New Band Spotlight: Las Rodilleras

August 5th, 2010 by

LAS RODILLERAS is a three-piece that hails from Spain, which is kicking out some rather impressive beach punk and garage as of late. This band (whose name means “knee pads”) has a new LP, Horror Pleni, which is yet another great release skirting the same genre, but uniquely combining elements of goth punk, garage and surf punk. These three ladies could share a stage with ULTRATUMBADOS or RATAS DEL VATICANO — even TY SEGALL fans might be into it, if they can take the darkness… Reminiscent of PARALISIS PERMANENTE in mood, and at times in vocals, their songs are atmospheric with reverbed guitars and somber yet rocking mid-tempo melodies. The vocals are a raspy and echoed female crooning that has some VIOLATORS and RICHARD HELL moments with great backups, like a more goth and more punk CRAMPS. They cover the GERMS’ “Forming.” Their lyrics are morbid and, no, this all-female band does not sound like SPITBOY. There are only 525 copies of their screen-printed LP, so get your hands on it! Check out this video of the title track!

5 responses to “New Band Spotlight: Las Rodilleras”

6 08 2010
Gema (05:07:49) :

Ey!!thanks for the review!!
We love be heres

8 08 2010
Esteban (07:42:16) :

oh shit. they cure hangovers

14 08 2010
Gabriel (21:23:23) :

Excelente grupo!

22 11 2010
Antonio (10:29:31) :

great song by a great group!

16 04 2011
las rodilleras (14:09:30) :

hi! thanks a lot!
Las Rodilleras has a bandcamp for download the album complete free!!

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