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KILLED ON JUAREZ (photo by Rob Coons)

MRR Radio #1592• 1/14/18

On this week's Maximum Rocknroll Radio, Rob highlights bands from Indonesia and plays a Rip Off Records set. Time to ...

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Fight No More: The Music and Death of
J.J. Jacobson of Offenders

By David Ensminger As the crushing cold front overtook much of North America, including an unusual swath of the South, and ...

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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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MRR Radio #1591 • 1/7/18

MRR Remote Radio present Jenna and Melissa trying on their favourite Toronto punk outfits in this 1-hour-long Ontarian special. "We ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #417 • Feb 2018

It's that time you've all been waiting for: Maximum Rocknroll's Year-End Top Ten Issue! MRR #417, our February 2018 issue, ...

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Maximum Rocknroll magazine bibliography

August 15th, 2012 by

Below you will find content listings for every issue of MRR ever. If you are looking to purchase back issues of Maximum Rocknroll magazine, please visit our webstore.

MRR #0MRR #0/July ’82 – 48 pgs
Maximumrocknroll Presents: Not So Quiet on the Western Front double LP lyric insert with Social Unrest, Naked Lady Wrestlers, Fang, Capitol Punishment, 7 Seconds, Dead Kennedys, MDC, Angst, MIA, Crucifix, Pariah, Impatient Youth, Whipping Boy, Flipper, No Alternative and Bad Posture, and many more.
MRR #1MRR #1/July – Aug ’82 – 48 pgs
MDC, Minor Threat, local scene reports, news, etc. First issue for Tim Yo, Jeff Bale, Jerod Poore, Ruth Schwartz, Steve Spinali, and Pushead. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #2MRR #2/Sep – Oct ’82 – 48 pgs
Hüsker Dü, Deadly Reign, Punk Rock Sheriff, Hennessy, Dirk Dirksen, MAD, Rejectors, Rebel Truth, “Punk Dada”, “I Don’t Wanna Fight”, “Doing an Indie Label”, first national scene reports. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #3MRR #3/Nov – Dec ’82 – 56 pgs
The Lewd, Intensified Chaos, Capitol Punishment, Necros, Fartz, Sadistic Exploits, Sin 34, Skeeno HC, “How to Tour”, “Anarchy Primer”, “Rockstaritis” article, first international scene reports with Finnish scene feature. First issue for Anna Chapman, Brian Edge. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #4MRR #4/Jan – Feb ’83 – 64 pgs
Code Of Honor, Articles Of Faith, Crucifix, The Feederz, DOA, Toxic Reasons, Reagan Youth, False Prophets, Poison Idea, Crucifucks, Neos, “Underhanded History of the US” comic part 1 of 4, “Punk Riot on Sunset Strip”, “Nihilism”, Dig’s first UK report, first Canadian scene reports, and South African feature. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #5MRR #5/Mar – Apr ’83 – 72 pgs
Social Unrest, DRI, FU’s, Die Kreuzen, No Labels, BYO, Subhumans (UK), Dutch and Brazilian first reports, NE Ohio, Dave MDC European tour diary, “Underhanded History of the US” comic part 2 of 4. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #6MRR #6/May – June ’83 – 72 pgs
The Dicks, NOTA, Really Red, Effigies, Scream, America’s HC, Terveet Kadet, Dave Rat Cage, info on Vancouver 5, “Skinheads”, “Punk 1st Aid”, “Vinyl Economics”, “Underhanded History of the US” comic part 3 of 4, first Spanish report. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #7MRR #7/July – Aug ’83 – 72 pgs
Youth Brigade, Whipping Boy, Battalion Of Saints, Red Tide, Peace Corpse, “How Far Will the CIA Go in Nicaragua?”, “Rock Against Reagan Tour Report”, “Annihilate Sex Roles” (survey for women), “Underhanded History of the US” comic part 4 of 4, first Yugoslavian and Italian scene reports, Danish squats. Kalv’s first UK report. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
mrr008MRR #8/Sep ’83 – 72 pgs
BGK, MIA, The Fuck Ups, Mykel Board, RF7, Anti, Zero Boys, Suburban Mutilation, GBH, Rattus, Pushead, JFA, Faction, “Skate Punk”, Greek and German first reports, discussion with Vic Bondi (AOF), Dave Dictor (MDC), Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat). Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
mrr_009_cvrMRR #9/Oct – Nov ’83 – 72 pgs
Crass, Suicidal Tendencies, White Cross, Disorder, Proletariat, Misguided, Clitboys, FU’s “My America” controversy, “Travels with MDC.” Round table discussion with Biafra (DKs), Vale (Re/Search), Frank Discussion (Feederz), Jeff Bale and Tim Yo. “Peace Punx” with Trial, Atrocity, Treason. Vancouver 5 news, big Swedish report. Mykel Board’s first column. Out of print.
mrr_010_cvrMRR #10/Dec ’83 – 72 pgs
60’s punk, Septic Death, SCUM, Conflict (US), Bomb Squad, Cause for Alarm, Stretch Marks, Wretched, Minor Threat splits up, first Japanese report, Jello’s Australian scene report, Long Beach round-up, “Skinhead to Godhead”. Out of print.
mrr_011_cvrMRR #11/Jan – Feb ’84 – 72 pgs
Winston Smith, Minutemen, Heart Attack, Iron Cross, Freeze, The Stalin, Insanity Defense, “Bands From the Vats”, first reports from Argentina, Germany, Belgium and New Zealand, “Computers in 1984”. Out of print.
mrr_012_cvrMRR #12/March ’84 – 72 pgs
Butthole Surfers, Toxic Reasons, SS Decontrol, No Trend, Cortinas, “Tattoos in SF”, “Lebanam”, first reports from Norway, Ireland and Mexico. First Pushead column, and Martin Sprouse’s first contribution. Out of print.
mrr_013_cvrMRR #13/Apr – May ’84 – 72 pgs
Nihilistics, Wipers, Second Wind, Ugly Americans, Amebix, Crude SS, Colera, “Does Punk Suck??” views on the punk scene with Doc Dart (Crucifucks), Frank Discussion (Feederz), Mykel Board (Artless), Stephen (False Prophets), Pushead (Septic Death), Glen E Friedman, Jack Rabid, Norb Ugly (SUM), Metal Mike (Angry Samoans), MRR Staffers, etc.; first Swiss report. Out of print. Download this issue HERE.
mrr_014_cvrMRR #14/June ’84 – 72 pgs
Upright Citizens, A State of Mind, Think Tank, Psycho, Pax Records, Metal Mike, “Anti-KKK” article, “Touring European Squats”, SF squatting info with Peter Plate, first Australian report. Out of print.
mrr_015_cvrMRR #15/July ’84 – 72 pgs
Target Video, Apostles, Siege, MC-15, “Record Collecting” with Tesco Vee, Vancouver 5 update, US bases in the UK, first Al Quint contribution (still involved). Out of print.
mrr_016_cvrMRR #16/Aug ’84 – 72 pgs
Target of Demand (US), FOD, Anti Moral Majority, “Rock Against Racism/Democratic National Convention riots”, “Distribution Debate” with Systematic Rough Trade, Mordam, Toxic Shock, “Friendly Fascism”, “Gerry Hannah on Peace”, “DOA in Europe”, first French report. Out of print.
mrr_017_cvrMRR #17/Sep ’84 – 72 pgs
The State, 76% Uncertain, Chumbawamba, Body Count, Knockabouts, WDM, RAF Punk, Civil Dissident, “Pushead’s Artcore”, “Beyond Meat”, “Hannover Chaos Day”, “More Distribution Debates”, first Australian reports, Paul Curran joins shitworkers (still involved). Out of print.
mrr_018_cvrMRR #18/Oct ’84 – 72 pgs
Bad Compilation Tapes, Man’s Hate, Dr. Know, Juvenile Truth, Chornic Disorder, Prisoners of Conscience, Human Beings, Cathey De Grande, “Crash Box and Raw Power Tour US”, “Gang Violence” (mentality, skins, LA, etc.), “Republican War Chest Tour”. Out of print.
mrr_019_cvrMRR #19/Nov ’84 – 72 pgs
COC, Naked Raygun, Breakouts, Vicious Circle, Anthrax Club, “How to Tour the USA”, “Nicaragua ’84”, “Intro to Situationist Theorists”, “Industrial Music”, first coverage of Iceland and Poland. Out of print.
mrr_020_cvrMRR #20/Dec ’84 – 72 pgs
The Fugs, Dezerter, Stark Raving Mad, UBR, Love Canal, The Edge, Genetic Control, Solucion Mortal, Pandemonium, first New Zealand report, first issue for Mitzi Waltz, Roger Armstrong, and Chris Dodge. Out of print.
mrr_021_cvrMRR #21/Jan ’85 – 72 pgs
Agnostic Front, Assault, Pandoras, Lip Cream, Potential Threat, Cobra, “How to Make a Record”, big South African scene report. Out of print.
mrr_022_cvrMRR #22/Feb ’85 – 72 pgs
Mottek, Ill Repute, Sorry, Catatonics, 4 Thousand Million, “Speedcore”, “Punks in Media and Films: Suburbia, Repo Man, Another State of Mind“. Out of print.
mrr_023_cvrMRR #23/March ’85 – 72 pgs
Ramones, Frightwig, Plain Wrap, Ruin, Poison Girls, Tales of Terror, Vicious Circle, Abaddon, “Positive Force Las Vegas”, first Greek and Hawaiian scene reports. First Lance Hahn contribution. Out of print.
mrr_024_cvrMRR #24/Apr ’85 – 72 pgs
Conflict (UK), Homo Picnic, Toxic Reasons, Diatribe, Porno Patrol, Verbal Assault, Happy World, Outcry, The Not, Execute, and Massacre. First Mike LaVella contribution. Out of print.
mrr_025_cvrMRR #25/May – June ’85 – 72 pgs
Oi Polloi, Christ on Parade, Detonaters, Rhythm Pigs, Scared Straight, Insolents, Beefeater, Asexuals, “Ken Lester in Nicaragua”. Out of print.
mrr_026_cvrMRR #26/July ’85 – 72 pgs
Instigators, Blast!, Final Conflict, Entropy, Bitter End, Caustic Notions, Doggy Style, Subterfuge, Stillborn, Asbestos Rockpyle, Sudden Impact, Asta Kask, “Nazi War Criminals in America”, first Peruvian scene report. Out of print.
mrr_027_cvrMRR #27/Aug ’85 – 72 pgs
Avengers, DOA, Ex-Humans, The Stupids, Offenders, Final Warning, PTL Klub, Sons of Ishmael, Virus, Anti-Dogmatikss, Agent 86, Sorex, Out of Order, “Discussion with Jello (DKs) and Dick (Subhumans)”. Out of print.
mrr_028_cvrMRR #28/Sep ’85 – 72 pgs
Political Asylum, Iconoclast, Active Ingredients, Anti Scrunti Faction, Angry Red Planet, The Service, Frites Modern Kina, “Ottawa Subculture”, No Business As Usual pictorial, part 1 of “The New Right’s Intelligence Connections”. First Mike Bullshit contribution. Out of print.
mrr_029_cvrMRR #29/Oct ’85 – 72 pgs
Uniform Choice, Eugene “Shockabilly” Chadbourne, Last Stanc, Outpatients, Seething Wells, Lärm, part 2 of the “New Right”. Out of print.
mrr_030_cvrMRR #30/Nov ’85 – 72 pgs
Dead Milkmen, Concrete Sox, Bad Tuna Experience, Wulpes Varkens, Clyng-Ons, Gary Tovar of Goldenvoice, Cancerous Growth, Heimat-Los, “Hairstyles of the Punk and Famous”, “UK Roundtable Discussion”, Hunt Saboteur Association, CIA covert operations since WWII. Out of print.
mrr_031_cvrMRR #31/Dec ’85 – 72 pgs
Final Conflict, State of the Union, Hirax, Children In Adult Jails, Down Syndrome, Distemper, The Front, Subculture, “War Against Women” by Rebecca Solnit, first “Between the Lions” as Martin Sprouse joins shitworkers. Out of print.
mrr_032_cvrMRR #32/Jan ’86 – 72 pgs
Youth of Today, Clown Alley, Short Dogs Grow, Against the Grain, Burning Witches, Violent Coercion, Sacrilege, Pain Killers, Death Sentence, Bob Mould on why Hüsker Dü signed to a major label, “Tour of Duty Experiences in Vietnam”, Discussion with Dave Gregg (DOA), Shawn Stern (Youth Brigade) and Crocker (Upright Citizens). First Lawrence Livermore contribution. Out of print.
mrr_033_cvrMRR #33/Feb ’86 – 72 pgs
Defoliants, Raunchettes, Urgent Fury, Powerage, Anti Heroes, Reagan Youth, Xcentric Noise Records, “Nevada Test Site Controversy”, Survival Research Labs, “Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas?”. Out of print.
mrr_034_cvrMRR #34/Mar ’86 – 72 pgs
Doggy Style, Attitude Adjustment, Rövsvett, Maggot Sandwich, The Not, SLA, GASH, Disrupters, Yard Trauma, Smierc Kliniczna, “Freedom and Subversion via US Non-Commercial & European Pirate Radio”, “How Punk Are You?” scorecard. Out of print.
mrr_035_cvrMRR #35/Apr ’86 – 72 pgs
Dag Nasty, Didjits, Antisect, Depraved, Circle of Shit, Problem Children, Nuclear, S.H. Draumer, ACTH, The Zapruders, “Flyer Art” with Mel (Shredder). Out of print.
mrr_036_cvrMRR #36/May ’86 – 72 pgs
7 Seconds, Slapshot, Dead Silence, Son of Sam, 8th Route Army, Sons of Sadism, Tozibabe, Genia Tou Haous, Follow Fashion Monkeys, “Reasons to Boycott Coors Beer”. Last Will joins MRR radio show. Out of print.
mrr_36-5_photozine_cvrIf Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pit?
MRR #36.5/May ’86 – 76 pgs

A photozine by Murray Bowles with pics of US punk including Dickies, Vandals, Drunk Injuns, Septic Death, Descendents, Big Boys, AOD, Gang Green, Black Flag, etc. Out of print.
mrr_037_cvrMRR #37/Jun ’86 – 72 pgs
CIA, Insurgency, BeBop Records, Ministry of Truth, Third Force, 5 Balls of Power, Numb Sex, Raunch Records, The Sarcastic Assholes, “Youth & Fascism”, “Step Foward: The Great Peace March”. Out of print.
mrr_038_cvrMRR #38/July ’86 – 72 pgs
Yr Anhrefn, Schrapnel, Electric Love Muffin, Sherwood, Seizure, Scraps, Honest Injun, Pro Patria Mori, Alternative Tentacles and Mordam “obscenity” bust, “Draft Registration,” punk in the Philippines. Walter Glaser joins up. Out of print.
mrr_039_cvrMRR #39/Aug ’86 – 72 pgs
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, NoMeansNo, Crippled Youth, NoFX, Countdown Zero, Guillotine, Xcreta, CMX, GRB, Rejestracja, “Dada”, first scene report from Hungary. Out of print.
mrr_040_cvrMRR #40/Sep ’86 – 72 pgs
Cresit, No System, Hype, KIK, AYS, Maniacs, Paria Punk, Slam, No Milk on Tuesdays, Reactor Records, “Rock Roll & Repression: PMRC & Censorship”. Out of print.
mrr_041_cvr_smMRR #41/Oct ’86 – 72 pgs
Celibate Rifles, Pleased Youth, Butcher, Deformed, Honor Role, Maimed for Life, “Noam Chomsky on Nuclear War, US Military/Foreign Policy”, “Fear and Loathing of MTV”. Out of print.
mrr_042_cvr_smMRR #42/Nov ’86 – 72 pgs
Bad Beach, Forethought, TVOR, False Liberty, Disarm, Jim Jones & the Kool-Ade Kids, “MDC Then and Now”, “Black Wedge Tour”, “Gilman Street”, “Amsterdam Squatting”, “AT Bust Update”. First Lük Haas contribution. Out of print.
mrr_043_cvr_smMRR #43/Dec ’86 – 72 pgs
Varukers, BGK, State of Confusion, Stetz, Crash Box, Creeps, Dehumanizers, Nasal Sex, Billy & the Willys, “Great Peace March”, “Child Abuse”. Out of print.
mrr_044_cvr_smMRR #44/Jan ’87 – 72 pgs
Jello Biafra on Dead Kennedys split-up; Raped Teenagers, APPLE, Unseen Force, Extrem, Scoundrels, Skeezicks, Chronic Disorder, Serial Killers, “New ‘Alien’ Work Permit Laws”, the CIA. First John Yates contribution. Out of print.
mrr_045_cvr_smMRR #45/Feb ’87 – 72 pgs
Negazione, Instigators, Heibel, GG Allin, Random Killing, Youthquake, Bugs, Alptraum GMBH, SS-20, Expatriate, Les Cadavres, Inside Out, Life Sentence, Cringer, Wet Paint Theatre Co., “Sid & Nancy”. Out of print.
MRR #46MRR #46/Mar ’87 – 72 pgs
False Prophets, Misanthropic Charity, Anti-Cimex, Cagalhoes, Ax/ction Records, Damage, Face First, Brains of Humans, “Prisons: Society’s Greatest Crime”. Out of print.
MRR #47MRR #47/Apr ’87 – 72 pgs
Heresy, Ripcord, Electro Hippies, L’Attentat, Condemned Attitude, Dissent, Nothing in Particular, Capital Scum, Bomb, Useless Pieces of Shit, Quod Massacre, Desperate Minds, Manson Youth, I Refuse It, Depo Provera, “Populism”. Out of print.
MRR #48MRR #48/May ’87 – 72 pgs
Mr T Experience, Wimpy Dicks, Opinion Zero, KGB, Insted, Unrest, Desecration, Shell Shock, Gore, Subvert, Th’ Inbred, Accused, “Jesse Helms”, “H1 Work Permits”. Out of print.
MRR #49MRR #49/June ’87 – 72 pgs
COC, Short Dogs Grow, Painted Willie, Diddly Squat, Pin Prick, SAD, A Priori, Infection, “Shred of Dignity”, Flipside zine, “AIDS & The Sexual Counter-Revolution”. Out of print.
Welcome to Cruise CountryWelcome to Cruise Country/MRR #49.5/June ’87 – 76 pgs
A European photozine by Helge Schreiber, put out with TRUST zine. Includes BGK, Negazione, Napalm Death, Chumbawamba, Subhumans, Extreme Noise Terror, Concrete Sox, Heresy, Hostages of Ayatollah, Lama, Tu Do Hospital, Everything Falls Apart and more. Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
mrr050MRR #50/Jul ’87 – 72 pgs
Newton Neurotics, Bulimia Banquet, Indigesti, Euthanasia, RF7, Lethal Gospel, Sedition, Grumpfurts, Screeching Weasel, “Putting on Shows in the UK”. Out of print.
MRR_051_cvrMRR #51/Aug ’87 – 72 pgs
Isocracy, Nick Toczek, Stikky, SDI, Ruido De Rabia, “Ideological Fanaticism”. Out of print.
MRR_052_cvrMRR #52/Sep ’87 – 72 pgs
Crucial Youth, Bad Dress Sense, Filthy Christians, Baby’s Got a Gun, Fratricide, The Sins, Krull, Bomp Magazine, “Secret Government in America”. Out of print.
