MRR Radio #1531 • 11/13/16

November 13th, 2016 by

Your selectrix Erika Elizabeth brings you an episode of MRR Radio recorded from her satellite outpost in Portland, featuring some of the many post-punk obscurities & DIY weirdos covered in her Futures & Pasts column for MRR!


Intro song:
TARZAN 5 – Boys Game

Erika Elizabeth, your Selectrix

Read Erika’s column ‘Futures & Pasts’ in each month’s issue of Maximum Rocknroll

GET SMART! – Just For the Moment
TOUGH CUSTOMER – Clean & Clear
OUT ON BLUE SIX – Party Mood

Shut Up/Relax
MARAUDEUR – Institutions
PLAYTHINGS – Sit Down (Stand Up)
CONDITIONER – (We’re Living in a) Fashion Void
VISITORS – Electric Heat

Make A Break With You
MODEL CITIZENS – Animal Instincts
PHANTOM FORTH – I Don’t Know You
SEND NO FLOWERS – Playing for Time
THE SHIFTERS – Creggan Shops

CHANDRA – Get It Out of Your System
POLIO CLUB – Poison the Well

Outro Song:

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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, check out some killer new shit…

Band name:

Date & location formed:
March, 2016 in Western Massachusetts.

Reason for forming:
Since hardcore should be over & done with already, we wanted to start an entirely new genre.

What are your lyrics about?
A day in the life of your average Meter Feeder; feeling remorse about having eaten at Applebee’s when you should have gone to Chile’s for unlimited enchiladas (for only $9.99), how it should be against the law to be obligated to go to some garbage party your co-workers are having, and reading about rural Massachusetts warriors who make their own license plates out of cardboard in MassLive & trying to get a job there. Our new material is about how L.A. is an uninhabitable city of robots, and stalking Anthony Kiedis.

How would you describe your sound?
Roll, NEVER rock.

Meeter Feeder (photo by Laura Motley)

Meeter Feeder (photo by Laura Motley)

What’s in the future for this band?
A new cassingle on Gut Freak, playing Be Bad Weekend in Richmond in January, followed by a short East Coast tour.

Links and contact info:




Band name:

Date & location formed:
November 2015. Santiago de Chile.


Lío (photo by Viviana Perez Figueroa)

Reason for forming:
To show how bored we are about our routine life.

What are your lyrics about?
Frustration and anger against a world that fills us with absurd obligations.

How would you describe your sound?
Furious adolescent fastcore.

What’s in the future for this band?
We want to record an EP for the 2017 and a couple of surprises with some friends bands.

Links and contact info:




ohyda-logoBand name:

Date & location formed:
Don’t remember the exact date, probably beginning of 2015. We played our first show on 1st may 2015. 3/4 of band members live in Lublin, Poland, while our vocalist lives in Łódź, Poland.

Reason for forming:
3/4 Ohyda members played in the last Alert! Alert! line-up. After A!A! broke up after 4 years of existence, we felt we still wanted to play together. Kamil whom I’ve been in bands before joined us as the drummer.

What are your lyrics about?
Olo, our vocalist writes all the lyrics. All of them hold an orwellian, pessimistic if not misanthropic vision of the future and mankind.

How would you describe your sound?
Hmmm… we;re aiming for being dark, raw and psychedelic at the same time. I guess we’re inspired by both older polish bands like early Siekiera, Tragiedia or Atak, 90’s bands like P.E.S.D., lots of contemporary bands and I must admit we probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Destino Final, haha!

What’s in the future for this band?
We played 20 gigs so far, including a small tour with Life Fucker, done one gig abroad (Dublin, Ireland) and released a tape. We have a 12″ out soon on LVEUM. Hopefully after the record is out we’ll play some more shows and tour outside of Poland.

Ohyda (photo by Olga)

Ohyda (photo by Olga)

Links and contact info:




Band name:

Date & location formed:
Round about 19:00, 16th November 2015. Sheffield, UK.

Reason for forming:
Ben wanted to try singing in a band, paddy likes drums. We each liked the bands the others had been in, and liked each other.

What are your lyrics about?
Hating work, wrecking the planet and feeling helpless to do otherwise, hating magic and people who do magic tricks; they’re generally pretty sarky with an occasional hopeful bit… basically qualified negativity.

How would you describe your sound?
Some mid paced jammers, some fast stuff, mostly kind of mushy.

What’s in the future for this band?
We’ve recorded for a 7” and got a bunch of new tunes for a tape for Blenk, and we want to get out of the UK for a bit in the new year as well. No definite timeframes on any of this stuff. More Habesha (Best food in Sheff).

Community (photo by Davey Gooch)

Community (photo by Davey Gooch)

Links and contact info:




Band name:

Date & location formed:
December 2015 in Kraków, Poland.

Reason for forming:
Drunken conversation and a slimy cellar.

What are your lyrics about?
Male-induced disgust. Dungeon skate gang. Punk opinions. Using skateboards to hurt people. Nationalistic delusions. A goblin that is hungry and fucked up. Free time as a means of wasting potential. Free time as a means of resistance.

How would you describe your sound?
Goblin punk. Dungeon rock. Crooked grind.

