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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, check out some killer new shit…

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Let’s start off with some standard questions: Who’s in Fealty, and what do you play?
Fealty’s a three piece, with Erica doing vocals and guitar, Priz on vocals and bass, and Courtney delivering the drums.

When, where, and how did you all meet?
Priz: I’ve known Courtney for a few years from when we used to live in Florida. I moved to Brooklyn at the beginning of 2016 and me and Courtney started a directionless band out of sheer boredom but we could not hold down a lineup to save our lives. Then Erica proverbially saved our lives when we bumped into each other at a bar around the summertime.

What are the more “motivating” factors behind forming Fealty?
Erica: We wanted to do our part for the punk scene and to put into words what we see going on around us. Beyond that this band was a lot of going outside of the comfort zone for all of us; Priz and I had never done vocals for a band before. We weren’t intending to do them for this either. But, due to the early shifting lineup we decided to give singing a shot.

Who writes your lyrics?
Priz: We write pretty much all the lyrics together as part of duality of our vocals. It’s a good give and take of one person beginning a song and the other one filling in the gaps, and vice versa. We tried to make sure it’s not just a straight up back and forth and some songs are definitely a lil’ more Erica and some are a lil’ more Priz, but that’s hopefully some of our charm.

How would you describe your sound?
Priz: Someone came up to us after our first show and said “you guys sounded really gross” and I still have no idea what that means. Exhausted peace punk sounds

What’s in the future for this band?
Priz: Keeping ourselves alive mostly, hopefully playing some out of town shows as soon as possible! Cassettes!

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Band name:


Let’s start out with some introductions:
Wy does vocals, Raven plays bass, Blake plays guitar, and Max plays drums.

How did you all come to form TRANSGRESSION?
Wy: TRANSGRESSION started with Blake and I setting out to form something that “wasn’t heavy” and kinda failing miserably. Going into it, I think I was wanting and hoping that our sound would end up a bit more punky, but I love what we’ve done so far. At a show I asked Raven if she wanted to play bass, and she said she didn’t know how to. But, we didn’t really care. We went through a few drummers and played a show before finding Max. While playing our first set, right before starting our last song, I said, Hey, come talk to me if you wanna play drums for this band. Our drummer for that show is our good friend Neriah and he was already heavily involved with multiple projects at the time. Max came up to me after our set and the rest is history.

TRANSGRESSION (photo by Elaine Dalton)

I’m not comfortable coming up with descriptions for records, but Hateful Demonstration is fucking raw. What might you say about the efforts you all put into releasing it?
Wy: I really appreciate that! That’s definitely a description that falls in line with what we were going for. We played a short tour with our friends in Head Change and put out the demo a day before our home show with Kharma. Physicals haven’t happened yet, but those are hopefully on the way. We also did a run of shirts with the album art and will be printing more of those soon in another colorway.

What’s the rest of this year looking like for you?
Wy: We have some upcoming out of town shows that we’re really excited about:

9/5 – Cincinnati, OH with Couch Slut (NY)
9/6 – Lexington, KY with RIXE (France)
10/20 through 10/22 – Lexington, KY: DisPuppy Vol. 2 (we’re playing Day 3!)

Very stoked on all those shows, but especially for DisPuppy because we’ll be playing with some amazing bands like Pryss, Small Man, Livin’ Thing, C.H.E.W., Dream Probe, etc. It’s gonna be a good time. Other than that, we’ll have a few more shows in town here and there, and tapes will be available through our bandcamp in the foreseeable future.

Links and contact info:
Feel free to email any questions, stories, or cool pictures of flowers to us at
Instagram: @transgression_qc
Twitter: @transgressionqc




Band name:

Tell me about yourselves:
Heterofobia is Samara (bass and chorus), José Carlos (guitar), Alex (drums) and Daniel (vocals and lyrics).

How did you all come to form Heterofobia?
Daniel: It all started when Alex and José started talking about making a band, and I wanted to sing because I felt I had a lot to say and I only played drums with my other bands. I already had some things I wrote so we started to practice, and shortly after that I was at a party talking with Samara and we realized we had many things in common. She played bass and we didn’t have a bassist yet, so everything fell into place perfectly; we played for the first time on October 31st 2016 above a strip club.

You released Eres tan Guapo this summer, tell us about it:
Eres tan Guapo (a.k.a. You’re so Handsome in English) is the name of the second song we ever wrote. In the tape there are 9 songs we made through the last year. We just wanted to play punk with a darker twist and this was the result of that.

HETEROFOBIA (photo by Fer Muñoz)

Can you tell us about your song Renato?
He used to hang out at punk shows, being an asshole and fucking everybody over, and when we confronted him he just justified himself by “being drunk”. He bothered me two times- he’s just an annoying idiot and it seems like nobody tells him anything, so I wrote the song about him.

What’s the rest of this year looking like for you?
Playing with bands like Qloaqa Letal from Spain along with many others from Mexico and the US. In November we’ll be doing a mini tour in Texas playing in McAllen, Austin and San Antonio (Nov 17th, 18th and 19th).

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Band name:


Let’s do a round of introductions real quick:
Severin Black on drums, Joe Murphy on guitar, Sam Parker on space bass, James Burgess on vocals.

How did you come to form Revenue?
The myth: “a bunch of investment bankers who met at a conference in Zurich and discovered they all loved Sham 69. put down a mortgage on a house in London they now all share a bedroom in. one person is allowed to leave weekly to collect rations.”

The reality: We’ve been friends for years, myself, Severin and Joe have played in a number of bands together in the past, and one of our old bands – No Coast released a split with Sam’s other band Jackals back in 2010, so we’ve remained friends since. Our musical ambitions and taste have ran parallel as we’ve grown up and it was time to start something new, so we formed in London in 2016.

Who writes your lyrics?
James does.

How would you describe your sound?
There’s influences of post punk, goth, punk, acid house, hardcore, electronic and space jazz in there. We don’t identify with belonging to one sound, so we’ll leave it up to the listener to decide.

What will you be up to for the rest of the year?
We recorded our second ep in April, which we’re really pleased with and are hoping to release towards the end of the year. All the songs are very varied in sound and a nice progression from the first cassette. We’d love to play some shows in Europe too.

Revenue (photo by Keira Cullinane)

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Band name:

When and where did you form?
JJ: Gothenburg, Sweden. Summer of 2016.

Why tho?
JJ: I (the singer/guitarist) wanted to make basic DIY punk stuff inspired by early fall, swell maps, buzzcocks’ spiral scratch EP, television personalities and the suburban homes, we started rehearsing some songs I had written with my girlfriend Elin on the drums. We recruited Viktor who we knew liked some of that stuff and that was it. The actual reason for me to make music is that I need to do it to survive.

What are your lyrics about?
JJ: Boredom, hate, love, money.

How would you describe your sound?
JJ: Some influences come to mind… Vägra Raggarna Benzin-comps, Messtethics-comps, and the previous response applies as well.

What’s in the future for you?
JJ: New releases are on their way!

Skiftande Enheter (photo by Martin Cannert)

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