MRR_053_cvrMRR #53/Oct ’87 – 72 pgs
Henry Rollins, Fire Party, MSI, GNP, SDT, Atomic Gods, Wally of Phantom Records, Sacred Denial, Jeff Bale, Nieuwe Koerand magazine, “DKs/AT/Mordam Trial”, “No More Censorship Defense Fund”. Out of print.
mrr_054_cvrMRR #54/Nov ’87 – 72 pgs
Rubella Ballet, Iowa Beef Experience, So Much Hate, Surrogate Brains, Heretics, Sabotaasi, Phobia, Ear Damage, “England’s Screaming: Beginning of UK Punk”. Out of print.
mrr_055_cvrMRR #55/Dec ’87 – 72 pgs
Culture Shock, The Web, Intense Mutilation, Where’s the Pope?, Dan, Duck Duck Goose, Stevie Stiletto, Fail-Safe, Hong Kong punks, “Draft Registration”, “Thinking About Eating: Vegetarianism”, “Pacho Mama: Nature and Technology”. Jon Von and Alisa Schulman join MRR Radio. Out of print.
mrr_056_cvrMRR #56/Jan ’88 – 72 pgs
Beatnigs, Neurosis, Civilised Society?, Hunger Artist, SANE/Freeze. Martin’s famous “Zine Editors Don’t Get Laid” statement. Out of print.
MRR_057_cvrMRR #57/Feb ’88 – 72 pgs
Operation Ivy, Detonators, Soul Side, Blyth Power, Blisters, Thumper, Affirmative Action, Vomit Launch, “Musical Underground in Czechoslavakia”. Out of print.
MRR_058_cvrMRR #58/Mar ’88 – 72 pgs
Firehose, Squandered Message, Sheer Terror, CBMT, Zalozba FV, Will Shatter, obituary, Victor H of Alchemy Records. Ben Weasel’s first contribution. Out of print.
MRR_059_cvrMRR #59/Apr ’88 – 72 pgs
Va Bank, The Plague, Foundation, Black Uniforms, Damage, Four Walls Falling, Nazdor, Majority of One, “Inconnu and the Hungarian Underground”, “Pacifica vs the FCC”. Radley Hirsch takes over radio syndication. Out of print.
MRR_060_cvrMRR #60/May ’88 – 72 pgs
Scream, Cowboy Killers, Flitox, Subterranean Kids, POW, infamous “Chumbawamba in Northern Ireland” feature. Cammie Toloui joins up. Out of print.
MRR_061_cvrMRR #61/June ’88 – 72 pgs
Women’s Issue with Frightwig, Mecca Normal, Yeastie Girlz, Burning Bush, Bitch Fight, The Underground Club, Ruth (Mordam) and Joanna (De Konkurrent), “Nicaragua with Jane”, discussion about sexism with Positive Force DC and scenesters including Cynthia Connolly, Sharon Cheslow, Amy Pickering, Guy Picciotti, Alec MacKaye. Out of print.
MRR_062_cvrMRR #62/July ’88 – 72 pgs
No For An Answer, Panx Romana, Filthy Few, Original Disease, Political Silence, Hate Crew, Gnägnä, Boo Hiss Pffhit!!, Steve Ignorant on Crass, “Native Land Rights”. Devon Morf’s first entry. Out of print.
MRR_063_cvrMRR #63/Aug ’88 – 72 pgs
Crimpshine, Dag Nasty, Christ On A Crutch, God, Sockeye, Mental Disturbance, Weenie Roast, Love Gods in Leisure Suits, “Free Trade and Acid Rain”, “Meese Is a Pig”. Harry “Chucky Chaos” Sherrill becomes a shitworker. Out of print.
MRR_064_cvrMRR #64/Sep ’88 – 72 pgs
Flux of Pink Indians, Walking Seeds, Naked Angels, Hungry Trolls, Art Phag, When People Were Shorter And Lived By The Water, Sentimiento Incontrolable, Boom & the Legion of Doom, Wig Torture, “Preventing Rape”. Out of print.
MRR_065_cvrMRR #65/Oct ’88 – 128 pgs
New expanded format features include: MRR News, Book and Movie Reviews, expanded Between the Lions, What’s the Scoop?, Classifieds. SNFU’s “alphabet”, Social Distortion, High Circle, Les Thugs, Feed Your Head, Attention, Fear of God, Spongetunnel, Oncle Slam, KBO, Really Fast Records, “@narchy Conference in Toronto”, “NYC Riots”, “The End of the World As We Know It”. Out of print.
mrr_066_cvrMRR #66/Nov ’88 – 128 pgs
Fugazi, Danbert Nobacon, Rhythm Activism, Opposition Party, Sloppy Seconds, Brain Dead, Imminent Attack, Jot, SFA, Discussion with Chris Bald (Ignition) and Thomasso (NoNoYesNo/Trust zine), “Skinhead Violence Problems”, “Guatamala”, Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club. Out of print.
MRR_067_cvrMRR #67/Dec ’88 – 128 pgs
Murray Bowles interview and a mini photozine, Pagan Babies, Thatcher on Acid, Joyce McKinney Experience, Adolescents, “Federal Investigators and Your Rights”, “Ed Meese and Photography”. First Scum Pit. Out of print.
MRR_068_cvrMRR #68/Jan ’89 – 128 pgs
The Ex, Sham 69, Hotalacio, Last Option, Herb Tarlicks, Nao Religiao, Sonic Disruption Theory, Sanov 1, SSDC, “Top 15 Album Covers” by John Yates, A Trip to Communist Cuba, “Skins and Nazis”, and our first Thai scene report. Out of print.
mrr_069_cvrMRR #69/Feb ’89 – 128 pgs
Bad Religion, Annie Anxiety, Forgotten Rebels, Decadent Few, Sick of Intolerance, Breakdown, False Hope, Youngblood, Media Children, “South African Political Landscape”. Jennifer Blowdryer checks in. Out of print.
MRR #70/Mar ’89 – 128 pgs
DOA, Spermbirds, Agent ’86, The Walking Ruins, City Indians, Seizure, Cadavres De Niños, “GG Declares Suicide”, “Eugene Gardens in East Germany”, political artist D. Minkler. Out of print.
MRR_071_cvrMRR #71/Apr ’89 – 128 pgs
Angry Samoans, Melvins, Real World Records, Rattail Grenadier, “Sexuality” interviews with sex industry workers, Lily Braindrop, “Gays and Punks”, Annie Sprinkle and Lydia Lunch, “Food Not Bombs”. Out of print.
MRR_072_cvrMRR #72/May ’89 – 128 pgs
Naked Raygun, 7 Seconds, Jingo De Lunch, Die Trottel Glee Club, Sociedad Violenta, Alternative Inuit, BFD, Maaseudun, Tulevaisuus, Amnesia, Hate X 9, Blu Bus Records, “Big Mountain Relocation”, “Techonology”. Out of print.
MRR #73/June ’89 – 128 pgs
Crime, Fidelity Jones, Maggot Sandwich, Jailcell Recipes, Bambix, Earth Army, Dread, Organ Donors, Dawn of Liberty, No Alternative, “Nazi Resurgence in West Germany”, “Book Your Own Fucking Tour”, “Nightline TV Discrimination”. Out of print.
MRR_074_cvrMRR #74/July ’89 – 128 pgs
Dissent, Moral Crux, Neutral Nation, The Magnificent, Brotherhood, Bolt Thrower, Desperate Minds, Bristol’s Kronstadt Club, Cheap with TV Smith, “Mozambique”, “People’s Power: Two Decades”. Out of print.
MRR #75/Aug ’89 – 128 pgs
GWAR, Sub-Pop, Jack Endino, Galloping Coroners, Slowjam, Bloody Mess & the Skabs, KSU, Alcoholics Unanimous, Asbestos Death, Porcelain Boys, Kondom Nation, Vegetable Spit, Kamala and the Karnivores, “Evangelism and Armageddon”. Out of print.
MRR #76/Sep ’89 – 128 pgs
Steel Pole Bathtub, Tim Kerr (Big Boys), No Empathy, 3 Legged Dog, Underdog Records, Fiendz, Gruesomes, Drowning Roses, Freaks of Nature, Second Chance, Funeral Swans, “Palestine, Israel and Intifada”, “Anti Racist Action Activities”, and “Burn Your Flag”. Out of print.
MRR_077_cvrMRR #77/Oct ’89 – 128 pgs
Target of Demand, The Brigades, Uniform Choice, SVOE, Harsh Reality, Celibate Commandos, Fact Sheet Five, “El Salvador”, “Ska”, “Slammy Fang on the Lam”, “Ben’s Tattoo”, “Anarchist Conference”, “Deep Ecology”. Out of print.
mrr_078_cvrMRR #78/Nov ’89 – 128 pgs
Majority of One, Ludwig Von 88, Slapshot, Rocks, Berurier Noir, Society Gone Madd, Mistaken Identity, Conspiracy of Equals, Schpoostik Hospital, Momido 7, “Touch & Go Retro”, “Positive Force DC”, “Anti Racist Action”, “German Squats”, MRR questionnaire. Out of print.
MRR #79/Dec ’89 – 128 pgs
Bazooka Joe, Misery, John Peel, GF+DD, Blatant Disregard, Happy Kadavers, Headless Marines, Designer Fear, Ray of Today, “Cult Deprogramming and the Krishnas”, “Prochoice News”, “GG Allin Arrest”, “Prisons For Profit. Out of print.
MRR004-theydontgetpaidMRR #79.5/Jan ’90 – 24 pgs
They Don’t Get Paid, They Don’t Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard LP insert with Profane Existence, HippyCore, Absolutely Zippo, Dear Jesus, Detonators, Nausea, Jawbox, Christ On A Crutch, Dissent, Dead Silence, Cringer, Downfall, and more. Out of print.
MRR #80/Jan ’90 – 128 pgs
Seein’ Red, Ultraman, Instigators, Libido Boyz, Sacred Hate, Just Say No, Sugar Shack, Mark Of Cain, Born Against, Pennywise, Provocative Punk Productions, Gutwrench, Jello Biafra on “Terminal City Ricochet”. Out of print.
mrr_081_cvrMRR #81/Feb ’90 – 128 pgs
The Hard Ons, Concrete Sox, Naturecore, Blockade, Public Humiliation, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Colera, Rhythm Collision, Zero Boys reunion, “See Hear”, MRR Questionnaire Results, UK Independent Press, Panama invasion. Out of print.
MRR #82/Mar ’90 – 128 pgs
Nausea, Les Garçons Boucher, ANTiSEEN, Abs, Neanderthal Sponge, SS-20, Scared Straight, Oi Polloi, Malachi Krunch, Painful X-tremities, Aku-Aku, Milkbone Collective, Kevin Army, “Dirty Rotten Press”. Out of print.
MRR #83/Apr ’90 – 128 pgs
Jerry’s Kids, Dezerter, Helios Creed, Samiam, Decadence Within, Coffin Break, Alienation, Dryrot, Psycho Squatt, Red Letter Day, Head Strong, Bone Shavers, Flagrants D’Eli, “The Shadow”, “The War on Drugs”. Out of print.
mrr_084_cvrMRR #84/May ’90 – 128 pgs
Cringer, No Use For A Name, DI, Sofa Head, Industrial Suicide, Serial Killers, Citizens Arrest, Radiation Sickness, First Strike Records, “Germany’s Move Towards Reunification”, “Homelessness in America”, “Old Aussie Punk”, Turkish scene report. Out of print.
mrr_085_cvrMRR #85/June ’90 – 128 pgs
NoMeansNo, Fuel, Sink, Filth, Norman Bates & The Showerheads, Pleasant Valley Children, Rednecks in Pain, Volskwhale, Most Potatoes, Bad Karma, Blow Hard, Integrity, Crucial Response Records, “The IRA in America”. Out of print.
MRR #86/July ’90 – 128 pgs
Bunchofuckingoofs, Terveet Kadet, Eve of the Scream, Econochrist, Datura Seeds, Pink Lincolns, Rise, Big Fat Liars, Hate That Smile, Kismet HC, Implement, The Eat, “Panama and Drugs”. Out of print.
MRR #87/Aug ’90 – 128 pgs
Capitol Punishment, Mudhoney, Go!, HippyCore, Jawbreaker, Polska Malca, Angry Son, AIM, Richie Stotts, The Lost, Die Schwarzen Schafe, Intense Mutilation, “Old Canadian Punk”, “Redwood Summer”. Out of print.
mrr_088_cvrMRR #88/Sep ’90 – 128 pgs
The Creamers, L7, The Fixtures, Mega City 4, Dead Ends, Dandelion Adventure, Maniacs, Fiendz, Sludgeworth, Kolaborancji, Admiral, Crankshaft, Sleep, MTA, Long Cold Stare, 8 Bark, “Iraq’s Boogey Man”. Out of print.
mrr_089_cvrMRR #89/Oct ’90 – 128 pgs
The Offspring, Glee Club, Indecision, Sanity Assassins, Grant Hart, Monsula, Strike Out, Apocalypse, Subvert, Haywire, Corn Flakes, Scrufy Tearaways, Dead Steelmill, ‘Subway Arts”, “Racism”, “US Aims in Sending Troops to Saudi Arabia”, “Old Italian Punk”. Out of print.
MRR #90/Nov ’90 – 128 pgs
The Dwarves, The Radicts, Peggio Punx, Inside Out, The Mark of Cain, Silverfish, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Nuisance, Resistors, 2 Car Family, Special K, Ravings, Choke, 2 Million BC, 4Q. Out of print.
mrr_091_cvrMRR #91/Dec ’90 – 128 pgs
Poison Idea, Warlock Pinchers, Tijuana In Blue, Jawbox, Headspring, Hacesja, Out Loud, Ultra Violet Eye, Birth Defects, The Big Thing, “Gainesville Girls”, John Brown Anti-Klan Committee, “Japanese Racism in America”, “Marlboro/Miller Boycott”. Out of print.
MRR #92/Jan ’91 – 128 pgs
Citizen Fish, Citizens Arrest, Derelicts, The Mummies, RDF, The Blisters, Black Bird, Hallucination Repairmen, Colombian Neckties, Downside, Caustic Soda, Anodize, Zyklon-B, The Gits, Comb, Intent, “US Provocation and Iraqui Invasion”, “US Covert Military Supplies to China”, “NY and Berlin Squats”. Out of print.
mrr_093_cvrMRR #93/Feb ’91 – 128 pgs
Chambawamba, Snuff, The Fluid, Les Cadavres, Meat Shits, Psycho, D2D, Informers, “The CIA in Italy”, “Paris Riots”. Out of print.
MRR_094_cvrMRR #94/Mar ’91 – 128 pgs
Karma Sutra, Laughing Hyenas, La Polla Records, Mr T Experience, Internal Autonomy, Rats of Unusual Size, Herb Garden, CRI, EyeHateGod, Skintonic zine, “Worl War 3 Illustrated”, “War Resistence”, “New World Order”, Jeff Paterson, “War Censorship”… Out of print.
MRR #95/Apr ’91 – 128 pgs
Pegboy, Bored, FOD, Mindrot, Nihilistics, Legend Killers, Wholes, Wooden Horse, Jughead’s Revenge, Penetrator, Willard, 9-Iron, Ghoul; Squad, Humorgod, Peaceville (not the label), Mykel Bored gets axed (*!?), “Arab Lands and the US/Iraq Situation”, Noam Chomsky, “War Resistence News”. Out of print.
mrr_096_cvrMRR #96/May ’91 – 128 pgs
“Soviet Punk Issue” with Russian rock press, Moscow Rock Laboratory, Naive, DSK, Cramp in the Leg, Dumb, JMKE, A…Yee, ANCH, Handy Peppers, Newies, Auktsion, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Sailors Silence, Russian scene features. More “New World Order”. Out of print.
MRR_097_cvrMRR #97/June ’91 – 128 pgs
NoFX, Kortatu, Carcass, Gargoyles, Nip Drivers, Nuisance, Johnny Puke, Uniform Rejection, Comb, Recalcitrants, Pains Grey, Puzzlehead, Strelnikoff, Straight Youth, “White Nights”, “DC Demos”, “Culture of Violence”. Out of print.
MRR #98/July ’91 – 128 pgs
Born Against, All You Can Eat, Bliss, Apatia, Pojat, “Bootlegs” with Jello Biafra, Ian MacKaye, Corey Rusk, Tesco Vee, Tom Pig, John Loder, Curtis Taang, and the invisible many. Out of print.
MRR #99/Aug ’91 – 128 pgs
Tesco Vee’s Hate Police, 411, Slum Turkeys, Helmet, Sideshow, C/Z Records, Dionysus Records, Dangerhouse Records Retro, Jobbernowl, Intent, Bush League, Orgasmic Toilet Band, Vic Vacume. Out of print.
MRR_100pt1_cvrMRR #100 Pt 1/Sep ’91 – 128 pgs
Ill Repute, Flipper, Nukey Pikes, Necracedia, Scherzo, Fitz of Depression, Germbox, Crackhouse, Burn, Engage, Commonwealth, Ruth Schwartz of Mordam, Voodoo Love Gods, Eye For An Eye, Ne Luumaet, Red London, “Does MRR Suck?”, “MRR Bibliography Pt 1”. Out of print.
MRR_100pt2_cvrMRR #100 Pt 2/Sep ’91 – 128 pgs
The Weirdos, Victims Family, Down By Law, Rotters, Rorscach, Northern Bushmen, The Screw, Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records, Just Say No, Dogma Mudista, “MRR Bibliography Pt 2”. Out of print.
MRR_101_cvrMRR #101/Oct ’91 – 128 pgs
Lunachicks, The Dread, Paganeaster, Avengers, Lost, Cowboy Killers. Article on Cuba, Epicenter Zone/Blacklist article. Sumpit: Really Red. Graphics: “The Pit” by Shawn Scallen. Out of print.
MRR #102/Nov ’91 – 128 pgs
Intense Degree, Gray Matter, Nicky Garrett, One Blood, Cruel Elephant (club). Jello Biafra on Political Correctness, Bob Beyerle’s mayoral campaign. Graphics by John Yates. Out of print.
MRR #103/Dec ’91 – 144 pgs
Long Gone John (Sympathy), Apostates, Filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, Strongbox, Jeff Dahl, Didjits, Phelg Camp, Pegboy, Jesus Lizard, Urgent Fury, TVTV$. All You Can Eat tour diary. Scumpit: Germany. First New Band section with Eversor, Punishment Park, Tripwire and Brainless. First GirlsWomenChicks section. Sam McPheeters’ first column. Out of print.
MRR #104/Jan ’92 – 144 pgs
Article on the Business of Punk Rock. Freak Beans, Hammerbox, Bedlam Court, Full Circle, Fugazi, 23 More Minutes, Political Asylum, Twisted Red Cross, Dun-Delion. Graphics b Brian Walsby. New, improved “Chicks Are People Too” section. Out of print.
mrr_105_cvrMRR #105/Feb ’92 – 144 pgs
Nation of Ulysses, Bikini Kill, Screeching Weasel, Burning Bush, Davy Jones Locker, Spinners, Surf Weasel, Schleprock, Dr. Kaborkian Suicide Machine, Dickies. MRR quiestionnaire #2. Scumpit: Big Black. Graphics by Keyth Beck. Out of print.
MRR #106/Mar ’92 – 144 pgs
Wat Tyler, Philippine Violators, Cynics, Molodoï, Dragon Libred, Deviators, Verbal Assault, Rice. H.E.A.R., Home health care article, Attica 20 years later. Scumpit: Florida, pt. 2. Graphics by Freddie Baer. Out of print.
MRR_107_cvrMRR #107/Apr ’92 – 144 pgs
Safe sex issue. Naked Aggression, Golpe Justo, Dawson, Richies, Cross (first South American band interviewed), Nirvana, Fastbacks, Mono Men. Graphics by Brain Davis. First “Drunk Punk of the Month”. Out of print.
MRR_108_cvrMRR #108/May ’92 – 144 pgs
Fifteen, Dead Moon, Buzzoven, Unsane, Hijos De Nadie, Spitboy, MCR Records, Fuck Geez. “The Consititution of the US: A Covenant with Death and an Agreement with Hell!” by Eric Wilson. Tattooing & Piercing. Scumpit: Canada. Graphics (& disdain) by Tim. Out of print.