What’s in the future for this band?
Learning how to play our instruments. Also a split tape and more shows.

Torpur (photo by Zuzanna Dzwonkowska)

Torpur (photo by Zuzanna Dzwonkowska)

Links and contact info:




Band name:

Date & location formed:
May 2016 Portland, Oregon.

Reason for forming:
Singer Mike and guitarist Kyle looking to do a band for a long time with a specific nyhc sound and aesthetic.

What are your lyrics about?
Our lyrics are a mix of issues such as the epidemic of sexual abuse in punk, positive thinking and health, and the straight edge.

How would you describe your sound?
Our sound is fast and hard hitting late 80’s New York hardcore, similar to many revelation records bands.

What’s in the future for this band?
We are recording in winter, hoping to have an ep out by summer and we would like to play the east coast in 2017.

Cutting Through (photo by Dan Gonyea)

Cutting Through (photo by Dan Gonyea)

Links and contact info:




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4) What are your lyrics about?
5) How would you describe your sound?
6) What’s in the future for this band?
7) Links and contact info:

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Maximum Rocknroll #403 • Dec 2016


Here’s the December 2016 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, #403 — the all-China issue! We’ve got a Chinese punk history primer, scene reports from Bejing, Wuhan, and Guangdong, an annotated discography of Chinese punk, and reprints of MRR features on Chinese punk straight from our archive. We have interviews with experimental indie band SUBS, noise punkers DIDERS, and heavy metal influenced street punks DEMERIT. We’ve also got photo spreads from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet Fest, along with the Slovakian crust band BETON’s photo tour diary of Brazil. Plus, a guest column by Arina Moiseyenko as well as all of our regular columns and reviews. Don’t miss out!

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Still available: MRR #402 • November 2016 issue…

MRR #402

Dischord’s Ian MacKaye and Nichole Procopenko, HALLELUJAH! from Italy, Melted Ice Cream Records from NZ, RIXE from France, Mexico City’s CREMALLERAS, Portland’s LITHICS, LAS VENAS from Madrid, Charles Hayward of THIS HEAT, Greece’s DIRTY WOMBS, Philly’s DRONEZ, and photo spreads featuring the Toronto Women in Punk Calendar, Olympia Hardcore Fest, and AMERICAN HATE, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, and LEMONADE.


You can now download MRR #402 for only $3.99!!

MRR Radio #1530 • 11/6/16

November 6th, 2016 by

Layla and Robert transform the MRR compound into a shadowy portal into a shambolic new reality in which the AFTER BIRTH 45 is the only light.

The Klitz (photo by Steve Lacy)

Klitz (photo by Steve Lacy)

Intro song:
TERRY – Chitter Chatter

Layla plays some recently reviewed 45s
EXECUTIVES – Drill Press
ON ON ON – Is Not Kidding
RAZZ – No Time
SHIFTERS – Craggon shops

Robert plays some Oklahoman obscurities from the MRR archive
FACE FIRST – You Don’t I Won’t
FENSICS – Tornado Warning
DEATH PUPPY – Dress for Success
RANDYS – Aggravated

Layla selects the most gone, the most bankable
THE KLITZ – Bankable Girl
BONEHEAD – Gone Girl
SUSAN – Down the Drain

Some recent reissues for your brain cells to reconfigure
DER ZUSTAND – Neu ist Zeit
SILVER ABUSE – Idi Amin’s Tortoise

It’s a cold mysterious existence
NOTS – Cold Line
FUTURO – Mysterioso
COLD MEAT – Example

Outro song:

Maximum Rocknroll Radio is a weekly radio show and podcast featuring DIY punk, garage rock, hardcore, and more from around the world. Our rotating cast of DJs picks the best of the best from MRR magazine’s astounding, ever-growing vinyl archive. You can find MRR Radio archives, specials, and more at Thanks for listening!

Create to Destroy! Static Shock Weekend

November 3rd, 2016 by


Tom Ellis does a lot for the punk community in London from booking gigs to having a distro and record label. Being a master gig booker, every year he tops himself with Static Shock Weekend. This will be the fourth year of the fest occurring for three days kicking off November 3rd and ending November 6th featuring headliners such as Kriegshög, Lowest Form, Warthog, Rixe, Wankys, and Iron Lung. Quite a stacked line up! Quick a stacked fest!

Are you excited for Static Shock this year?
I’m just abut hitting the point of feeling overwhelmed/terrified about everything that needs to be done and what could potentially go wrong to now just feeling pretty stoked that it’s so close. As I’m writing this the first bands are getting into town in about 48 hours time!


How is it different from other years?
This year is a little different in the way that we’ve tried to expand some of the shows. The main venue now has two stages this year which has meant we can showcase a few more local bands than previously which I’m pretty happy about. Obviously you can never quite squeeze in as many as you want to, but it’s a good selection of the diverse scope we have locally.

How long have you been pulling this thing off?
This will be the fourth time the weekend has happened since 2012.

