Neon Ginn! We found this behind the record shelves today.

April 11th, 2009 by

From the first issue of RIP magazine. Neon Ginn

This is from an old Metal magazine from 86, called RIP that we found whilst doing a huge resort of the record collection today! Also featured interviews with Lemmy, Ozzy and Metallica, along with a piece on speed metal called “Shagheads Meet the Mowhawks.” Sorry bout the goofy scan, I am just figuring out this newfangled website thing!

4 responses to “Neon Ginn! We found this behind the record shelves today.”

12 04 2009
Blair J (07:00:06) :

Diggin It!

13 04 2009
Gnar (10:42:40) :

This is so cool! In all of your excess spare time (haha) you should scan the Tim Yo covers, they are a treasure the world should see!

13 04 2009
MRR Web Coordinator (12:39:40) :

Thanks Golnar! We do plan on posting some of those cool Tim Yo works of art in the very near future.
P.S. You should blog for us!

27 04 2009
Jeff H. (16:33:27) :

I remember Rip. Unfortunately!

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