MRR_109_cvrMRR #109/June ’92 – 144 pgs
“Absolutely Queer Issue” with Pansy Division, Bruce LaBruce, Vaginal Creme Davis, Donna Dresch, Tribe 8, “Punk Identity/Queer Identity,” “Coming Out – A How-To Guide,” Queer Skinheads, “Racist America Explodes,” “Political Fantasy Manipulation.” Scumpit: Texas. Out of print.
MRR #110/July ’92/Pt 1 – 144 pgs
Punks Over 30: Steve Ignorant, Tom Pig, Tommy Strange, Al Flipside, Peter Plate, Big Frank, Bob Mould, Boff Presley, Brain Edge, Dale Stewart, Bruce Pavitt, Calvin Johnson, Dave Dictator, David Hayes, Dick Lucas, Murray Bowles, Dirk Dirksen, Doc Dart, Dolf Hermannstädter Jr, George Tabb, GG Allin, Glen E Friedman, Greg Ginn, Ian MacKaye, Jeff Pezzati, Jello Biafra, Jim Testa, Juan Camacho, Jocelyn Fedrau, Joey Ramone, Joey Keighley, Jon Von Zelowitz, Al Barile, Leesa Poole, Mike Gunderloy, Steve Spinali, Metal Mike, Mr. Brett, Machiro Endo, Radley Hirsch, Pushead, Rob Wright, Ruth Schwartz, Ted Gottfried, Stephan Ielpi, Ted Falconi, Thurston Moore, Mark Andersen, Vic Bondi, Upright Citizens. Punx in Prison. “Nirvanification: The Death of the Rock Underground?” Results of MRR questionnaire #2. Scumpit: GG Allin. Graphics by Gan Golan. Out of print.
MRR #110/July ’92/Pt 2 – 144 pgs
An update on Bay Area punk rock with: J-Church, Wynona Riders, Rancid, Gr’ups, Aborted, Special Forces, Bumblescrump, Strawman, Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters, Eggplant, Gag Order, Paxston Quiggly, Lung Butter, Good Grief, George Hated, The List Man (Steve List), Grötus, Jack Acid, Grimple, Jüke, Aaron Cometbus. “There Is No Natural Human Sexuality” by Ruth Hubbard. Scumpit: Japan. Out of print.
MRR #111/Aug ’92 – 144 pgs
Real Cool Killers, Flux of Pink Indians, Pollution Circus, Erica Beck-Boy Records, Superchunk, Cosmic Psychos, Shelley’s Children, Simple Machine Records, Huasipungo. “Sexuality and Fascism.” Scene reporst: WI, Lithuania, New Zealand. Scumpit: Japan. Out of print.
mrr_112_cvrMRR #112/Sep ’92 – 144 pgs
Amen, Nations on Fire, Pain Teens, Bimbo Skinheads, Frogs, Rattail Grenadier, T.D.F., Steve Albini, History of NYC Punk Clubs. Fogia – Punk & Politics in Spain. Scene Reports: KY, RI, FL, Finland, NY, MI, CT. MRR stops running 1/2 page ads. Out of print.
mrr_113_cvrMRR #113/Oct ’92 – 144 pgs
The Queers, Dare to Defy, Oswald Five-O, The Stalin, Slaughter and the Dogs, Contempe, Svart Sno, Pete the Roadie. Two Tales of the Americas: Cuba & El Salvador. “Professional” punks. Beligium, Mexico, GA, So Cal, No Cal, Portugal, TX, NB. Scumpit: Ontario. MRR tightens the reigns on its musical coverage and stops reviewing metal/hard rock and folky shit. Out of print.
mrr_114_cvrMRR #114/Nov ’92 – 144 pgs
Election issue. Leatherface, Total Chaos, Jonestown, No Idea Records/fanzine, 8 Bark, SNFU, Moral Crux, PKRK, Flaming Demonics, Trying on the Overcoat, Malignus Youth, Unborn-SF, Transmisia, Vic Bondi, Hubert Selby Jr. Scene Reports: Austria, FL, Sngapore, Poland, Australia, France, PA. Meet the record reviewers! Out of print.
MRR #115/Dec ’92 – 144 pgs
The Gits, Underdog Collective, The Undead, Smut, Mind’s Eye, Thighmaster, Public Descent, Wallmen, Gas Huffer, Bugout Society, Bollweevils. Avoiding the Draft. “Scenes from the Drug War” article. Scene reporst: IL, AZ, OH, Canada, SC, Peru, MA, NYC, ME. Out of print.
mrr_116_cvrMRR #116/Jan ’93 – 144 pg.
Diesel Queens, Bush League, Ken Sanderson, Nuclear Masturbation, Schlong, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, AOS3, Killing Time, Charta 77, Sleeping Body, Coprofilia, Social Outcast, Are We Dead Yet, “Getting the Point – Needle Exchange Outreach” scene reports from OR, DC, MD, CO, Iran, TX, and Bolivia, and George Tabb writes a guest column. Out of print.
MRR #117/Feb ’93 – 176 pgs
New Bomb Turks, Los Crudos, Naked Angels, ANTiSEEN, Bivouac, Hell No, La Souris Deglinguee, Taste of Fear, Sour Mash, Datapunk Records, Oiler. MDC tour in Russia. “Punks, Junkies, Alcoholics, Gangs, and the Mob in Russia.” Scene Reports: FL, IL, WI, Canada, NYC, Ncal. Policy restricting records and ads made in #114 no longer in effect. MRR free in SF/Berkeley! Out of print.
MRR #118/Mar ’93 – 172 pgs
Dan & Dave Punk, the Long Beach Scene, Last Man Standing, Tsunami, Geniuses of Crack, Par-64, Man is the Bastard, Didjits, Lou Giodano-Boston Producer, Vicious Midgets, Slave State, Slobs, Twist. Scene Reports: Singapore, NV, AR, Argentina, N Cal, CO, SoCal, Latvia. Scumpit: Japan. Out of print.
MRR #119/Apr ’93 – 176 pgs
Shyster Shyster and Flywheel, The Insaints, Blaggers ITA, Spoke, Hasil Adkins, Spit Muffins, Econochrist, Snair, Sham Pain (Puerto Rico), Spiderbait, Volpi Vodoplyassova (Ukraine), 16. “A Conspiracy of Blindness” article on the criminalization of marijuana. Scene Reports: NYC, USSR, IL, MD, Canada, NC, SC, Ncal. MRR annual budget report. Out of print.
MRR #120/May ’93 – 176 pgs
Lük Haas, Avail, Cockpit, Sugar Shack, Jawbreaker, Groovie Ghoulies, Supercharger, Lumpin Proletariat, Fobia Estatal (Puerto Rico), Negu Gorriak (Basque, Spain), Trust zine (German), British Anti Fascism, Pook P.I. (cable access punk show). Scene Reports: Finland, WA, Canada, NJ, Yugoslavia, SoCal. Scumpit: The Stalin (Japan). Guest column: Lefty Hooligan. Out of print.
MRR #121/June ’93 – 176 pgs
Inflatables, Crust, Machismo, Facepuller, Positive Greed, Lockjaw, Tilt, No Joke, Rancid Hell Spawn, Christy Coleord and Mary Jane Weatherbee of Lookout UK. “Emo Boy’s Guide to Thrift Store Shopping.” Scene Reports: WA, MN, France, WI, Bulgaria, KY, Czechoslovakia. Guest column: Lefty Hooligan. Out of print.
MRR #122/July ’93 – 176 pgs
Schwartzeneggar, Pilgrims, Grey Spikes, Smear, House of Faith, Velocity Girl, Pleum, Subterranean Records, Desert Culturel (France), Sparkmarker, Rhythm Collision. Scene Reports: N Cal, So Cal, Singapore, TX, FL, NH. MRR no longer free in SF/Berkeley. Out of print.
MRR #123/Aug ’93 – 176 pgs
Bombs for Whitey, The Hidden, Quincy Punx, Plainfield, Green Popsicle, Wordbug, False Sacrament, (ego), Mersault, Lungfish, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Possibly Know About An Engagement Agreement” (booking how-to). IL, TN, Canada, Albania, IN, NC, SC, FL, SoCal. Shitworker of the Month: Ayn Imperato. MRR News returns. Out of print.
MRR #124/Sept ’93 – 176 pgs
GG Allin, The Unknown, Ruts, Crocodile Stile, Jackknife, Shotmaker, Garlic Boys, Bollweevils. Aisha Khan (graffiti artist who builds people out of meat). MRR provides a multiple-choice complaint letter – just fill in the blanks. Scene Reports: Canada, Finland. Shitworker of the Month: Bruce Roehrs. Out of print.
MRR #125/Oct ’93 – 176 pgs
Quest of the Moon Breed, Chaos UK, Not So Happy, Blindfold, Standco: A Noise Coalition, Baka Mono, Crazy Fucke Up Daily Life, BAP (Basque, Spain), Disco Biscuit, Malachi, Krunch, Peter Bagge (Hateball comic). Scene Reports: Israel, PR, Holland, WA, OH. Out of print.
MRR #126/Nov ’93 – 176 pgs
The Gears, Sad Pygmy, Teengenerate, Indianarchy zine, Moving Targets, R.B.F. International Records (Japan), Voodoo Glow Skulls, Sinister Six, George Tabb (“Destroy Television” weekly NYC punk show). Literary Punk Interviews: Ayn Imperato/Andromeda Press, David McCord, Bucky Sinister. Scene Reports: Wales, Norway, France, OR, Canada. Shitworker of the Month: Steve Spinali. Scum Pit: Japan. Lefty Hooligan’s column begins in the MRR News section. Out of print.
MRR #127/Dec ’93 – 176 pgs
Aim Your Dick, Hellbender, The Dots, Lydia Lunch, Backlash, Struggle, Apocalypse Hoboken, Clause Bessy and Phil Winstanley/Slash magazine, Stovebolt, Crunt, Boss Hog, “Violence Against Women” article. Scene Reports: Czechoslovakia, NJ, WA, Armenia. Shitworker of the Month: Joe Donohoe. Out of print.
MRR #128/Jan ’94 – 176 pgs
Les Thugs, Horsey, Face Value, Policy of Three, Small, Strain, All You Can Eat, No Humans Involved, punk rock SF sheriff Michael Hennessey, Sarah Dyer/Action Girl & Mad Planet. “Maelstrom: The Futility of the War on Drugs.” Scene Reports: UK, PA, SoCal, Holland. Shitworker of the Month: Natasha Riggins. Out of print.
MRR #129/Feb ’94 – 176 pgs
Punks at Work Issue (“Punk Day Jobs and Other Examples of Slavery and Insanity”): “Unusual Jobs: Spare Changer & Porno Theater Janitor”, “Shove This Job Up Your Ass! Understanding Work and Capitalism”, “Punks Who Love Work/Punks Who Hate Work,” interviews with 13 punks about their day jobs (including Jim & Debbie Goad, Mike Saunders, Queen Itchie, Joe Queer), “Cool Punk Jobs” (including Mordam, Good Vibrations, Lookout, Cinderblock, AT and more). Scene Reports: CO, Peru, KY, TN, NY. Zine of the Month: I’m So Fucking Beautiful. Shitworker of the Month: Smelly Mustafa. Out of print.
MRR #130/Mar ’94 – 176 pgs
The Wretched Ones, Spiral Objective Mailorder Distribution (Australia), GOB, Zipgun, Borax, Harriet the Spy, The Gun Club, Tar, The Meteors, New Bomb Turks, ABC No Rio, Sandow Birk (political painter). Scene Reports: Middle East, Internet, Germany. Zine of the Month: Hardware. Adrienne Droogas starts a column. Classifieds divided into music and non-music related categories. Out of print.
MRR #131/Apr ’94 – 176 pgs
The Gits, Disgrace (France), Cows, Devil Dogs, Cornershop, Holy Rape, PPz30 (Belgium), Tom Johnny Thunders, Cara de Nada, Icorn/Cybertek: The Cyberpunk Technical Journal, The Rip-Offs, Rev. Norb, “Mad Vlad: The Rise of Fascism in Russia.” Scene Reports: Spain, MA, IN, France, SoCal. Policay Changes: the creation of the Coordinator position is announced and Tim Yohannon discusses columns policy, specifically Jeff Bale’s political turn toward the Right, and explains why Jeff Bale’s last column will appear in the next issue. Out of print.
MRR #132/May ’94 – 176 pgs
The Freeze, Spore, UXA, Whatever…Brainstorm, Tongue Man (British queercore band), Parasites, Stand Up. Zine of the Month: Positron. “Your Recording Sucks!” (record engineering). Scene Reports: NoCal, Italy, IL, IA, NB. Side-by-side debate between Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannon called “America Unglued: Two Views” (Jeff Bale’s last column). Annual MRR financial report. Out of print.
MRR #133/June ’94 – 176 pgs
“Some of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked. Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Major Labels”: “How the Game Works,” “Corporate Rock, Punk?”, “What’s a Mata, Dor?”, Rights Reserved, Capital Punishment, The Hates, Humungus, Haggis, Blueprint, Headhunters. Scene Reports: Bolivia, NC, SC, Latvia. Zine of the Month: Budget. Scumpit: Germany. New ad policies announced. Out of print.
MRR #134/July ’94 – 176 pgs
All Japan Issue. Japanese Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life Section. HG Fact Records, Senseless Apocalypse, Out of Touch, Jack with Killer, Snuffy Smile Records, Lefty. Copass Grinderz, Side Order, Volume Dealer, Def Master, Akane Nakamure/Fringe zine, Byonds, Iconoclast, Death Side, God’s Guts, Thunderbolt, Rabia. Scene Reports: Japan. Zine of the Month: Drastic Solutions. Scumpit: Japan, of course. Out of print.
MRR #135/Aug ’94 – 176 pgs
Punks in the Military. (Impatient) Youth, Carburetor Dung, Toxic Shock (record label/store), the Screaming Bloody Marys, Timescape Zero, Mouthpiece, Makers, Monitors. Series of short pieces by punks in the military. Scene Reports: CO, NY, DE. Zine of the Month: Ideal for Living. Scum Pit: The Queers. Ayn Imperato starts a column. New ad policy in effect – no more 1/2 page ads. Out of print.
MRR #136/Sept ’94 – 176 pgs
Mukilteo Fairies, The Shatners, NRA (Netherlands), Tourettes, Buck Naked Karate Girls, Logical Nonsense, Fireworks, Smears, interview with Ben Hamper (an unemployed auto worker in Michael Moore’s Roger & Me and punk rock old-timer), Homocore Chicago. Scene Reports: Japan, Czech Republic, Australia. Scum Pit: Belgium. Out of print.
MRR #137/Oct ’94 – 176 pgs
Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines, Boxhampsters, Billy Childish, AFI, Sound Bite House (record label), Hellbillys, Guitar Wolf, Boston Archives (video archive of shows), Violent Society, No Demuestra Interes (Argentina), Disassociate, Trashwomen, Spider Babies. Scene Reports: Philippines, Holland. Zine of the Month: Wrong. First “Pioneers in Punk,” giving props to the likes of Sun Records, Chess Records, Link Wray, Dale Hawkins, Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson, and more. Out of print.
MRR #138/Nov ’94 – 176 pgs
Skull Control, Good Riddance, Spent Idols, Crutch, The Statics, The Randumbs, Public Nuisance, Kent 3, Stretford, Front-X, Earl’s Family Bombers, Iggy Scam. “A Beginner’s Guide to Putting on Shows, Part 1.” Scene Reports: Ireland, LA. Zine of the Month: All Too Human. Pioneers of Punk: The Cramps. Kay O’Dell’s last column. Out of print.
MRR #139/Dec ’94 – 176 pgs
Portraits of Past, Vandals, Hammerhead, Sexton Ming, Decadence, Cocknoose, Willies. Tom Guido/”Guided Tour of the Purple Onion” (SF venue), “A Beginner’s Guide to Putting On Shows, Part 2,” Scene Reports: MI, SoCal, OK. Zine of the Month: Tidbit. Pioneers of Punk: Velvet Underground. Out of print.
MRR #140/Jan ’95 – 176 pgs
En Guard Records (Quebec), Abdomens (France), Zoinks, Gloo Girls, With Authority, Los Huevos, Scared of Chaka, Immoral Squad, Buggafuoco, Dog Food Five (Germany), Siren, Gaunt, A-10, “A Beginner’s Guide to Putting On Shows, Part 3.” Scene Reports: DC, Brazil, Indochina. Zine of the Month: Zips and Chains. Lefty Hooligan’s column moves out of the MRR news and joins the rest of ’em. Out of print.
mrr_141_cvrMRR #141/Feb ’95 – 176 pgs
Bert, Ida, Bons A Rien (Quebec), Spazz, Universal Order of Armageddon, No Knife, Black Fork, Sillies, Lawnsmell (Australia), Drunk in Public. “Route 666: The Route to Corporate Media.” Scene Reports: Italy. Zine of the Month: Greedy Bastard. Pioneers of Punk: The New York Dolls. Out of print.
mrr_142_cvrMRR #142/Mar ’95 – 172 pgs
Ben Weasel eats his hat. No Token, Seizure Boy, Oblivians, Bunny Brains, Suspects, Demolition Doll Rods, Guzzard Doctors, Terrorgruppe, Mouth Full, Hellbender, Vultures. Scene Reports: Cuba, NY, TX, UK. Extent zine. Out of print.
mrr_143_cvrMRR #143/Apr ’95 – 172 pgs
Vindictives, Stinkerbell, Jesus Christ Superfly, New Day, Registrators, Youth Brigade, Pit, Attitude Problem zine. MRR Crime Stories. Scene Reports: Italy, Argentina, MI. Pioneers of Punk: Northwest Noise. Out of print.
mrr_144_cvrMRR #144/May ’95 – 172 pgs
Piss Shivers, Back with a Bung!, Screamer, Nekhei Naatza, US Bombs, Jayne County, Stitches, Loudmouths, Fightingcause, Price of Silence, Bob Suren/Failure Face, Circus Ridiculous. Scene Reports: Malaysia, PA. Out of print.
mrr_145_cvrMRR #145/June ’95 – 172 pgs
Ted Rall, Harries, Rejects, Tina Age 13, Screw 32, Badger, Conflict, No Empathy, Bob Cutler/Slackjaw. Scene Reports: NoCal, Czech Republic, IL, Wales. Commodity zine. Pioneers of Punk: MC5. Out of print.
mrr_146_cvrMRR #146/July ’95 – 172 pgs
Riverdales, 10-96, TPOS, Bristles, Spanakorzo, Express of Fur, Underhand, Schleprock, Aut Aut, Head, McCrackins, Chaos Days. Scene Reports: Argentina, MN. Sank Fud zine. Scum Pit: Australia. First “Chopping Onions” column. Out of print.
mrr_147_cvrMRR #147/Aug ’95 – 172 pgs
Swingin’ Utters, Skonk, Mickey and the Big Mouths, Norman Mayer Group, Overbass, Respect, Undersirables, Das Klown, Nothing of Merit, Lunkhead. Scene Reports: Southeast Asia. Pioneers of Punk: The Stooges. Out of print.
mrr_148_cvrMRR #148/Sep ’95 – 176 pgs
Soda Jerks, Toe Rag, Thorazine, Scott Radinsky of Ten Foot Pole and the Chicago White Sox, Wizo (Germany), The Bollocks (Malaysia), The Shitworkers (Malaysia), Opposition Party (Singapore), Moody Jackson, Adversives, Opicon Crucial (Argentina), Rebel Rebel, Teen Idols, Walking Ruins. Scene Reports: New Zealand, PA. Pioneers of Punk: Sixties Punk Kings. Out of print.