Have you gotten a lot of help over the years?
Absolutely. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that the festival wouldn’t have happened more than once if it wasn’t for the encouragement and support from everyone who’s willing to help (and also sometimes inconvenience themselves) by suggesting/getting in touch with bands, doing the door, working the shows, putting bands up, feeding bands, making flyers, listening to my moaning for the six months beforehand. They deserve all of the credit, and hopefully no punishment over the fest.

Why do you keep doing it? Sounds exhausting.
This is something I keep thinking about. The idea originally came from traveling to fests such as Not Dead Yet (and Fucked Up Weekend before that), K-Town and Trashfest and always being jealous that there wasn’t something more like that closer to home. We always had the weekenders at the 1in12 Club and around the country, but it seemed a lot were always verging towards one particular sub-genre (be it crust, the more mosh friendly hardcore bands or whatever) and not really open to mixing it up. Fast forward a few years and there’s a lot more fests happening with pretty open minded booking which is great, but it also makes me wonder if there’s a need to keep doing SSW every year. Time will tell I guess!


Orden Mundial

London seems to have changed a lot pretty quickly over the past several years, making it especially hard for punks and artists to survive there. How has the landscape of London changing effected your fest? Are there less venues and places for after shows?
There’s no escaping the fact that London is a hard city to live in, especially compared to some other cities around the country and around Europe. I’d like to think that this actually drives people harder to make things work out though. We also have supportive creative spaces such as New River Studios and DIY Space For London who let shows happen there so we don’t have to be too reliant on bars or other places that get sick of punk shows happening after a couple of times or whatever. This year we’re using four different venues of varying sizes (the smallest holding just over 100, the largest just over 500) so things are pretty good on that front. After shows have always been really tricky in London due to licensing laws, so we’ve usually ended up using wherever was willing to have us, however we have found an understanding venue this year in The Unicorn, so fingers crossed that goes well.

Are there more people from outside of London now who attend Static Shock than people actually living in London? It seems a lot of people have moved outside of London.
Yeah, it seems like half of London is relocating to Glasgow right now! An average show in London will pull in around 50–150 punks and there will be around 500+ around for the fest! A lot will travel around from all over the UK and also Europe to come hang out and see a bunch of bands they may never get a chance to otherwise. Some people have traveled before from as far as Australia, America and Canada as well which is pretty amazing.

Blazing Eye (photo by Simon Parris)

Blazing Eye (photo by Simon Parris)

Your headliners this year are IRON LUNG and KRIEGSHÖG, have you seen these bands live before?
As well as VAASKA, but unfortunately BELGRADO had to drop off due to visa issues. I’m lucky enough to have seen all four bands before. IRON LUNG and BELGRADO have been here before, but neither for a few years, so it’s great to have them back in town. I saw KRIEGSHÖG play in Texas a few years back in a warehouse with DOUBLE NEGATIVE and count it as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, so as soon as I got wind they were playing again we invited them over. Fortunately they were really up for it, and have even recorded a new 7″ too! VAASKA have played Europe but never the UK before, so I’m very stoked to have them here closing the weekend. ‘Todos Contra Todos’ is such a killer record.

You have many international bands coming over, how do you make sure they are taken care of during their time in London?
Thankfully, we have a bunch of friends willing to open up their homes to the international punks coming through town and will make sure that they are well taken care of. If they’re coming all this way to play, it’s the least we can do!

Are you excited for the WANKYS? I love the WANKYS. Local noise heroes…
Mate, how can you not love THE WANKYS? The best band and the best people! True lifers who’s enthusiasm puts most people half their age to shame. This is actually going to be their ten year anniversary gig as well. I’ll be pogoing hard for “Just One Beer” with the best of them.

So jealous — I wish I was going to be there to celebrate their existence. Have any of your shows sold out?
So far the Thursday show with BELGRADO has sold out, but the Saturday matinee with DISGUISE and the VAASKA show on Sunday is not too far off!

How many venues are you using this year? Are they all ages?
This year we are using four venues (DIY Space For London, New River Studios, The Dome and The Unicorn). DSFL and New River are all ages, The Dome is 14+ and only The Unicorn is 18+. All ages are strongly welcomed and encouraged!

What local businesses should people check out while they’re hanging out for Static Shock Weekend?
For records, you should be aiming to check out Tome Records (located inside DIY Space For London, All Ages (Camden) as well as Reckless in Soho. Go for food at The Waiting Room or The Full Nelson in Deptford if you get a chance, the latter is a new punk run bar/restaurant.

DIY space for London is really cool and Tome Records has a La Vida Es Un Mus section- totally tits record store! Any exciting new bands in and around London right now that we should check out?
Yes! ARMS RACE are the best live band in the UK right now and are now fully London based. PINKGRIP have just started playing shows and are awesome. They kind of remind me a little bit of VILE (musically, not lyrically) with an extremely angry frontwoman, I wish I could have squeezed them on the fest. SARCASM are a great post punk band. MURDER formed from the ashes of DIE and play great straight-up hardcore punk. There’s a ton of others right now (RUNT, FEX URBIS, PAYDAY, SCRAP BRAIN, THE SWELL, BODY BUTTER), the list goes on.

Any last words, Mr. Ellis?
Thanks for the interest and I hope some of you can make the weekend!