New Band Spotlight: Tied Down

June 23rd, 2010 by

MRR columnist Juls Generic, formerly of Vancouver, BC’s Margaret Thrasher, is back in punk rock action — this time playing guitar in Newfoundland’s TIED DOWN. The band looks promising, considering three out of four of them were hella sick (literally) at this show, and they still kicked ass.

The bassist of the band, photographer/videographer Jonathan Kennedy, has a great blog site, where he posted the art for their upcoming demo. Sweet! Look for a review in MRR in the near future.

Set list for the video:
Get Rad
Tied Down
Native American Apparel
Tally Counter

And this, from bassist Jonathan:

We played two other songs. One at the beginning which was a clusterfuck and we gave up halfway through. One at the end that was almost a clusterfuck but the camera ran out of recording space halfway through.

Shout out to Chris Scott for filming while I played bass.

7 responses to “New Band Spotlight: Tied Down”

23 06 2010
Jen (13:55:53) :

so much potential for these guys, Jonathan is going to blow up in no time!

23 06 2010
nasty b (16:30:12) :

I’m flattered!
Demo coming soon soon soon, we promise.

25 06 2010
RichardRidden (07:31:06) :

Friggin badass! Sounds great. Update about the demo please. I gotta have one.

2 07 2010
Gene Quagmire (12:07:10) :

Seconded about yonder demo.

She looks so happy, it’s quite infectious.

22 07 2010
//d. (10:04:36) :

Demo release party is at the rose and thistle this saturday night (july 24th)!

26 07 2010
nasty b (21:02:40) :

Demos now available! Email me if you want one, or catch Juls’ other band, SURROGATE ACTIVITY on tour to get one.

15 11 2010
nasty b (09:59:07) : FREE DEMO DOWNLOAD

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