mrr_149_cvrMRR #149/Oct ’95 – 176 pgs
Campus Tramps, “Joe Kidd: The Godfather of Malaysian Punk”, Richard the Roadie, Bad Luck Streak, Chumpslap, Diferentes Actitudes Juveniles (Argentina), The Humpers, pet UFO, No Violence (Brazil), Manic Hispanic. Scene Reports: FL, Ireland, UK. Pioneers of Punk: Sixities Punk Kings, Part 2. Out of print.
mrr_150_cvrMRR #150/Nov ’95 – 172 pgs
New York Loose, Splatterheads, Pipe, Final Conflict, Rawness, Stink, Goblins, Gnap-her, Pregnant Men (Hong Kong), Sick Boys (Ontario), Smellie Fingers. Scene Reports: HI, Canada. Pioneers of Punk: Essential 50s. MRR changes announced: new columns, new ideas for ’em, including the “Forth Reich” column. Out of print.
mrr_151pt1_cvrMRR #151, Part 1/Dec ’95 – 132 pgs
Padded Cell, Pleasure Fuckers, Supersnazz, Discordance Axis, Squirtgun, 100,00 Body Bags (UK), Diaboliks (UK), Titans (Japan), Misfits. Scene Reports: Philippines, UK, VA, OH. Out of print.
mrr_151pt2_cvrMRR #151, Part 2/Dec ’95 – 132 pgs
My White Bread Mom, The Queen B’s, Electric Frankenstein, Turtlehead (UK), Serpico, Trick Babys, In/humanity, Stains (UK), Lowdowns, Varukers, Pist, Terrible Virtue, Beatnik Termites (exam for bass player), “The Hardcore Films of Richard Kern.” Out of print.
mrr_152_cvrMRR #152/Jan ’96 – 176 pgs
Delilah Jacks, Battalion of Saints, Bottomfeeders, Slip, Turbonegro (Norway), Murder Junkies, Junior, Assfort, Retch Records (UK), Com-fract (Australia), Dead End Kids. Scene Reports: France, Latvia, Holland. Zine of the Month: Strange Fruit. Scum Pit: Florida. Pioneers of Punk: The Heartbreakers. The interchangeable-author “Jobs” and “DIY Helpful Hints’ columns launched. Out of print.
mrr_153_cvrMRR #153/Feb ’96 – 176 pgs
Snort (New Zealand), Hachetface, ADZ, Karen Monster, NOTA, Little Ugly Girls (Australia), Stun Guns, Gutfiddle, Dimestore Haloes, Ocymoron (Germany). Scene Reports: SoCal. “Uncle Sam and the Swastika” (Fourth Reich column as an article). Brian Edge discusses the closing of Blacklist Mailorder in a guest column. Mark Hanford begins his “NetPunk” column and Brendan White begins a column on the law and the legal system. Out of print.
mrr_154_cvrMRR #154/Mar ’96 – 176 pgs
The Motards, Subincision, Stisism, The Donnas, The Stallions, Count Backwards, Final Warning. Scene Reports: SoCal, TX, VA. An installment of the “Punk Crime Stories” column. Pioneers of Punk: Instrumental Madness and the Damned. Out of print.
mrr_155_cvrMRR #155/Apr ’96 – 176 pgs
Hockey Teeth (Ontario), The Surfin’ Turnips (UK), Pussy Crush (UK), Cro-Mags, High Plains Drifter, Slight Slappers (Japan), Third Degree (Canada), Anti-Flag. Scene Reports: Canada, FL. Plamen Petkov’s tax form, “The Knights of Malta”. Lali Donovan changers her column header. Out of print.
mrr_156pt1_cvrMRR #156, Part 1/May ’96 – 144 pgs
Fumes, Public Toys, Crunch, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Nails of Hawaiian, Splash Four (France), Yawp! (Netherlands), Lifetime, Sickoids (Italy). Scene Reports: FL, MI, Australia. Pioneers of Punk: The Boston Scene. Dave Dictator starts a column, another installment of the “Punk Crime Stories”. Out of print.
mrr_156pt2_cvrMRR #156, Part 2/May ’96 – 144 pgs
All-Australian Special. Beanflipper, Melancholy, Blitz Babiez, Crank, Sub Rosa, Mindsnare, TMT zine, H-Block, B-Sides, Fallout, Frenzal Rhomb, Lawnsmell, One Inch Punch, Chickenshit, No Deal Records, Issue 1, Clinton Walker. Out of print.
mrr_157_cvrMRR #157/June ’96 – 176 pgs
Sons of Hercules, The Heroines, The Criminals, The Rudiments, The Brain Bats, Chinese Millionaires, Your Mother, Against All Authority, Yellow Scab, Wardance. Scene Reports: WA, Canada. More installments in the “Punk Crime Stories” and “Jobs” columns. Zine of the Month: Ten Things Jesus Wants You to Know. Pioneers of Punk: Sham 69. Out of print.
mrr_158_cvrMRR #158/July ’96 – 176 pgs
The Gain, The Process, Brother Inferior, The Problematics, Judge Nothing, Ashlet Von Hurter and the Haters, Working Stiffs, The Break-Ups, “not For Rent: Conversations with Creative Activists in the UK”. Scene Reports: NoCal, Yugoslavia, Scotland. More “Punk Crime Stories” and “Jobs”. Zine of the Month: Playbat (UK). Pioneers of Punk: Buzzcocks. Out of print.
mrr_159_cvrMRR #159/Aug ’96 – 176 pgs
The Smugglers (Vancouver), The Tone-Deaf Pig Dogs, Round Ear Spock, David Hayes/Too Many Records, Man Afraid, Blind Side (Yugoslavia), Vox Populi (Yugoslavia), Fun People (Argentina), Fat, Drunk & Stupid, BrandNewUnit, Death Wish Kids. Scene Reports: NoCal, Holland, Latvia. Pioneers of Punk: The Dickies. “Pioneers of Punk” also surfaces as a column this month, with another installment of “Jobs” as well. Out of print.
mrr_160_cvrMRR #160/Sept ’96 – 176 pgs
The Automatics, Boycot (Holland), Toast (Japan), Morning Shakes, The Mormons, John Q Public, Sex Offenders, Ballgagger, Apocalypse Babys (UK), The Business (UK), Good Riddance. Scene Reports: Hawaii, Yugoslavia. Zine of the Month: Temp Slave. Pioneers of Punk: Eater. More “Punk Crime Stories”, “Jobs”, “DIY Helpful Hints” (starting a club), and Sarah Zimmerman changers her column header. Out of print.
mrr_161_cvrMRR #161/Oct ’96 – 176 pgs
Jet Bumpers (Germany), Steel Miners, Divisia, Lopo Drido (Puerto Rico), Red #9, Nothng Cool, Gob, Sink (Japan), Sires (UK), Newton Grunts (Scotland). Scene Reports: OR, OH. Jobs and DIY Helpful Hints zines. Pioneers of Punk: Ohio 1977. Out of print.
mrr_162_cvrMRR #162/Nov ’96 – 176 pgs
Candy Snatchers, The Phantom Surfers, The Stain, Panic, The Hysterics, National Guard, Torches to Rome, Restos Fosiles (Argentina), Maniacs, Snuka, Redemption 87, Torture Kitty. Scene Reports: UK, DC, Canada. Pioneers of Punk: LA 1977 (Bags, The Dils, Weirdos). Out of print.
mrr_163_cvrMRR #163/Dec ’96 – 176 pgs
The Last Sons of Krypton, The Prositututes, Wig Hat, The Boys (UK), Let It Rock, Enemy Soil, Vulcaneers, Half Empty, The Zeros, Deadcats (Vancouver), Teen Idles. Scene Reports: MI, AL. More “Jobs” and “Punk Crime Stories,” Richard Owens and Adrienne Droogas have new headers, and Ted Rall (regular cartoonist) gets a column. Out of print.
mrr_164_cvrMRR #164/Jan ’97 – 176 pgs
Naked Aggression, Lil Bunnies, Sparkle More, Tab Hunter, Bar Feeders, Jabberwocky (Netherlands), Auto Control (Argentina), The Hookers, Epileptix, Acrid (Ontario), “Ten Years of Gilman”. Pioneers of Punk: The Vibrators. “Jobs” and Matt Average does his last column. Cover price raised to three bucks. Out of print.
mrr_165_cvrMRR #165/Feb ’97 – 176 pgs
Blanks 77, savage Malignant (UK), Emily’s Sassy Lime, The Real McKenzies (Vancouver), The Millionaires, DropKick Murphys, Chris Spedding/Other People’s Music Project (Toronto), The No-Talents (France), The Hives (Sweden), Sea Monster, He’s Dead Jim, Defiance, Bou Sou Nezumi (Japan), The Freeze. Scene Reports: WI, Las Vegas, Ireland. Pioneers of Punk: Richard Hell. Zine of the Month: Migraine. Larry/Genetic Disorder and Tom Hopkins start columns. Out of print.
mrr_166_cvrMRR #166/Mar ’97 – 176 pgs
Walking Abortions (UK), Hickey, ’77 Spreads (Italy), Sanity Assassins, Cards in Spokes, Joey Tampon & The Toxic Shocks, Adjective Noun, Suicide King, Lenguas Armadas (Mexico), Trauma (Mexico), De Crew (Italy). “The People vs Larry Livermore” (reactions to last month’s cover and column about Lookout!). Pioneers of Punk: Dead Boys. Zine of the Month: Words That Hurt. Karin Gembus starts a column. Out of print.
mrr_167_cvrMRR #167/Apr ’97 – 176 pgs
Gauze, No Fraud, Nobodys, Sloppy Seconds, The Forgotten, Thee Viceroys, Brian/Grand Theft Audio Records, Dank Jones. “A Progressive Vision for Social Change” (Barbara Ehrenreich). “Helpful Hints” (soundproofing). Zine of the Month: Sty Zine. Pioneers of Punk: Kuro. Rob Coons starts his column, and another annual financial report. Out of print.
mrr_168_cvrMRR #168/May ’97 – 176 pgs
Cretin 66, Fishsticks, UK Subs, Distemper (Moscow), Luxo Champ, Enewatak, Jake Sayles/Fields of Shit. “Big Bad Ben Weasel vs. Lucky Larry Luciano Lookout?” “Helpful Hints” in the studio. Scene Reports: Philippines. Pioneers of Punk: Stiff Little Fingers, Boomtown Rats, Undertones. Out of print.
mrr_169_cvrMRR #169/June ’97 – 176 pgs
Hard Skin (UK), Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany), Jihad Purgen (Moscow), Speed Queens, Remission, Halflings, Art Fridrich, a.k.a. The Old Man, Deface. Scene Reports: N. California, Viriginia, Hungary. Pioneers of Punk: Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Stranglers. Out of print.
mrr_170_cvrMRR #170/July ’97 – 176 pgs
Bristle, Mine (Switzerland), Tedio Boys, The Four Cockroaches (Moscow), Absconded (Holland), Meanwhile (Sweden), Broken, (Young) Pioneers, Hoodrat (Toronto). “You’re Dead” (the politics of AIDS). “Helpful Hints” (booking a tour). Nathan Berg sounds off on corporations in a column. Scene Reports: Toronto, Alburqueque, Vancouver, Brittany, Yugoslavia. Pioneers of Punk: The Slits. Jen Angel becomes co-coordinator of MRR and starts a column. Out of print.
mrr_171_cvrMRR #171/Aug ’97 – 176 pgs
Strychnine, Idiots, Patrick Grindstaff/Pelado Records, Misnathropists, Race Traitor, violent Socity, Knuckleheads. “Helpful Hints” (advertising your zines). Scene Reports: Belgium, Bulgaria. Ran Richardson starts a column. Out of print.
mrr_172_cvrMRR #172/Sep ’97 – 176 pgs
Withdrawals, Judgement (Japan), No Motive, Oppressed Logic, Truents, Left for Dead, Yellowskin, The Weird Lovemakers, Smash Your Face (Japan), Flatus, Straight Faced, Klaxon (Italy), X-it, Vic Gedris’ World Wide Punk website, Doug Crawker (filmmaker). Scene Reports: Brazil, Switzerland. Out of print.
mrr_173_cvrMRR #173/Oct ’97 – 176 pgs
Hot Water Music, Fat Day, Los Tigres Guapos, Les Partisans (France), The Bristols (UK), My 3 Scu, The Space Shits (Montreal), Chris/Pessimiser Records, The Reclusives, Nick Qwik. Scene Reports: Prince Edward Island, Colorado. Pioneers of Punk: GG Allin. Zine of the Month: Earquake (France). The MRR want list. Out of print.
mrr_174_cvrMRR #174/Nov ’97 – 176 pgs
The Education Issue. Stratford Mercenaries (UK), Lickity Split, Bladder Bladder Bladder (UK), Piss Shivers, Barnhills, In/Humanity. “My Life in ‘Punkademia'” (Greta S.), Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos) on education, plus lots of guest columns. Scene Reports: Moscow, Buenos Aires, Pennsylvania, Hawaii. Zine of the Month: Famous Hardcore of Punkland. Felix Havoc and Sheri Gumption start their columns. Out of print.
mrr_175_cvrMRR #175/Dec ’97 – 172 pgs
Boiling Man (US), Dirty Burds (UK), Dimestore Halos (US), Exploding Crustaceans (US), Heartdrops (US), Last Year’s Youth (UK?), One Man Army (US), Piao Chong (Taiwan), Those Unknown (US). Filmmaker Lech Kowalski. Scene Reports: Argentina, Korea, China, Liverpool, Boston. Zine of the Month: Tilt! Pioneers of Punk: The Henchmen (AUS). Out of print.
mrr_176_cvrMRR #176/Jan ’98 – 172 pgs
Aritcle on Infoshops. The Wongs, Palatka, Stalingrad vs. Voorhees interview, Upstairs People, Squidboy, Izgoy, Beltones, Skygrain, Scared of Chakra, 1-4-5’s, Ducky Boys, Jon Cougar Concentration. Shitworker of the Month: Todd Guillion. Pioneers of Punk: Siouxsie and the Banshees. Zine of the Month: Catch 22. Out of print.
mrr_177_cvrMRR #177/Feb ’98 – 172 pgs
Superfly TNTs (UK), Submachine, Useless ID (Israel), Dropout (UK), Society Gone Mad, Pinhead Circus, Quarantine (UK), Ann Beretta, Blackbird (China), Naive (Russia), Dehumanized, Chumbawamba revisited. Scene Reports: N. California sXe, Connecticut, Toronto. Zine of the Month: Simba. Pioneers of Punk: Generation X. Return of What’s the Scoop? Out of print.
mrr_178_cvrMRR #178/Mar ’98 – 172 pgs
Economics theme issue. Forgotten Rebels (CAN), Pervirella, Dirtys, Letterbombs, Go-Devils/Gyogun Rend’s/Room 41 (Japan), Tone Deaf Pig Dogs, American Steel. Scene Reports: Israel, San Francisco. Zine of the Month: Rust. Out of print.
mrr_179_cvrMRR #179/Apr ’98 – 172 pgs
Boy Sets Fire, Tres Kids, Chapter Eleven Records, Randumbs, Garage Rats (UK), Spat & The Guttersnipes, They Still Make Records, P.A.W.N.S., Poser (GER), Douche Flag, Explosive Kate. Scene Reports: China, UK. Zine of the Month: Rad Party. Pioneers of Punk: Dangerhouse Records. Jacqueline’s first issue as coordinator. Out of print.
mrr_180_cvrMRR #180/May ’98 – 172 pgs
Reinforce, Jack Saints, Discontent, Mademoiselle Records, Slack Factor, Ultraviolence, Haulin’ Ass, 97a, Eyeliners, Infiltrators, TV Killers (FRA). Scene Reports: Mississippi, Virginia, N Carolina. Zine of the Month: Artcore. Pioneers of Punk: Patti Smith. Scum Pit: Nebraska. Tim’s last issue. Out of print.
mrr_181_cvrMRR #181/June ’98 – 172 pgs
Pirate Radio issue: Radio Rebels, Gainesville Free Radio, Reclaiming the Airwaves, All Bets off, Bonecrusher, Summer Jack, Druggies, Stiletto Boys, Cell Block Five, Grapefruit, D.D.I. (ITAL), Normals. Scene Reports: Calgary. Zine of the Month: Verboslammed. Pioneers of Punk: 999. Out of print.
mrr_182_cvrMRR #182/July ’98 – 172 pgs
The Headcoatees (UK), B-Movie Rats, Vapids (CAN), Manchurian Candidates, Squiggy, Traffic Violation Records, Jumpin’ Landmines, Gob (CAN), Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Budget Girls, bruisers, Dead End Kids, .nema, Discount. Scene Reports: Vienna, Colorado, Michigan. Zine of the Month: Panopticon. Pioneers of Punk: The Adverts. Jason Valdez takes over MRR News. Ubershitworker Shawn Nuzzo’s last issue. Jen Angel’s last issue as coordinator, Mark Murrmann’s first. Out of print.
mrr_183_cvrMRR #183/Aug ’98 – 172 pgs
The Lewd, His Hero is Gone, Asshole Parade, Persuaders, Cee Bee Beaumont (UK), Teen Idols, Devotchkas. “US Fuels Dirty Wars in Chiapas.” Scene Reports: Dublin, Wyoming. Pioneers of Punk: X-Ray Spex. Out of print.
mrr_184_cvrMRR #184/Sept ’98 – 172 pgs
Devoid of Faith, Four Letter Word (UK), Libertine, UXA, Absentees, Snarkout Boys, Umlaut (SWE), Indecision, Ricanstruction, Streetwalk’ Cheetahs. Scene Reports: UK, France. Zine of the Month: Neat Damned Noise. Pioneers of Punk: Black Flag. Out of print.
mrr_185_cvrMRR #185/Oct ’98 – 168 pgs
Beatnik termites, Wimpy Dicks, NME, Raxola (BEL), Armed and Hammered, Traitors, Dylan McKays, W.O.R.M., Tezacrifico, Roswells. Scene Reports: Indonesia, So. Cal, Prince Edward Island. Zine of the Month: Tape Op. Pioneers of Punk: Eddie and the Hot Rods. Pete Menchetti (Sticker Guy)’s first column. Out of print.
mrr_186_cvrMRR #186/Nov ’98 – 168 pgs
Registrators, Chinese Love Beads, Marilyn’s Vitamins, August Spies, Monozine, Graphics by Oscar Montess. “On Your Doorstep” (article about homeless punks). Scene Reports: Toronto, Taiwan. Pioneers of Punk: Spizzenergi. Return of the MRR Movie Reviews. Rev Nørb declares MRR to be gay and quits. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_187_cvrMRR #187/Dec ’98 – 168 pgs
The Real Kids, Cretins, Sawn Off, Third Party, Heroines, Spider Cunts, No Class. Motion Sickness zine. Holidays in the Sun. Scene Reports: Houston, Holland. Pioneers of Punk: Dead Kennedys. Chris Dodge returns as a columnist. Out of print.
mrr_188_cvrMRR #188/Jan ’99 – 168 pgs
Stitches, Marauders, Mars Moles, Mark Bruback, Real Swingers, Neighbors, Mansfields, “Joys of Standardized Tests,” Wales & Singapore scene reports, Pioneers of Punk: DOA. Mark Murrmann’s last issue as coordinator. Sean Sullivan and Arwen Curry’s first issue as coordinators. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_189_cvrMRR #189/Feb ’99 – 168 pgs
Monster X, Marauders, Steam Pig, Dead Beat Records, Halfways, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Yakuza, Hot Rod Honeys, Slak, Derita Sisters and Junior, “Decoding the Drug War,” Ryan Richardson’s “50 Reasons Australia Is Better…” Scene Reports: Salt Lake City, Russia, Alburqueque. Pioneers of Punk: Jesse Hector. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_190_cvrMRR #190/Mar ’99 – 168 pgs
John Holmstrom, Black Pumpkin Records, Tilt, Long Gones, Halfways, Smart Bomb ca, Brezhnev, Man Without a Plan, Slappy, Powerhouse, Wanda Chrome, Smogtown, Fracture. Scene Reports: Italy, Michigan. Pioneers of Punk: The Mechanics. Out of print.
