012
Rob (23:22:57) :

Sorry about the mic volume. We have two microphones but unless your mouth is literally on the microphone then it doesn’t really pick up your voice. So unfortunately the volume suffers at times. But thanks for listening and be sure to check out part two of our Conquest For Death show in a few weeks!

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