MRR Radio #1486 • 1/3/16

January 3rd, 2016 by

Thanks to HiD & Anne’s Sock Monsters the show barely passes the mustard (and ketchup).

The Sock Monsters Visit the Show (photo HiD)

The Sock Monsters Visit the Show (photo HiD)

Intro song:
MOTORHEAD – Motorhead

Rotten Ron misses Philthy Phil
IGNORANTES – Mexico Lindo
SICK THOUGHTS – Aborted World
THE DARK – Badge and Gun
RUBBER MATE – I Am the Gun
POWER – Slimys Chains

Horrible Hal creates a sock monster soundtrack for their travels from Deutschland to the Far East
PACK – Working for one Holiday
FLQ – More of You

Rotten Ron attempts to “hold it together”
RIK AND THE PIGS – Feed the Animal
PINEN – Emancipation
PATSY – Tu Ley Tude High
CRUDE HUMOR – Dylan’s Dead
FRAU – Mira

Horrible Hal amuses the sock monsters
HURRY UP – Kick Em Out
THE CHUMPS – Out Her Mind
OBAT BATUK – No Sniffer Dogs
MANIAC – Calamine

Rotten Ron cleans up his mess
DRONEZ – Preditor Dronez
BLACK PANTIES – Prophet of Hate

Outro song:
VIDEO-STALIN – Love Terrorist

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One response to “MRR Radio #1486 • 1/3/16”

3 01 2016
Rotten (10:56:08) :

When the combined massive brainpower that is the Ron and Hal Power Hour decided to tape our show it was 3 weeks early. The opening song was dedicated to original Motorhead drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor who’d passed away the month before. I had no way of foretelling the immense tragedy that was coming.
There is no way to measure the amount of influence Lemmy and his music have had upon my life.
The world is a much shittier place.
I hope the new year finds better things for the listeners of MRR Radio.
In Lemmy’s words:
“Remember Me I’m Gone”
“Dead Men Smell Toe Nails”

F.T.W. – Rotten Ron

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