mrr_191_cvrMRR #191/Apr ’99 – 168 pgs
Last Print Issue!! Super Hi-Fives, Murder Suicide Pact, Slingshot Episode, Dudman, The Better Than Elvis Show on WMBR, Kil Kare, Pet Peeves, Loose Ends, Boricuas Bestiales, Noam Chomsky’s “Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind, pt. 1,” “Shiny, Aluminum, Plastic and Digital” article, Spain & Rochester scene reports, Pioneers of Punk: Minor Threat, Stryper. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_192_cvrMRR #192/May ’99 – 168 pgs
Los Crudos, Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Kangaroo Records, Burning Kitchen, Polythene, Iggy Scam. The Biotic Baking Brigade, Ivy interviews Willie Brown (mayor of SF), Noam Chomsky’s “Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind, pt. 2”. Scene Reports: Nepal, Burma, Florida, Longview, Virginia. Pioneers of Punk: Vice Squad. Out of print.
mrr_193_cvrMRR #193/June ’99 – 168 pgs
Munster Records, DS-13, Safety Pins, Mullets, Pussycats, Piolines, Bad Stain, Houseboy, Bodies, False Alarm, Darlington, Noam Chomsky’s “Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind, pt. 3,” Tom Hopkins’ 41 best-ever emo records. Scene Reports: Gainesville, Orlando, Korea. Last Anne R. Key column. Out of print.
mrr_194_cvrMRR #194/July ’99 – 168 pgs
Fokkewolf, God Hates Computers, Deathreat, Kid Dynamite, Last Machine, Aside, Hoppin Mad, Flesh Eating Creeps, Thee Outcasts. Scene Reports: Peru, Canada, Maryland. Mykel Board changes column header. Last news section by Jay Unidos. First “Christian Corner” column. Bill Florio’s first “Greedy Bastard” column. Dave Dictor returns as a columnist. Out of print.
mrr_195_cvrMRR #195/Aug ’99 – 168 pgs
Moral Crux, CU Next Tuesday Records, RC5, The Havenots, Ill Tempered, Revlons, Dysentery, Larry and the Go Nowheres. Greg Higgins self-interviewed through art. MP3s. Scene Reports: France, So. Cal, Latvia. Pioneers of Punk: Silver Chalice. Ryan Richardson imprisoned. First demo review column by Erin Yanke. Nick Fitt’s last column. Out of print.
mrr_196_cvrMRR #196/Sept ’99 – 168 pgs
Product X, The Pricks, Orchid, Reaching Forward, Grissle, Third Degree, Catharsis, Emerge. Label Spotlight: Hopscotch Records. “Time to Die”: article on the closing of Epicenter. Scene reports: OR, IL. Out of print.
mrr_197_cvrMRR #197/Oct ’99 – 168 pgs
Lower Class Brats, Waifle, Reducers SF, Showcase Showdown, Futuro Incierto, Deadstate, Reactor No. 7, GodsHateKansas. Lily’s Holidays in the Sun report. Kosovo versus the Chiapas. Label Spotlight: Flat Earth Records. Hawaii scene report. Zine of the Month: Armed with Anger. Out of print.
mrr_198_cvrMRR #198/Nov ’99 – 168 pgs
Hail Mary, The Victims, Shotwell, Outlast, Pressure Point, A//Political, Bump-N-Uglies. Scene Reports: TX. Pioneers of Punk: The Dictators. “After the Fall” article examining injustice in America ten years post Berlin wall. “Fuck Unamerican (Activities)” article. Zine of the Month: Epi-Logue. Jen Hate’s first column. Out of print.
mrr_199_cvrMRR #199/Dec ’99 – 168 pgs
The Locust, Enemy Soil, Mt St Helens, Rejuvenate, Black Cat Music, Ratos De Porao, United Super Villains, Razlog Za, G-3, What Happens Next? “Record Collecting on the Internet”. “Are Keyboards Punk?” Memorial for Claude Bessy (Slash, Catholic Discipline). Scene Reports: Puerto Rico, Mexico. Zine of the Month: Personal Liberation Front. Pioneers of Punk: Flipper. Last “Christian’s Corner” column. Out of print.
mrr_200_cvrMRR #200/Jan ’00 – 176 pgs
200th issue special: bibliography of issues 101-200, veteran shitworkers interviewed. Gee Vaucher from Crass, American Steel, Helvis, Ancient Chinese Secret, The Curse, Skipard Reason (Christian Corner), Hers Never Existed, Toxic Narcotic, Active Distribution. Zine of the Month: Cometbus. Pioneers of Punk: The Big Boys. Out of print.
mrr_201_cvrMRR #201/Feb ’00. Beerzone, Towards An End, Daybreak, “Best Punk Singles of the ’90s,” the WTO riots in Seattle. Out of print.
mrr_202_cvrMRR #202/Mar ’00. KTMWQ, Real Estate Fraud, Strike Out, Broken Rekids, the Haggard, GC5, Gore Gore Girls, the Catheters. Out of print.
mrr_203_cvrMRR #203/Apr ’00. Spazz, Slang, Slug & Lettuce zine, Suburban Voice zine, As We Once Were, Red Angel Dragnet, Four Letter Words, Slampt Records, the Wednesdays, the Fuses, “ASCGB – Cult Maniax,” “The Murder of Brian Deneke.” Out of print.
mrr_204_cvrMRR #204/May ’00. Cocksparrer, Talk Is Poison, Red Scare, Put Downs, Out Cold, Geraldine, Michael Knight, CBGaV, Pillage People. Out of print.
mrr_205_cvrMRR #205/June ’00. Punks With Kids special. Skudz, 50 Million, Legion, Wilbur Cobb, Coalition. Out of print.
mrr_206_cvrMRR #206/Jul ’00. Drunk, ESL, Ambition Mission, Lord High Fixers, Cripple Bastards, Dig Dug, Federation X, Amulet, Valentine Killers. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_207_cvrMRR #207/Aug ’00. Harum Scarum, Raw Power, Unseen, Pekinska Patka, Hudson Falcons, Dementia 13, Confine, Allergic to Whores. Out of print.
mrr_208_cvrMRR #208/Sept ’00. Le Shok, the Commies, the Chemo Kids, Day of Mourning, Affront, Diaspora, Whippersnapper, Hopeless/Sub City, Prank, Countdown to Oblivio. Out of print.
mrr_209_cvrMRR #209/Oct ’00. Loose Lips, Godstomper, Peace of Mind, FYP, I Farm, Annalise, Cattle Decapitation, Riot/Clone. Out of print.
mrr_210_cvrMRR #210/Nov ’00. J Church, Profane Existence, Pezz, Pre-Teens, Templars, This Machine Kills, Subtonix, OB. Out of print.
mrr_211_cvrMRR #211/Dec ’00. Aus Rotten, 9 Shocks Terror, Hissy Fits, Anti/Dogmatikss, White Stripes, <em>Rumpshaker</em> fanzine, artists Fly & Seth Tobocman.. Out of print.
mrr_212_cvrMRR #212/Jan ’01. Limp Wrist, Avail, From Ashes Rise, Guilty Pleasures, Bord Dead Icons. Out of print.
mrr_213_cvrMRR #213/Feb ’01. Fun People, Onward to Mayhem, Ugly Pop, Midnight Evils, Atrocious Madness, Bread & Water, Josh Peach, Zodiac Killers. Out of print.
mrr_214_cvrMRR #214/Mar ’01. Life’s Halt, The Briefs, Crispus Attucks, Fetish, Dream Dates, Havoc Records, Norwegian Hardcore History, Pittsburgh’s Mr. Roboto Project, GW Bush Inauguration Protests and Satan McNugget. Out of print.
mrr_215_cvrMRR #215/Apr ’01. No Means No, Vitamin X, Injections, Y, Dils, Last In Line, Don Austin, Deranged Records. Out of print.
mrr_216_cvrMRR #216/May ’01. Propagandhi, Angelic Upstarts, Discordance Axis, Ruination, Photographer: Chris Boarts, Strap-Ons, Lynnards Innards. Out of print.
mrr_217_cvrMRR #217/June ’01. Joey Ramone R.I.P., Tear It Up, Skitsystem, The Pattern, CrimethInc., Esperanza, The Chicago Blackout, Photographer: Ace. Out of print.
MRR #218/July ’01. Guyana Punchline, Les Sexareenos, The Devil Is Electric, Red Monkey, White Collar Crime, Forca Macabra, The Ataris, Suicide, The Mob. Out of print.
mrr_219_cvrMRR #219/Aug ’01. “Fix It!” cycling article, Crucial Unit, Lost Sounds, Lombardies, Flowers in the Dustbin pt. 1, Casualties, Resinators, P.U.N.K., Slaughter & the Dogs, Anti-Flag, Dontcares, S’Bitch. Out of print.
mrr_220_cvrMRR #220/Sep ’01. Latin American Issue. Aubuso Sonoro, Anti-Todo, Fuerza X, Apatia No, Manganzoids, Demencia, Sick Terror, Tocatta y Bulla, NTN, Argies, Reconcile, Anti-Korpus, Ruido De Odio, Los Pepiniyos, Rebelion Disidente, Brazil Scum , Kim Bae Photo Essay. Out of print.
MRR #221/Oct ’01. Tales from the G8 Summit, Reflections, Soophie Nun Squad, Totalitär, True North, Wontons, Sin Dios, Bottles & Skulls, Scarred For Life, Flowers in the Dustbin pt. 2, Remains of the Day, Ritchie Whites, B’67. Out of print.
MRR #222/Nov ’01. Dios Hastio, Tragedy, Four Letter Word, Salad Days author Charles Romalotti, Very Metal, Maurice’s Little Bastards, the Rotters, MDC Brazilian tour diary, the Cravats, JR Ewing, Dutch scene report, extended news section, “Globalization Rhetoric & Reality.” Out of print.
MRR #223/Dec ’01. “US Policy in the Middle East,” “Revisiting 1948,” Manifesto Jukebox, Good Riddance, Pokers, Viimenen Kolonna, Bluebloods, Vitamin X tour diary, Flakes, Pg. 99, the Mob, 7 Days of Samsara. Out of print.
MRR #224/Jan ’02. “Legislation Since Sept. 11,” Rendencion 9.11, Metro Youth, Severed Head of State, Piranhas, Paraf, Backstabbers, Inc, An Albatross, Citizen Fish Tour, SPAM Records, the Virus, Action Time. Out of print.
MRR #225/Feb ’02. Lengua Armada, Breaker Breaker, 3 Yrs. Down, Scrotum Grinder, Turun Tauti, Flux Of Pink Indians, Holding On, Pauki, 86’d, See You In Hell, Red Light Sting, Nazis From Mars, Scare Tactic. Out of print.
MRR #226/Mar ’02. Queer punk special issue. Vaseline, Quails, Skinjobs, Italian queer punk report, Vaginal Davis, Feelings on a Grid, Sissies, Scott Free, Dumba, Columns. Out of print.
MRR #227/Apr ’02. Bellrays, Rhinos, Wasted, Kristofer Pasanen, Business, Assert, DS 13 tour report, Life Set Struggle, Iowaska, Zounds. Out of print.
MRR #228/May ’02. Cheetah Chrome, Caustic Christ, Haymaker, Stardumb Records, and more. Out of print.
MRR #229/June ’02. Countdown To Putsch, The Awakening, Dave Hill Distribution, Holier Than Thou, Kill Devil Hills, Sound Of Failure, ETA, Nubs, Les Baton Rouge, New Disorder Records, Career Suicide, Swellbellys, The Sinyx. Out of print.
MRR #230/July ’02. Bitchin’, Redencion 911, Phantom Limbs, Secretions, Holy Molar, Sharp Knife, Mighty John Waynes, A Global Threat, Groovie Ghoulies, Reproach, Annie Anxiety. Out of print.
mrr_231_cvr_smMRR #231/Aug ’02. Epoxies, Puppy Vs. Dyslexia, Koro, Blocko, Amdi Petersens Armé, Piss & Vinegar zine, Schizophrenic Records, Toys That Kill, Give Us Barabbas, Dirt. Out of print.
mrr_232_cvr_smMRR #232/Sept ’02. “No Future” article, Lost, Fartz, Sell Outs, Razors Edge, Stakeout, Dillinger Four, All or Nothing HC, Fleshies, Bridge Nine Records, Akashic Books, Liberty. Out of print.
MRR #233/Oct ’02. “All Ages” article, Scholastic Deth, Runnamucks, Sinners & Saints, Panic, Gasolheads, Jewws, Futures, Michael Landon’s Commandos, Storm the Tower, Against Me!, Balance of Terror, Class Assassins, Spazm 151. Out of print.
mrr_234_cvr_smMRR #234/Nov ’02. Snobs, What Happens Next? Brazilian tour, The Oath, Radio 4, Feederz, Charm City Suicides, Selfish, Riot 99, End On End, Peawees, Born/Dead. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #235/Dec ’02. Anti-war Special Issue. Anti-war guest columns. Anti-war scene reports. Articles: “Reading for Democracy,” “War on Iraq?” “Unfinished American Revolution,” Resource Guide, “US Involvement in Iraq,””Axis of Empire.” Long Island DIY scene, What Happens Next? Brazilian tour part 2, Smalltown, Kylesa, Crash & Burn. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_236_cvr_smMRR #236/Jan ’03. Mr. California & State Police, Iron Lung, Riff Randells, Chainsaw, Artcore fanzine, Latterman, Travis Cut, Phenomenauts, Pretty Little Flower, X-Cretas. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_237_cvrMRR #237/Feb ’03. Top Ten Records of 2002, “Music as a Weapon: Artists in Wartime,” Dirt Bike Annie, Let It Burn, Stockyard Stoics, King Khan & Shrines, 625 Records, Feast Or Famine, Rudimentary Peni, Coachwhips, Self Defense. Out of print.
MRR #238/Mar ’03. World Burns To Death, Chronics, Vilently Ill, Dystopia, Pilger, Exotic Fever, Brezhnev, R.A.M.B.O., Blown To Bits, Put To Shame, Deconditioned, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Monsters. Out of print.
MRR #239/Apr ’03. Romanian D-beat, Meconium Records, Amazombies, Abandoned Hearts Club, Mike V. & the Rats, Nicki Sicki, Bigamists, Bolivia article, Negatives, Kuolema, Defiance. Out of print.
mrr_240_cvr_smMRR #240/May ’03. Music zine round table, I Quit, Apers, Headless Horsemen, Lesser of Two, Barse, Nightmare, Exploding Hearts, Flesh Packs, Blacklist Brigade. Out of print.
mrr_241_smMRR #241/June ’03. Tyrades, Lumbergh, The Stand By Me, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Cut the Shit, Libertinagem, 17th Class, the Ends, He Who Corrupts, Deathbag, Cria Cuervos. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_242_cvr_smMRR #242/July ’03. Pensacola and San Francisco punk protest reports, John Wilkes Booze, Anfo, Bob Suren, Migra Violenta, Jackson 8, Snakepit zine, Krigshot, the Rites, Deadfall. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #243/Aug ’03. “Media Alliance and the FCC,” Striking Distance, Malcontents, Invisible City, Books Lie, Charm City Art Space, Hopeless Dregs of Humanity, I Shot Cyrus, Sunday Morning Einsteins, What the Kids Want, Onion Flavored Rings. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_244_cvrMRR #244/Sept ’03. None More Black, Deadline, Rai Ko Ris, Boxed In, Exploding Hearts, Raving Mojos, Blackout Terror, Morticia’s Lovers, Thee Fine Lines, Trust zine. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_245_cvrMRR #245/Oct ’03. No Time Left, Riistetyt, Intense Youth, The Gimmies, Ass End Offend, Artimus Pyle, La Fraction, Kung Fu Rick, The Horror. Out of print.
mrr_246_cvrMRR #246/Nov ’03. Punk & Resistance in Israel, Letters from Palestine, No Choice, FM Knives, Bury the Living, Marked Men, The Dirty Burds, Provoked. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_247_cvrMRR #247/Dec ’03. DSB, The Boils, Popular Shapes, Phoenix Foundation, Bathtub Shitter, Meet the Virus, Cropknox, “Punk Babies on Tour” article. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #248MRR #248/Jan ’04. Discharge, Superhelicopter, Jed Whitey, Black Friday ’29, Find Him And Kill Him, The Lids, Impratical Cockpit, Face Up To It, History of Maximum Rocknroll Radio. Out of print.
mrr_249_cvrMRR #249/Feb ’04. From Ashes Rise, Hagar the Womb, This Is My Fist, Skip Jensen, Gride, Katy Otto/Mike Taylor Dialogue, John Yates, Pointing Finger. Out of print.
MRR 250MRR #250/Mar ’04. Best Records of 2003, Miami FTAA protests, Clorox Girls, FIYA, “La Villita: Chicago Pilsen Scene,” Terminus Victor, Restarts, Damage Done, Knights of New Crusade. Out of print.
MRR 251MRR #251/Apr ’04 The Fuse!, Väkivaltaa, Modern Machines, Microcosm, Migra Violenta Euro tour diary, Allegiance, Neurotic Swingers, Xavier Lepaige Photos, Le Scrawl,Vra. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_252_cvrMRR #252/May ’04 Fucked Up, Firestarter, Inepsy, Laukaus, Great Clearing Off, Radio Reelers, Extreme Noise Records, 46 Short, The State, John The Baker, Free Verse, Chrystaei Branchaw photos, SE Asia, Germany, Iceland. Out of print.
MRR 253MRR #253/June ’04 Sweet J.A.P., Gorilla Angreb,Vöetsek, Minority Blues Band, Scruvy Dogs, Molotov Cocktail, Kidnappers, Schifosi, King Ly Chee, YDI, and scene reports from Texas, Germany, UK, and New Hampshire. Out of print.
MRR 254MRR #254/July ’04 No Hope For The Kids, Dropdead, Diskords, Breakfast, Asschapel, I Excuse, Strung Up, To Hell & Back, Four Eyes, Lamant, Gammits MW, Portland, Boston, Germany. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 255MRR #255/Aug ’04 “Punk’s Not Dead, Reagan Is” Special Issue. Leatherface, Get It Away, The Hatepinks, Keen Monkey Work, New York City, South Dakota, Czech Republic, Philippines, Russia. Out of print.
MRR 256MRR #256/Sept ’04 Annihilation Time, Witch Hunt, Eskapo, The Observers, FxPxOx, Haymarket Riot, Fourth Rotor, Carpettes, Fasts, Zann, Les Georges Leningrad, Rodent Popsicle, Power Of Idea South East Asian Tour Report, Indiana, Texas, New Foundland, England. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 257MRR #257/Oct ’04. The Election Issue, Jesse Townley, Matt Gonzalez, Rattus, Fighting Dogs, Hero Dishonest, Kickz, The Boss Martians, Reactionary Three, scene reports from Slovakia, Australia, South Wales, and Southeast Asia. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 258MRR #258/Nov ’04. Career Suicide, Cathy Wilkerson of the Weather Underground, No Fucker, The Repos, Dominatrix, Ashtray, Deadstop, Midnight Creeps, Michale Graves, The Diffs, The Shemps, Abi Yo Yo’s. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 259MRR #259/Dec ’04. Bad Business, Penelope Houston, Rambo, AI, Ass, I Attack, The Krunchies, A-Lines, Insurgence Records, The Hates, Accidents, Massgrav, The Critics, Merciless Game, SF Hotel Workers Strike, photos from Japan, SoCal & the Bay Area. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 260MRR #260/Jan ’05. Technocracy, The Total End, Only Crime, True North, Partisans, For The Worst, Dick Spikie, Straight to Hell, Black Cross, Action, Ergs, Rusty Nails, Queer Activism in London, Greg Shaw tribute, John Peel tribute, Andrew “Stig” Sewell tribute, Beijing punk photos. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 261MRR #261/Feb ’05. Year End Top Tens, Riistetyt, Lost Cherrees, Complete Control, Cheap Sex, Gasoline Please, Beerzone, Greyskull, MOTO, Water Into Beer fanzine, Swe-Punk scumpit, Japan punk photos, Bay Area punk photos, and Texas, Russia and Malaysia scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 262MRR #262/Mar ’05. Kärnvapen Attack, Neo Boys, Catholic Boys, Dead Moon, Wreckage, Frantix, Armitage Shanks, Wendy Kroys, To What End?, Cell Block 5, Bent Outta Shape, Ah-Nah Tron, Slovakia, Indonesia, and Illinois scene repor. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 263MRR #263/Apr ’05. All Crusties Spending Loud Night 2004, Bombenalarm, Battleship, APA, The Black Lips, Words That Burn, Flamingo 50, The Low Budgets, Mellakka, I Object, Antisect, Bay Area scene report, South Coast UK scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 264MRR #264/May ’05. Crime, Love Songs, Bruce Banner, Intent, The Holy Mountain, Have Heart, The Bill Bondsmen, The Real Losers, archive photos, Bay Area scene photos, Taiwan scene report, Rochester scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 265MRR #265/June ’05. Endless Nightmare, Hard Skin, Kolokol, Amebix, Transistor Transistor, The Safes, The Detonators, Finland scene report, France scene report, SoCal scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 266MRR #266/July ’05. The Carbonas, MDC, Destrux, Unkind, Hiretsukan, Giant Haystacks, Ohuzaru, Teenage Harlets, Michigan scene report, San Diego scene report, Eugene Oregon scene report, photos. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 267MRR #267/Aug ’05. Knugen Faller, Sleeper Cell, Motorama, Gulcher Records history, Army of Jesus, The Slicks, Thee Merry Widows, Rotten Sound, The Faction (UK), Czech scene report, New Zealand scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 268MRR #268/Sept ’05. Signal Lost, Gulcher Records history part two, Teenage Bottlerocket, Mattilda (aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore), The Spectacle, Bang Sugar Bang, Chumbawamba, Reason of Insanity, Forward To Death, Flyer art, Florida scene report, Bay Area scene report, photos. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 269MRR #269/Oct ’05. Hammer, Desastre, Human Eye, Les Bellas, Gasmask Terror, Randy “Biscuit” Turner tribute, Stalag 17 (UK), Stepbrothers, Retching Red, Weaving the Deathbag, Gather, and Chicago and SoCal scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 270MRR #270/Nov ’05. Clorox Girls European Tour, Czolgosz, Regulations, Time Flys, Taxi, No More Lies, Oil!, Paddy Costello of the Dillinger Four, Smartpils, Revenge of Mongoloid, Pisschrist, Scene reports: Puerto Rico, UK, Russia. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 271MRR #271/Dec ’05. Besthoven, Abductee SD, Tractor Sex Fatality, George Harrison, Deathtoll, Photos by icki, Ice & The Iced, the Ulcers, Chimps Eat Bananas, Deranged/Criminal IQ/Kick’n’Punch Records. Scene reports: Iowa, Maine, Illinois. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 272MRR #272/Jan ’06. Conga Fury, Let’s Grow, Frustration, Bastardass, Icons of Filth, Burial, Hrydjuverk, Cranked Up!, Urrke T & the Midlife Crisis, Tropezio, Baboon of Sickness zine. Scene reports: Austin, France, Michigan, Larry Wolfley photos. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 273MRR #273/Feb ’06. Fuses, Endstand, Out Cold, Pedestrians, Acts of Sedition, BadEatingHabits, Western Addiction, Jesus Fucking Christ, Toxic Waste, Punk photo spread, and St. Louis, USA & Brighton, UK scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 274MRR #274/Mar ’06. Best of 2005, Formaldehyde Junkies, Brutal Knights, Kansan Uutiset, Hatred Surge, A-Heads, Manikin, Upinatem, Hips, Boston scene report, Punk photo spread. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 275MRR #275/Apr ’06. History of ABC No Rio (Part One), Ringers, Missbrukarna, ’90s garage punk scumpit, Anatomi-71, After the Bombs, Rubella Ballet, RIP Pig Champion, Ricky Adam interview and photographs, Sean McGhee, Hard Skin US tour diary. Out of print.
MRR 276MRR #276/May ’06. “Is Business Killing Punk Rock?” business survey (Part One), History of ABC No Rio (Part Two), Vitamin X Asian Pacific tour diary, Soviet Valves Suburban Death Machine, Frustrations, George Hurchalla, Scene reports: Czech Republic and Greece. Out of print.
MRR 277MRR #277/June ’06. “Is Business Killing Punk Rock?” business survey (Part Two), Imperial Leather, Boom Boom Kid, Vitamin X Asian Pacific Tour (part two), “How to Make It Big!” by the Phantom Surfers, Magrudergrind, Poland. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 278MRR #278/July ’06. Billy Childish, Death Token, The First Step, Ramsey Kanaan of AK Press, Headache City, Deconditioned, Under Pressure, Insuiciety, Instigators, Malaysia Scene, Bay Area scene pics. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 279MRR #279/Aug ’06. Mika Miko, The Fall, Cardiac Arrest, Digger & the Pussycats, Massmord, Insect Warfare, The Astronauts, Canary Island Photo Spread, Four Slicks, The Fallout, PAWNS, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan & Umea, Sweden scenes. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 280MRR #280/Sept ’06. Hjerte Stop, Grupo Sub-1, Desperate Bicycles, Bill Daniel interview and photo spread, APF Brigade, Disconvenience, Southkore Fest photo spread, Rosenbombs, Up the Voltage, Euro photo spread, Svartenbrandt, Asheville, NC & world wide punk scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 281MRR #281/Oct ’06. Out With a Bang, Redd Kross, Derek Lyn Plastic, We March, Alan Milman, Rat Traps, Blood Robots, The Scarred, Gilbert Switzer, Japan & US photo spreads, Sweden & UK scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR 282MRR #282/Nov ’06. The Feelers, PESD, Toxic Ephex, Auktion, Bruise Violet, Trust fanzine, The Homosexuals, The Effigies, Rat City Riot, New York City & North Carolina scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #283/Dec ’06. Jay Reatard interview & photos, Crimes Against Humanity Records, A Touch of Hysteria, Doris fanzine, Kvoteringen, ’90s Punk Scrumpit Club, photos, Tokyo scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_284.jpgMRR #284/Jan ’07. Margaret Thrasher, 924 Gilman at 20 Years, Order of the White Rose, Regress, Subhumans (UK) Part One, Blank Its, Condenada, Genetic Control, photos, Syracuse & San Diego scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #285/Feb ’07. Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys & the early Texas punk scene, Lemuria, Ruin, Subhumans (UK) Part Two, The Blinds, Tranzistors, ANS, Riot This, La Piovra, Bay Area scene pics, and Barcelona, Spain scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_286.jpgMRR #286/Mar ’07. Best of 2006, Smartut Kahol Lavan, Electric Kisses, Holy Shit!, Lost Cherrees Part One, Go!, and Kraljevo, Serbia, and Bakersfield, CA scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_287.jpgMRR #287/Apr ’07. Alicja Trout, Keith Rosson (Avow zine), Crap Corps, The Vicious, Scum System Kill, Lost Cherrees Part Two, Restless Youth, SBV, and Australia; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Pittsburgh, PA scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #288/May ’07. Clockcleaner, Pisschrist, The Rats (Sweden), Conflict (US), The Viletones, Violent Tumor, Czech Republic and East Texas scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_289.jpgMRR #289/June ’07. Ultimo Resorte, Kursk, Masstrauma, Social Circkle, Final Approach, Post Punk Kitchen, Southern Death Cult, Portland Drummers, Timisoara, Copenhagen and Pampanga scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_290.jpgMRR #290/July ’07. Stormcrow, Merkit, Solid Decline, Monster Squad, Sex Vid, Vivisick, Warkrime, Top Ten (the band), We’re Gonna Fight zine, White Cross, Berlin scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_291.jpgMRR #291/Aug ’07. MRR 25th Anniversary Issue. Martin Sprouse, Tim Yohannan, No Slogan, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Chinese Telephones, Vaseline Children, Anti-System, Dave Roche, 6-page retrospective photospread, Kawakami/Disclose obituary, Brazil scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_292.jpgMRR #292/Sept ’07. New Bloods, Chronic Seizure, Outraged, Geriatric Unit, Active Distribution, Gruk, The Mods, No Defences, The Fakes, Trashies tour report, Mexico scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_293.jpgMRR #293/Oct ’07. Punk and Immigration theme issue w/interviews, articles, and stories. Anti-You, Loser Life, Political Asylum, Olympia scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_294.jpgMRR #294/Nov ’07. The Hipshakes, Neverending Party, Punk & Immigration article, Finally Punk, La Lucha Para La Justicia en Guatemala, Leftover Crack, AOA. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_295.jpgMRR #295/Dec ’07. Surrender, What If Gods Lie?, The Crawlers, 2:20, The Joneses, Libertario Magazine, Bad Samaritans, Shrapnel, Untermensch. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_296.jpgMRR #296/Jan ’08. Hellshock, Mario Panciera, Anathema, The System, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Voids, Cinecyde, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, Punch In The Face, BSA. Out of print.
mrr_297.jpgMRR #297/Feb ’08. Marie Kanger-Born, Thrillhouse Records, Contaminators, Oi Polloi, Obstruction, I Walk the Line, Utopia. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_298.jpgMRR #298/Mar ’08. Best of 2007, Autistic Youth, White Lung, Karma Sutra, Clusterfuck, Sharon Cheslow, Slaughter of the Innocent. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
mrr_299.jpgMRR #299/Apr ’08. Government Warning, Age, Off With Their Heads, Guided Cradle, Go It Alone, Fy Fan, Daily Void, Hungarian Scene history. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #300/May ’08. NorCal Punk Special: Fix My Head, Black Rainbow, Tank Crimes, Young Offenders, Church Police, Traditional Fools, Six Weeks/Short Fast & Loud, Ecoli. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #301MRR #301/June ’08. Underground Railroad to Candyland, Straightjacket Nation, Red Dons, Spectres, Dean Dirg, Kola, Los Violadores, The Sears, Tentacles of Destruction, Antibodies, Head on Collision. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #302 MRR #302/July ’08. Giuda, Wasted Time, Reality, Sin Orden, Teenage Head, Antidote, La Urss, Canadian Rifle, Seasick, Israel and Japan scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #303 MRR #303/Aug ’08. Double Negative, Burnt Cross, Masapunk, Chicago Clitfest, Intifada, Nuclear Death Terror, Raw Power, Unlovables, Waste, Chaos In Tejas photo spread, Houston and Grand Rapids scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #304 MRR #304/Sept ’08. Raymond Pettibon, John Stabb of Government Issue, Cola Freaks, The Measure [SA], The Press, XYX, Simply Saucer, Kulturkampf, Andy T, FPO, and Colombia scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #305 MRR #305/Oct ’08. Pierced Arrows, Bum Kon, Deep Sleep, Diente Perro, IRA, Legion of Parasites, Reality Control, Riot City Records, Stations, Test Patterns. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #306 MRR #306/Nov ’08. Brain Handle, Assassins, Diodes (pt. 1), 97 Shiki, Black Dove, No Bunny, Shellshag, Sista Sekunden, Vivian Girls, Animals And Men. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #307 MRR #307/Dec ’08. Lük Haas, Sotatilla, Billy Bao, Homostupids, The Yolks, United Mutation, Diodes. Out of print.
MRR #308 MRR #308/Jan ’09. Punk in Film Issue. Target Video, Mondo Vision, You Weren’t There, After the Salad Days, Botinada, Cleveland’s Screaming, Whatever Happened to Susan Jane?, The Taqwacores. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR_309 MRR #309/Feb ’09. Ooga Boogas, Mind Eraser, Cococoma, Extortion, Deathcage, Boyracer, Nixe, Maniax, Squalora, Null and Void, Mr. California, and Think Fast. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
310 cover MRR #310/Mar ’09. 2008 Year-End Top Tens, Punk Health Issue, that’s Lance Hahn as drawn by Tim Kerr on the cover-with interviews with Mikey Mind, Chris Colohan, Craig Lewis, and many health related pieces on subjects ranging from getting shot to getting herpes. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
311_cover_crop MRR #311/Apr ’09. Print Media is Dead? Eric Lyle/Scam zine, John Holmstrom/Punk Magazine, Janelle/Tales of Blarg zine, Terminal Boredom, Shit-Fi, Z-Gun, history of skate zines, punk flyer art, plus various zine writers do a page of MRR as if it’s their own zine. Out of print.
cover3121 MRR #312/May ’09. Criminal Damage, The Masonics, Condominium, Never Healed, Screaming Females, Germ Attak, Pioggia Nera, Petticoats, Passion Killers, and scene reports from Belgrade and Carbondale. This issue also includes an extension of the recent Health Issue. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
cover-3131 MRR #313/June ’09. Cult Ritual, Acid Reflux, NN, Herds, Hunx and His Punx, Grass Widow, Project Hopeless, Defect Defect, Tom’s Midnight Garden, Existers, and scene reports from Sydney and Boston. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #314/July ’09. The Libyans, Coke Bust, Turboslut, Strange Boys, Vogue, Smart Cops, Zyanose, artist Dennis Dread, Italian squatting history, and Toronto scene report. Out of print.
MRR #315/Aug ’09. Zero Boys, Come On, Etacarinae, Insomnio, Skin Like Iron, Punch, Black And Whites, Blank Dogs, Resist, and scene reports from London and Belarus. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #316/Sept ’09. Amebix, Born/Dead, Meatlocker, Divisions, Altercado, No Way Fest, Something Fierce, Mutating Meltdown, Nick Toczek, The Cowley Club, Anal Warhead, Albany scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #317/Oct ’09. The Queer Issue: Gary Floyd (The Dicks), queers in early Texas punk, Limp Wrist, Jos (Seein Red/Lärm), Bromance, Extra Tongue, Younger Lovers, Teu Pai Já Sabe?, Josh Ploeg (vegan chef/Mukilteo Fairies), Schwartzer Kanal, Vaginal Davis, GB Jones, Kali (Nastyfacts), Brooklyn and Brazil scene reports. Out of print. Out of print.
MRR #318/Nov ’09. Ratas Del Vaticanos, Destino Final, Warning/Warning, John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Ratos De Porão, Hex Dispensers, Explode Into Colors, Antidotum, Czosnek, Disco Assault, Fuera De Linea. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #319/Dec ’09. The birth of Finnish hardcore, HC legends THE FIX, Pittsburgh’s SLICES, PINK REASON of the Midwest/Russia, GANDHI’S COOKBOOK from Dubai, SF’s NODZZZ and BRILLIANT COLORS, SCROTUM POLES, Olympia’s GUN OUTFIT, Canadian HC from POSITIVE NOISE, and a Goner Fest photo spread! Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #320/Jan ’10. Decade-end top tens, Japan’s D-CLONE, BROKEN WATER from Olympia, CONTROL (UK), and Ian Glasper, author of “The Day the Country Died” and “Trapped in a Scene.” Cover by Randy Ransome. Out of print.
MRR #321MRR #321/Feb ’10. The Photo Issue, with Murray Bowles, Helge Schreiber, Larry Wolfley, Mateus Mondini, Daigo Oliva, Karoline Collins, Chrissy Piper, Patrick Baclet, Martin Sorrondeguy, Mark “icki” Murrmann, Chris “Canderson” Anderson, and a bibliography of punk photo books. Out of print.
MRR #322MRR #322/Mar ’10. ’70s Detroit innovators DEATH, straight edgers DEFENSA ABSOLUTA from Peru , California’s controversial DRY ROT, KIM PHUC from Pittsburgh, Japanese artist Sugi, Michigan’s DRUID PERFUME, and our writers’ picks for top ten records of 2009. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #323MRR #323/Apr ’10. Seattle’s THE SPITS, SF’s DADFAG, PARTIBREJKERS, John Paul of REALLY RED, Chuck Warner of Hyped to Death, ATTENTAT SONORE, SCATHA, FACE THE RAIL, BATTLETORN, filmmaker Colin Brunton, and MOB RULES from Leeds, UK. Cover by Kevin McCarthy. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #324MRR #324/May ’10. Columnist Bruce Roehrs (RIP), Japan’s ISTERISMO, New Orleans’ NECRO HIPPIES, Swiss legends KLEENEX/LILIPUT, Pittsburgh’s ROT SHIT, Florida’s TUBERS, RVIVR from Oly, Denmark’s ICEAGE, and Aaron Lake Smith interviews Chris “Clavin” Johnston about Cairo, IL. Out of print.
MRR #325MRR #325/June ’10. X (Australia), SF garage punk TY SEGALL, RÁKOSI from Hungary, NÜ SENSAE from Canada, WANKYS, LOTUS FUCKER, MORNE from Mass, New York’s POLLUTION, Chicago’s DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, TH’INBRED, and BAD SPORTS. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #326MRR #326/July ’10. U-Ron of REALLY RED, Japan’s SLANG, Scotland’s SEDITION, Australia’s CIRCLE PIT, London’s TRASH KIT, San Francisco’s HIGH CASTLE, East Bay punk duo STREET EATERS, MARCEL DUCHAMP from Chile, Fla’s MEHKAGO NT, RANDOM CONFLICT from Alabama, Michigan’s BUNNYSKULLS, plus Calgary and New Orleans scene reports, and awesome cover art by Avi Spivak of Humanbeing Lawnmower zine. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #327MRR #327/Aug ’10. Brazilian rippers OS ESTUDANTES, early punk pioneers THE CURSE, Conta of PEKINSKA PATKA on Yugoslavian punk and new wave, Spain’s VENEREANS, New Oreleans’ THOU, CULO, Ratcharge zine, Italy scene reprt. Cover photo by Mateus Mondini. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #328MRR #328/Sept-Oct ’10. AGNOSTIC FRONT (Bruce Roehrs’ last interview), Ohio’s PUFFY AREOLAS, SUPER WILD HORSES from Australia, Macedonia’s BERNAYS PROPAGANDA, RAPE REVENGE from Canada, Boston’s CONVERSIONS, and scene reports from New York City and the Czech Republic. Cover art by Welly of Artcore zine. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #329MRR #329/Oct/Fall ’10. COCK SPARRER, France’s IRRITONES, Australia’s UV RACE, VEINS (ex-Das Oath and Charles Bronson), KAKKA-HÄTÄ 77, Italy’s KONTATTO, garage rockers the MOONHEARTS, BEYOND PINK from Sweden, ’80s heshers SAINT VITUS, and French scene report. Cover by Jack Barfield. Out of print.
MRR #330MRR #330/Nov ’10. FOREIGN OBJECTS from Boston, ACEPHALIX, PHEROMOANS from the UK, LA LA VASQUEZ, FORGETTERS, Boston’s CREDENTIALS, BUKAKKE BOYS from Atlanta, NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE from Sweden, HANK IV from San Francisco,early Canadian punks TYRANNA, ’80s Finnish punk photography with Katriina Etholén, Ireland scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #331MRR #331/Dec ’10. Finnish hardcore band KYLMÄ SOTA, Vic Bondi of ARTICLES OF FAITH, TOTAL ABUSE, LA MERMA from Nogales, AZ, Venezuela’s DOÑA MALDAD, FRANKIE ROSE AND THE OUTS, Tallahassee’s LITTLE LEAGUE, VERSIFICATOR from Scotland, and scene reports from Frankfurt, Germany, and Belgium. Out of print.
MRR #332MRR #332/Jan ’11 The Punk Comics Issue! Guest editor Janelle Hessig, featuring artists Jaime Hernandez, Gary Panter, Shawn Kerri, Mimi Pond, Ed Luce, Avi Spivak, Liz Suburbia, John Holmstrom, Bobby Madness, Dennis Worden, Cristy Road, Ben Snakepit, Ted May and Jeff Wilson, Craig Bostick, Fly, Caroline Paquita, Jaime Crespo, Kaz, Josh Bayer, Ben Lyon, Alex Ratcharge, Liz Baillie, Janelle Blarg, and Eric Hone Out of print. Download and read more about this issue HERE.
MRR #333MRR #333/Feb ’11. Features THE WELDERS: St Louis teenage girl punk from 1975! Also, RAI KO RIS from Nepal, Philippine tour diary from Vallejo, CA’s ESKAPO, Serbia’s HITMAN, Tesco Vee on the Touch & Go fanzine book, proto-twee pioneers DOLLY MIXTURE, Australia’s STRAIGHT ARROWS, Celebrated Summer Record store, and Venezuela and Olympia, WA scene reports. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #334MRR #334/March ’11. Extensive 2010 year-end top tens, early Bay Area anarcho punk band A STATE OF MIND, USELESS CHILDREN and KITCHEN’S FLOOR from Australia, author Gabriel Kuhn with Sober Living for the Revolution, and Washington, DC scene report. Awesome cover art by Eliza Childress. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #335MRR #335/Apr ’11. Christian punk special! New York punk maniax CRAZY SPIRIT, Finnish post-punk anarcho band 1981, Detroit music destruction force TIMMY’S ORGANISM; DEVOUR and SUNSHINE SS from North Carolina, Rob from Boston’s legendary SIEGE, Michigan basement dwellers ATTENTION SPAN, Gainesville Noize Not Music merchants MAUSER, Pittsburgh’s ICON GALLERY, a look at the Whitney House, and an extensive Michigan HC scene report. Out of print.
MRR #336MRR #336/May ’11. Japanese hardcore ragers KRIEGSHÖG, and Steve Ignorant and MRR writers on the “Feeding of the 5,000” tour, TEARGAS from Australia, Japan’s TANTRUM, London post-punkers HYGIENE, the SHOPPERS from NY, punk author and publisher Chris Walter, old schoolers ADRENALIN OD, SPASTIC PANTHERS from Canada, Hungary scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #337MRR #337/June ’11. John Morton of ELECTRIC EELS and X_X, Destroy All Movies!!! writers/editors Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly, Finnish hardcore champs YDINPERHE, doom inflected crust punk NUX VOMICA, Oakland mutants UZI RASH, SoCal psyche-punks WHITE FENCE, Swedish garage stompers BLACK FEET, Russian activist “Vanya Kostolom” Khutorskoy (RIP), ’80s New Orleans HC flyer archive From Stapleguns to Thumbtacks, and Buffalo, NY scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #338MRR #338/July ’11. Japanese punk legends ZOUO, Mexico garage/snot-punx INSERVIBLES, Australia’s noisy KRÖMOSOM, Tennessee garage rockers USELESS EATERS, D-beat punx from Arizona NIGHTGAUN, Canadia’s NO PROBLEM, Portland’s RAW NERVES, FAMILY MAN from Berlin, Virginia’s LOST TRIBE, a report from the Gatillazo Show in Mexico, and part one of a history of Czech punk. Out of print.
MRR #339MRR #339/Aug ’11. Swedish hardcore originators HEADCLEANERS, Tomek Lipinski from Polish punk legends TILT and BRYGADA KRYZYS, Oakland garage veterans MIDNITE SNAXX, Canadian ragers GROWN UPS, New Orleans’ pop-punkers SMALL BONES, and French hardcore from YOUTH AVOIDERS, and grindcore with Minneapolis’s COKSKAR and Britain’s AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN, plus legendary ’80s label Xcentric Noise Records, and Czech punk history part 2 of 3. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #340MRR #340/Sept ’11. French artist Ivan Brun, DEMOKHRATIA from Algeria, noisy garage rocker GG KING, STATE POISON from France, Canadia’s B-LINES, Britain’s LOVE TRIANGLE, UNLEARN from Canada, Slug and Lettuce illustrator Jeremy Hush, A history of SF’s Deaf Club, mini Delaware scene report, and the final installment of our Czech punk history. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #341MRR #341/Oct ’11. Hardcore illustrator extraordinaire Brian Walsby, Buffalo, NY’s PLATES, Gainesville’s DIET COKEHEADS, Mallorcan punk destroyers DECRANEO, ROYAL HEADACHE from Australia, Brazil’s UNFIT SCUM, BLACK MAMBA BEAT tours South Africa, Mongrel zine, ED NASTY AND THE DOPEHEADS, and a San Jose, CA, scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #342MRR #342/Nov ’11. Noisecore symposium with members of CONFUSE, SEIG-HEIL, and more! Also: FL’s legendary ROACH MOTEL (featuring MRR columnist George Tabb), Buffalo NY’s BROWN SUGAR, NC’s mysterious BRAIN F≠‚ BRAIN KILLER from Boston, Dutch noize punx NEKROMANTIKER, AIRES AND GRACES (Oi!), Canadia’s VAPID, Florida label IFB, and Brazil’s NO REST. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #343MRR #343/Dec ’11. Texas punks PORKERIA, a POLY STYRENE interview, DESCARADOS, Swedish punk pioneers E.A.T.E.R., the Katorga Works label, PEACE OR ANNIHILATION from Indonesia, UNWANTED CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, Brazil’s DEATH FROM ABOVE, RESIST HER TRANSISTOR, and SEVERANCE PACKAGE. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #344MRR #344/Jan ’12. Austin TX’s OBN IIIs, SF’s NEO CONS, SOCIAL CHAOS from Brazil, WARTORN, BLOODKROW BUTCHER, Australia’s VAGINORS, the legendary WRETCHED, SLICK 46 with the TOUGHSKINS, Means to an End fest, the final SHITTY LIMITS show, No Gods No Mattresses zine, and Alice Bag on her book, Violence Girl! Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #345MRR #345/Feb ’12. 2011 Year-End Top Ten Issue with our shitworkers top picks for 2011, plus CRASS symbol creator Dave King, Sweden’s TERRIBLE FEELINGS, New Jersey’s BIG EYES, ZERO PROGRESS from the Bay Area, Canada’s UNRULED and RAPID LOSS. Cover art by Alex Ratcharge. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #346MRR #346/March ’12. Features rad German punkers, BÄRCHEN UND DIE MILCHBUBIES, Hazard, KY’s one-man-maniac-band GLOBSTERS!!! KRÖMOSOM’s Japan tour diary, Boston’s WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET, NJ’s NIGHT BIRDS put the HC back into NJ, and DIY record labels Tribal War, Give Praise, and Refuse Records. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #347MRR #347/Apr ’12. Ron Paul?? Malaysia’s CARBURETOR DUNG, Bay Area melodic punk heroes NEON PISS, LA’s d-beat destroyers KRUEL, Japan’s DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES, Italy’s legendary INDIGESTI, and a Hawaii scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #348MRR #348/May ’12. SEEIN RED is dead, UK legends DISORDER, Italy’s NEGAZIONE, ANTIMOB and ACID BABY JESUS from Greece, Finland’s LEBAKKO, Heather of WAX IDOLS and Lorna of DA, Brazil’s DEFY, SF’s CRIMSON SCARLET, LEPROSY from Australia, SoCal’s NASA SPACE UNIVERSE, APACHE DROPOUT, and the Konton Crasher label. Out of print.
MRR #349MRR #349/Jun ’12. UK anarcho-punk legends ANTISECT, Virginian crusters APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, author David Ensminger on book Visual Vitriol, the Bay Area’s NEGATIVE STANDARDS, the OMEGAS frm Montreal, Canada, Ireland’s ONLY FUMES AND CORPSES, South Africa’s first punk band POWERAGE, the Bay Area’s NO STATIK, Japan’s ZYANOSE, YOUR PEST BAND and SKIZOPHRENIA, EUTANASIA and Rock Subterraneo in Peru, and Greek scene report. Cover by Guillem el Muro. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #350MRR #350/Jul ’12. Photo Issue with photo master/guest coordinator Mateus Mondini and photographers Jeanne Hansen, Ricky Adam, Justine DeMetrick, Don Pyle, Chris Boarts Larson, Maria Da Piedade Morais, Jussi Jänis, Ashley Jackson, Virginia McCormick, Rene Olvera, Matt Average, Mattin, Will Kinser, CeCe Manning, Taigo Rossi, Rita Golsalves, Daz Reject, Ben Pepin, Mia Söderberg, Paradise, Laura Camerato, Pete Craven, Nukka, Nathan Edenhofer, Old HC Dude, Hood, Jeff Boyes, Damien Inbred, Breno Carollo, Darryl Reid, Bash, Rafael Schmucke, Amy Harrison, Md Ifran, Tarja Halkola, Fil, Rafael Yaekashi, Virus, Dave Earles, Darragh Hayes, and Ross Adams. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #351MRR #351/Aug ’12. 30th Anniversary Issue. 30 years of MRR’s best… and worst! Green tape, Tim Yo’s DIY record covers, the worst MRR cover art… also South Korea’s BANRAN, USHC teens STRESSORS, NAPALM RAID from Canada, L.A.’s GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE, Swedish HC legends SKITSYSTEM, AMERICAN SUN from NYC, NC’s STRIPMINES, FEROCIOUS X from Japan, Colombian artists Juan y Diëgo, and an Appleton, WI scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #352MRR #352/Sep ’12. Singapore’s VAARALLINEN, LUTA ARMADA from São Paulo, Japanese Noise-Core Roundtable, Japanese noise-core punks STAGNATION, FROZEN TEENS from MPLS, the DIPERS from NYC, Bay Area queer punks ALABASTER CHOAD, Chicago’s GRITOS DE RESISTENCIA, BRAIN SLUG from NYC, Swedish D-beat ragers KVOTERINGEN, Seattle melodic crust punx KOHOSH, Support New York support group, and crossover/thrash metal book Murder in the Front Row. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #353MRR #353/Oct ’12. MPLS hardcore shredders BRAIN TUMORS, Swedish crust/hardcore legends ANTI-CIMEX, IL powerviolence grinders SICK/TIRED, Bay Area hardcore punx EFFLUXUS, Stockton, CA’s BAD DADDIES, Vancouver’s UNLEARN, UK weirdos the CRAVATS, four-way interview with Japan’s LASTLY, DESPERDICIO, AGAINST THE GRAIN and DISTURD, Imminent Destruction Records, Peru’s SUB-T movement, Will Butler from To Live A Lie, and WARSONG from Zaragoza, Spain. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #354MRR #354/Nov ’12. Bay Area ragers REPLICA, Sweden’s VICTIMS with a European Tour Diary, Kevin from Girth Records, Peru’s MÁXIMO VOLUMEN, Mass. bands ANCIENT FILTH and BEARTRAP, Canadian punks OHMWAR, the SF Bay Area’s SYNTHETIC ID, the SPLITS from Finland, and Brazil’s O INIMIGO. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #355MRR #355/Dec ’12. Cover artist Avi Spivak, split interview with Portland’s RED DONS and the ESTRANGED, Sweden’s AGRIMONIA, ANTIMELODIX from Russia, Puerto Rico’s NAPOLNARIZ, LA ARMADA from the Dominican Republic, Peru’s DHK, BREATHING LIGHT from Chicago, part two of the VICTIMS’ European Tour Diary, and a Hamilton, Ontario scene report. Out of print.
MRR #356MRR #356/Jan ’13. ABSURDO, Houston’s legendary MYDOLLS, Milwaukee’s PROTESTANT, INFERNÖH from Sweden, DISGUISE from Ireland, Brazilian filmmaker Carol Pfister, San Jose’s TADROATEV, PROCESSION from Michigan, Australia’s Off The Hip Records, THE SECRET PROSTITUTES, Notes on the Peruvian Underground part 2. Out of print.
MRR #357MRR #357/Feb ’13. Japanese hardcore legends FORWARD, British punk pioneers LUNATIC FRINGE, Bay Area locals KICKER, Sweden’s CONTORTURE, Detonate Records from Denmark, Berlin’s NOTHING, HOUNDS OF HATE from PA, BEATNIK TERMITES, Detroit scene report, and Shitworker of the Month: Kat Smith. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #358MRR #358/Mar ’13. The 2012 Year-End Top Ten Issue! The MRR crew’s take on all of the best releases of last year. This issue also features Brontez Purnell of the Bay Area’s YOUNGER LOVERS, POTTY MOUTH from Northampton, MA, Sweden’s NITAD, SCHIZOPHAZIA from Canada, an East Anglia scene report, and Shitworker of the Month: Mark Dober. Cover art by Ermis Atzemoglou. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #359MRR #359/Apr ’13. Philly’s SICKOIDS, Toronto hardcore ragers HASSLER, Scotland’s lady noise attack DIVORCE, the Bay Area’s MEAT SLUTS versus the PAPER BAGS, the LINE frm Warsaw, Modena’s CANCER SPREADING, LA FLINGUE frm Marseille, France, L.A.’s WHITE MURDER, Notes on the Peruvian Underground part 3, a Greenville, SC scene report, and cover art by Seri Z. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #360MRR #360/May ’13. Cover artist Alex Heir of Death Traitors, Greek punk mutineers STRESS, Bordeaux post-punk outfit KALTE LUST, Carbondale’s AUTONOMY, Riverside, CA’s Blood Orange Infoshop, São Paulo D-beat crusties NUCLËAR FRÖST, Canadian hardcore ragers PROXY from Montreal, powerviolence collective +HIRS+ from West Philly, THE KIDS(!), Will Killingsworth of Dead Air Studios, a special feature on L.A.’s Elks Lodge Massacre, and Shitworker of the Month: Matt Badenhop! Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #361MRR #361/Jun ’13. Kathleen Hanna, Organize and Arise, RATS tour diary, NÖ PÖWER, Finland’s MELUSAASTE, HARD FEELINGS from Duluth, FEAR OF EXTINCTION from Czech Republic, UK veterans the SHORTS, We Got Power zine, SoCal show report, and Shitworker of the Month! Cover art by +Doc+. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #362MRR #362/Jul ’13. Brazil’s crusty grinders HOMICIDE, BORN WRONG from Ontario, Canada, St. Louis ragers SHAVED WOMEN, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK from the French Basque Country, We Got Power zine (part 2), TRUST zine, Texas lady-trio KURRAKÄ, scene reports from Toronto and United Arab Emirates, and Dan Cunneen and Todd Burdette commemorate JEFF PAUL. Cover art by Travis Igler. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #363MRR #363/Aug ’13. SUDOR, TERVEET KÄDET, Barcelona’s LAS OTRAS, Toinen Vaihtoehto zine, Japan’s BLACK AND WHITE, STILLSUIT, Baitline!!! zine, L.A. punk veteran Taquila Mockingbird, John Holmstron on the late Arturo Vega, RUINED FAMILIES, R.O.T.T.E.R., San Jose, CA’s NO MISTAKE, SIREN SONGS, Yorba Linda, CA scene report, columns from Lük Haas of Tian An Men 89 Records and Christina of Australia’s Stitches in My Head zine, and photo spreads from Steven Rudd at Chaos in Tejas and Ian from ABSURDO on their US tour. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #364MRR #364/Sept ’13. ASILE from Canada, Indonesia’s FORGOTTEN GENERATION, LAST CHAOS from Australia, Sweden’s NE! Records, Philly’s POPULATION ZERO and NIGHTFALL, RAD from Sacramento, SNOB VALUE from Germany, Oakland’s THE NEW FLESH, Seattle’s TRASHIES, WHATEVER BRAINS from Raleigh, NC, and a Texas Filth scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #365MRR #365/Oct ’13. ZUDAS KRUST from Jakarta, Indonesia, KONTRASEKT from Minneapolis, Calgary’s Doomed Society Radio, Portland’s BIG BLACK CLOUD, CONDITION tour diary, Clearview Records, HERO DISHONEST, HELVETIN VIEMÄRIT, VIOLENT PARTY, MALCOLM, Puntala-Rock fest photo spread, and a Brno, Czech Republic scene report. Cover art by Ruben Dahlstrand. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #366MRR #366/Nov ’13. Interviews with cover artist Halsey Swain, Scotland’s THISCLOSE, New Orleans’ Not Enough! Fest, Seattle’s NUDES, L.A.’s DESTRUYE Y HUYE, Huntsville AL’s Vertical House Records, CHAOS DESTROY, NYC’s ROSA APATRIDA, RÄJÄYTTÄJÄT, TARANTUJA from Canada, the Bay Area’s PERMANENT RUIN, and a summer photo tour from Claudia Cebrian. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #367MRR #367/Dec ’13. Pennslyvania’s BAD AMERICAN, Serbian garage punkers CONCRETE WORMS, Minneapolis’ WAR//PLAUGE, GAG from Oly, WA, anarcho legends THE MOB, London’s GOOD THROB, GENERACION SUICIDA from L.A., FORCE-FED DRUGS, NY’s CREEM, LIFE CHAIN from Halifax, SAFEWORDS, TOTAL TRASH, filmmaker Julia Ostertag, and a Budapest scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #368MRR #368/Jan ’14. The Queer Issue! ANTI-CORPOS, CLOSET BURNER, DURES ET GAYS, EJACULOID, GLORY HOLE, PEEPLE WATCHIN’, FRUIT PUNCH, SHOPPING, PRIESTS, GROKE, SCREAMING QUEENS, STRONG BOYS, London Queer Zine Fest, and guest columns a-plenty. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #369MRR #369/Feb ’14. Polish legends DEZERTER, Japan’s STRANGE FACTORY, POLISKITZO from L.A., Spain’s GOBIERNO MILITAR, STOIC VIOLENCE, ARCTIC FLOWERS, VOIGH-KAMPFF, NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN, and David West of RANK/XEROX and RAT COLUMNS. Cover art by Leah Wishnia. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #370MRR #370/Mar ’14 The 2013 Year-End Top Tens Issue! Dozens of punx from around the world share their top ten records of 2013, plus Ohio’s NERVOSAS, German/Belgian synth punks KOMPLIKATIONS, Buffalo NY’s MALLWALKERS, and New Orleans punk documentary Almost Ready. Cover art by Ben Jensen. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #371MRR #371/Apr ’14 The All Columns Issue! Featuring Detroit powerhouse BILL BONDSMEN, French label Crapoulet Records, Ex-Yugo pioneers O!KULT, New York’s RATIONAL ANIMALS, the New York’s Alright festival, UK’s STAB and WOOLF, VARIX from Minneapolis, and a Miami scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #372MRR #372/May ’14. Italy’s classic EU’S ARSE, SIEGE’s last interview, Macedonian punks XAXAXA, Razorcake zine, ALERT! ALERT! from Poland, Atlanta’s WYMYNS PRYSYN, STRAIGHT CRIMES, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, SPACE WOLVES, three from Canada: RHYTHM OF CRUELTY, STRANGE ATTRACTOR and PMMA, Scotland scene report, and a Jesse Ponkamo photo spread. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #373MRR #373/June ’14. Italian punks ANTI YOU, San Francisco’s DESTRY HAMPTON, Norwegian HC punks KNUSTE RUTER, comic artists Mitch Clem and Ben Snakepit, Chicago’s FED UP Fest, Canadian melodic punkers CRUSADES, the LOWEST from Poland, LOS CULITOS from Finland, Sacto’s RAT DAMAGE, PESADILLA DISTOPIKA from San Berdoo, DAMN BROADS from CT, COTTAGING from RI, and Illinois math rockers HANK.. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #374MRR #374/July ’14. Bay Area’s QUAALUDES, NO BABIES, ex-Yugo punk history from Igor Vidmar, Australia’s AUSMUTEANTS, WAÑUY from Peru, Canada’s BISHOPS GREEN, activist punks GULAG BEACH, Poland’s 1984, ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS from the UK, Welsh punks GRAND COLLAPSE, Brazil’s FEAR OF THE FUTURE, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON from Seattle, DC and Texas photo spreads, and a Colombia scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #375MRR #375/Aug ’14. Iberian powerhouse UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE, 20th anniversary of MPLS’s Extreme Noise Records, Leningrad punk progenitor Svin, Texas’s GLUE, VÈRTIGO from Barcelona, Australia’s Cool Death Records, Japan’s EIEFITS and THEE MIGHTY FEVERS, Serbian rock ‘n’ rollers S.U.S., MISCALCULATIONS from the UK, Canada’s BORN WRONG, two photo spreads, and a special “New Blood” spread. Cover by Jordan Poggerpants. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #376MRR #376/Sep ’14. ’77-era Canadian punks the DISHRAGS, Chicago’s GAS RAG, S.H.I.T from Toronto, Iron Lung Records, Philly’s FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH, EXTINCIÓN DE LOS INSECTOS from Madrid, ’80s Siberian punk doc Traces in the Snow, Paul Birnbaum of SEPTIC DEATH, Finland’s KUUDES SILMÄ and MAAILMANLOPPU, and a scene report from Patras, Greece. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.
MRR #377MRR #377/Oct ’14. Venezuela’s chaotic FRACASO, Mia d’Bruzzi of the Bay Area’s FRIGHTWIG, Poland’s GOVERNMENT FLU, South Korea’s MYMANMIKE, Pittsburgh’s Mind Cure Records, ERA OF FEAR from Greece, England’s MEN OH PAUSE, Bay Area motörpunks ELEGY, HARSH WORDS from Athens, GA, photo spreads from L.A.’s Beserktown Festival and New York’s Latino Punk Fest, and Yecatl Peña with this month’s cover art and a Mexico City scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #378MRR #378/Nov ’14. Ex-Yugoslavian punk retrospective Part I: Slovenia, featuring BULDOGI, TOŽIBABE, INDUST-BAG, QUOD MASSACRE, PANKRTI, GRUPA 92, ŠUND, and KUZLE. Also, Indiana’s BIG ZIT and OOZE, the Bay Area’s YI, Jason Flower of the Supreme Echo label, photos from Philly’s Rockers! show, and an in-depth Australian scene report. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #379MRR #379/Dec ’14. Brazil’s RAKTA, Philly legends AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR, Florida’s NUNHEX, MARMARA STREISAND from Israel, PROTESTER, MISLED YOUTH, DICK & JANE, Mothers News, pastry chef/drummer Brooks Headley of BORN AGAINST/UOA, Brooklyn venue Death By Audio, Doomed To Extinction Records, and a photo spread from Mateus Mondini. Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #380MRR #380/Jan ’15. London’s FRAU, Italy’s RAW POWER, Mallorca’s ORDEN MUNDIAL, Memphis’ NOTS, Don Giovanni Records, Distorted documentary on early Sydney punk, EN PSYCHRO from Cyprus, the INSTIGATION, Red Scare Industries, Poland’s TZN XENNA, and photo spreads from Static Shock Weekend and A Varning from Montreal. Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #381MRR #381/Feb ’15. The Pacific Northwest’s HYSTERICS, Liz Panella of EARTH GIRLS with Scott Plant of BROKEN PRAYER, Oslo’s DARK TIMES, Madrid’s ACCIDENTE, London’s QUANGO, Vancouver’s VACANT STATE, Mallorca’s Metadona label, Toronto’s Not Dead Yet fest, WICCANS from TX, and an Iceland scene report with Reykjavik’s BÖRN. Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #382MRR #382/Mar ’15. Our extensive 2014 Year-End Top Tens, legendary SST producer Spot, NYHC rippers IN SCHOOL, PIG DNA, and a scene report from Grenoble, France.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #383MRR #383/Apr ’15. Comics and Art Issue! Edited by Alex Simon, featuring art by Lisa Czech, Maren Karlson, Yecatl Peña, Teodoro Hernandez, Sara Abruña, Shiva Addanki, Laura Pallmall, Nathan Ward, and many more. Cover art by Abraham Díaz.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #384MRR #384/May ’15. Olympia’s G.L.O.S.S., Bay Area powerhouse VIOLENCE CREEPS, Spain’s TRANCE, SMZB from China, FAT CREEPS, Chicago’s Black and Brown Punk Shows, the Is This Venue Accessible? website, San Diego punk doc It’s Gonna Blow, and Finland’s VIVISEKTIO.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #385MRR #385/June ’15. Providence’s DOWNTOWN BOYS, anarcho legends PART 1, Germany’s HYSTERESE, COLUMN OF HEAVEN from Toronto, England’s SLEAFORD MODS, Russia’s MINEFIELD, SHARKPACT, Loud! Fast! Philly! and photo spreads from Damaged City Fest and London’s Bentfest.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #386MRR #386/July ’15. FLESH WORLD from San Francisco, Portland’s PISS TEST, Philly’s YDI, Reno’s WRECKS, Here to Be Heard: The Story of the Slits documentary, PDX rockers BITCH SCHOOL, Russian post-punkers SIERPIEN, Australia’s Homeless Records, photos from our worldwide MRR Presents shows in May 2015, and London scene report.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #387MRR #387/Aug ’15. SHEER MAG from Philadelphia, São Paolo’s CADAVER EM TRANSE, Madrid’s JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, the singular mind behind BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS / GIORGIO MURDERER, France’s reunited NO-TALENTS, Stockholm’s DATA CONTROL, and reflections on growing older in punk from Bob Suren and the VICTIM PARTY, plus photos from Boston’s Smash It Dead fest.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #388MRR #388/Sep ’15. MYSTIC INANE from New Orleans, Texas’s VIDEO, Memphis’s EX-CULT, DC’s PURE DISGUST, Toxic Reasons’ manager and first wave SF punker TERRY HAMMER, HIRED GOONS from Canada, Greece’s GUTTER, 1859 RECORDS, and a PERMANENT RUIN euro tour diary.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #389MRR #389/Oct ’15. Baltimore’s teen hatethrob SICK THOUGHTS, an East Asian tour diary from CONQUEST FOR DEATH, Portland’s VIVID SEKT and the STOPS, the Bay Area’s own SWIFTUMZ, RATS BLOOD from Ireland, Danish dark punks MOTH, Croatia’s MODERN DELUSION, and Oakland’s RAGANA.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #390MRR #390/Nov ’15. AS MERCENÁRIAS from Brazil, Toronto’s Not Dead Yet festival, OBNOX out of Ohio, SBSM from Oakland, Edmonton’s STRANGLED, Chicago’s own POPULATION, PDX rockers EMASCULATOR, Chatanooga’s Do Ya Hear We? fest, NJ/Bay Area pop-punkers PARASITES, plus photos from the opening of DIY Space for London and Springfield, IL’s Dumb Fest 3D.
Order this issue HERE. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #391MRR #391/Dec ’15. The MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB BAND, GARY WRONG from Alabama, Fort Worth’s SIN MOTIVO, SA-INT from Finland, Oakland’s MANSION, our first-ever Cuban band interview with ARRABIO and ADICTOX, San Francisco’s TSA, an interview with activist Zoë Dodd, photo spreads from All Punks Go For It and Not Dead Yet 2015, and an Andalusia scene report.
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MRR #392MRR #392/Jan ’16.BLANK SPELL from Philadelphia, Oakland’s ANDY HUMAN, G.L.O.S.S. tour diary, East Anglian hardcore from VOLUNTEERS, S.H.I.B.G.B.’s retrospective, Detroit’s Salinas Records, Beirut’s TEX FOX, one-man band from New Orleans ROOM 101, photo spreads from Static Shock Weekend and Austin’s Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria exhibition, Still Not Quiet on the Western Front fest announcement.
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MRR #393MRR #393/Feb ’15. 2015 Year-End Top Tens, the Bay Area’s BUSTED OUTLOOK, SCAB EATER from Australia, NYC/Japan’s SEI TO SHI, COMMUNION OF THIEVES from El Paso, and a Cacophonie Nights photo spread.
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MRR #394MRR #394/Mar ’15. SCUMRAID from Korea; San Francisco’s COLD BEAT; Glaswegian hardcore from CLOCKED OUT; the LANDLORDS from Charlottesville, VA; Minneapolis’s CONSTANT INSULT; Helsinki’s DARFÜR; UTAH JAZZ from Buffalo; UAE scene report; This Is Austin, Not That Great photo spread; Ralph Rivera’s first column, Brendan Wells’s first issue as coordinator.
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MRR #395MRR #395/Apr ’15. Fest Mania special edition: Oakland’s Manic Relapse, Washington’s Damaged City, and Oklahoma City’s Everything Is Not OK. Also: NEGATIVE SCANNER from Chicago, Brazil’s the PESSIMISTS, SOUL GLO from Philadelphia, Temecula hardcore from the COLTRANES, Bogotá Punk documentary series, HeartFirst Records interview, and a photo spread by Martin Sorrondeguy.
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MRR #396MRR #396/May ’15. SPECIAL EDITION: The Zines Issue. Featuring: Ohio’s Cretins of Distortion, New York City’s NUTS! fanzine, comix anthology As You Were, Not Shit skate fanzine, Tom Mayhugh of noisy hardcore mag General Speech, Fluke fanzine (on their 25th anniversary!), No Shame Distro out of New Jersey, NYC/Berlin’s Burn Collector, email newsletter/zine the Enthusiast, London audio-mag Another Subculture, Barcelona punk and anarchist zine Mierda, Finnish Fanzine Archive, video zine roundup, Everything Is Not OK Vol. 2 photo spread.
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MRR #397MRR #397/Jun ’15. LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS from St. Louis, NEWTOWN NEUROTICS from the UK, Pittsburgh’s CONCEALED BLADE, Minneapolis punks KITTEN FOREVER, Western Mass hardcore mutation from UROCHROMES, Vienna punk racket from LIME CRUSH, late ‘70s lost post-punk from the VISITORS, ‘80s Barcelona teenage hardcore from FRENOPATICSS, Portland’s TINY KNIVES, DOKUGA from Portugal, Hattiesburg, MS scene report and photo spreads from Sin Orden’s last show and Damaged City fest.
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MRR #398MRR #398/Jul ’15. Ex-Yugoslavian punk retrospective special part II: featuring KAOS, BULDOŽER, KUD IDIJOTI, BESPOSLIČARI, LUBLANSKI PSI, and NIET. Also: Bay Area hardcore from TØRSÖ, Toronto’s MOLLOT, East Anglia’s DOMESTICS, RED RED KROVVY from Australia, a feature on Mabel Valdiviezo’s Prodigal Daughter (an upcoming documentary on growing up in and out of Peru’s punk scene), an Iowa City scene report, and a photo spread from Nothing Nice To Say fest.
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MRR #399MRR #399/Aug ’15. BLACK PANTIES from St. Louis, ABC No Rio photo essay, PSYCHO SQUATT and Maloka Records from France, Melbourne’s MASSES, Pacific Northwest skate collective Skate Witches/Skate Like a Girl/SKITCH, Richmond’s FRIED EGG, Berlin’s FRIEND CRUSH, BOILERMAN from Chicago, France’s SYNDROME 81, Virginia’s RHDP, Finnish photographer Jussi Janis, Singapore’s LUBRICANT presenting an Australian tour diary, photo spreads from Total Attack #6 and the Moscow Madness MRR gig, and a North Texas scene report.
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MRR #400MRR #400/Sep ’16. The Shitworker Issue! London’s EFIALTIS, AMERICAN HATE from Oklahoma City, the BUG from Chicago, SYNDICATE and SILENT ERA from the Bay Area, Budapest’s NORMS, zinester/scholar Mimi Thi Nguyen, Arwen Curry on her documentary Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin, punk journalist Oscar Gutierrez, DC hardcore photographer Farrah Skeiky, Scream Queens radio/magazine, and a K-Town Hardcore fest photo spread and interview.
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MRR #401MRR #401/Oct ’16. Special MRR Art Issue! Featuring MRR artist-in-residence Olivia Gibb, Tokyo photographer Chiro Yoshikawa, L.A. artist/designer Sonya Sombreuil, Sebbe Melbourne, Toronto’s Lia Lepre, Jess Scott, NOLA’s Ben Passmore, Indiana’s Alex Micallef, Osa Atoe, video artist Perry Holstein, Copenhagen’s “This Record Changed My Life” exhibition, Sarah Sequoia, Ashley Hohman, Apolo Cacho, Sam Wallman, Shitboy Face, Trevor 32, Mónica Di Francesco, Luke Kislak, Aaron Demuth, Cecilia Calidera, Joseph Heuermann, Keith Caves, Josh Feigert, Rael Brian Rau, and a photo spread from Casa Club Ramones in Mexico City.
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MRR #402MRR #402/Nov ’16. Dischord’s Ian MacKaye and Nichole Procopenko, HALLELUJAH! from Italy, Melted Ice Cream Records from NZ, RIXE from France, Mexico’s CREMALLERAS, Portland’s LITHICS, LAS VENAS from Madrid, Charles Hayward of THIS HEAT, Greece’s DIRTY WOMBS, Philly’s DRONEZ, and photo spreads featuring the Toronto Women in Punk Calendar, Olympia Hardcore Fest, and AMERICAN HATE, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, and LEMONADE.
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MRR #403MRR #403/Dec ’16. China punk special. Chinese punk history and discography, scene reports from Bejing, Wuhan, and Guangdong, reprints of MRR Chinese punk pieces, Chinese bands SUBS, DIDERS, and DEMERIT, photos from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet Fest, Brazilian tour diary from Slovakia’s BETON.
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MRR #404MRR #404/Jan ’17. Reading lists and cybersecurity for the impending Trump presidency, Transgress Fest, Copenhagen’s PRISON, PHANTOM HEAD from Kansas City, Berlin’s DIÄT, Polish punks from Dublin THE BLOW INS, Baltimore’s QUITTER, HARD LEFT from Oakland, Canada’s PARASYTES, Australia’s LAKES and TOL, BRATAKUS from Scotland and photo spreads from Static Shock Fest and Mexico City.
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MRR #405MRR #405/Feb ’17. 2016 Year-End Top Ten Issue, featuring Boston’s DAME, Glasgow’s ANXIETY, FUCKING from Minneapolis, EXSENADORS from the Philippines, Finland’s APATHETICS, photos from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, and art by Sarah Sequoia.
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MRR #406MRR #406/Mar ’17. S-21 from Philadelphia, BETON from Slovakia, New York’s PALBERTA, Perth’s ZERODENT, PELUQUERÍA CANINA from Madrid, Austin hardcore punks BODY PRESSURE, SECOND COMBAT from Malaysia, Finnish KBD rarities from the Kuoleman Tappaneet compilation, punk writer Jessie Lynn McMains, photos from Infestational and This Is Austin Not That Great.
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MRR #407MRR #407/Apr ’17. Brazil’s FUTURO, L.A.’s GENERACION SUICIDA, OHYDA from Poland, ULTRA from Barcelona, London/New Zealand’s CAVEMEN, CROOKED BANGS from Austin, K9-67, Finland’s KOVAA RASVAA, Iceland’s ROHT, and Cleveland scene report.
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MRR #408MRR #408/May ’17. Berlin’s MÜLLTÜTE, Gainesville shoegazers UV-TV, ATAXXIA from Minneapolis, REPTILE RANCH from Wales, Berkeley’s STREET EATERS, ZONE INFINITE from France, Boston peace punks PANDEMIX, EXACERBACIÓN from Costa Rica, and the debut of our harm reduction column.
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MRR #409MRR #409/Jun ’17. SF’s infamous venue/shop Thrillhouse Records, New York’s KALEIDOSCOPE, Japan’s BAND OF ACCUSE, GAZM from Montreal, Sheffield’s NACHTHEXEN, FUCK YOU PAY ME from Cleveland, Irish punk legends PROTEX, Philly’s Break Free Fest, and photo spreads from Damaged City and Everything Is Not OK fests.
Out of print. Download this issue HERE.
MRR #410MRR #410/Jul ’17. Mexico City’s RIÑA, Iceland’s DAUÐYFLIN, Olympia’s XYLITOL, LIFE FUCKER from Berlin, Exotic documentary (Guam), Hiro the Aggression from Japan’s DISCLOSE, REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA from Istanbul, Italy’s LOS FASTIDIOS, Y PANTS, IN FLUX from Portland, MYDOLLS, Chicago’s Fed Up Fest, photo spreads from KC’s Waynze World III fest and Olympia’s Book Your Own Fest.
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MRR #411MRR #411/Aug ’17. Pinoy Punk Special featuring the SF Bay Area’s Aklasan Fest, Manila infoshop Etniko Bandido, the Flowergrave Collective, Quezon City’s Chuck Baclagon, NYC’s Gary Kadena, autonomous spaces and infoshops in the Philippines, Bamboo Girl zine, zinesters elena corinne of Brown Recluse Zine Distro and Honey Andres, MATERIAL SUPPORT and NAMATAY SA INGAY from NYC, Manila’s VEILS, THROW, the Bay Area’s HAFNER, Filipino grindcore, and a massive Pinoy punk scene report.
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MRR #412MRR #412/Sep ’17. Alice Bag, Rhany Torres on Manila’s Brave New World gigs, Texas punks ELIX-R, NO U TURN from Myanmar, FATIGUE from San Francisco, Mexico City’s SACRIFICIO, Finland’s COLD INSTITUTION, BIG MESS from Copenhagen, photo spreads from First Timers 2017 in London, Nothing Nice To Say Fest 2017, and Springfield, IL’s Dumb Fest.
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MRR #413MRR #413/Oct ’17. Early Swiss punk legends NEON, Rome’s NOFU, LOS IMPUESTOS from Guatemala, Amy Starecheski (author of Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City), filmmakers Monika Estrella Negra and Michelle Garza Cervera, FURY, MACHO BOYS, FEATURE, and Oakland’s BAUS.
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MRR #414MRR #414/Nov ’17. History of Alabama Punk part 1: Birmingham, BAD EXAMPLE, Bay Area heartthrobs MIDNITE SNAXXX, São Paulo’s CANKRO, Chicago’s C.H.E.W., PERIOD BOMB, Sweden’s BRING THE DRONES, PADKAROSDA from Budapest, UNSANITARY NAPKIN from New Zealand, and in memoriam: Victoria Scalisi of DAMAD.
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MRR #415MRR #415/Dec ’17. Anti Police-Terror Project, Portland, OR’s No! To Rape Culture collective, the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s Willie “Loco” Alexander, Alabama punk history part 2, Russia’s STRESSHOLD, GRIT from Ireland, Norway’s NEGATIV, photos from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet fest, Fred “Freak” Smith of BEEFEATER obit, plus, from the Sheffield, England scene: Kids of the Lughole label, COMMUNITY, a scene report, and Noise Annoys fest photo spread.
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MRR #416MRR #416/Jan ’18. Fred Cole of DEAD MOON in memoriam, comic artist Liz Prince, Finland’s ABORTTI 13, DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! from Sweden, Cleveland’s PERVERTS AGAIN, Von Beat of the RALPHS from Texas, Australia’s BENT, Germany’s KENNY KENNY OH OH, COMPOSITE from Oakland, OXIDANT from North Carolina, and Japan’s ZAY.
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MRR #417MRR #417/Feb ’18. Year-End Top Ten Issue! Top tens from 2017, photographs from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, CHARMPIT from London, Chicago’s RASH, ISOTOPE SOAP from Sweden, Tijuana’s DFMK, ERIK NERVOUS from Shipshewana, Indiana.
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