MPLS Punk Rock Bowling Tournament [updated]

August 27th, 2010 by

I have decided to pull Maximum RNR out of sponsorship of the MPLS bowling tournament. It was my decision to involve the magazine so it will be my decision to deal with this matter the way I see fit. I personally still support the event and have paid MRR for the merchandise sent, along with the postage, so that the donation is directly from me and not the magazine… MRR has never taken money from any corporate entity and while this situation is not even close to that scenario, having our name along side a corporation is not where we want to ever be. Thanks to Brian for understanding and I hope punks will think twice before they consume.

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28 08 2010
Preston (00:44:55) :

great to see miller high life sponsoring as well. scion couldn’t make it a car show as well???

28 08 2010
Mariam (11:59:41) :

Good one. “Sponsor” means they get some free beer at the bar cuz that’s the bev company that the Family Owned bowling alley uses. Glad you ignored the other local businesses.

28 08 2010
Really though? (16:59:00) :

Like strongbow cider? Sort of embarrassing having MRR sponsor something a right wing brewery is also sponsering

29 08 2010
punkmar77 (13:56:20) :

Hilarious to see Profane Existence alongside those other corporate-whores…..too funny.

30 08 2010
Mariam (12:59:07) :

Yikes, This one is definitely my fault here. As coordinator and as a Midwesterner. My friend has been doing this tournament for years and it is a DIY event that is run by punks. I understand what you guys are saying, but I wanted to give my pal a shirt and a tote bag for their raffle to make some money to pay for a show that is featuring a band of friends who haven’t played since their singer was murdered on tour. I suppose no one drinks beer that has posted here and now living in the west coast, I can see that its much easier to support local breweries (particularly since Miller recently merged with Coors). Also, I think that our name printed along side those two “sponsors” isn’t ideal, but I personally support the event. I am actually really glad that this is the response. Good checks and balances for my lack of usual blood hounding on things because my friend is doing the event. My error. So, I guess my mistake was to not check what other “sponsors” were giving free stuff for the event, given the punk culture I have grown up with from the area.
Never heard about Strongbow’s Right wing ties and I am definitely careful about what I “consume” any more info you can give me there?? Just so you know, MRR does not take money from corporate entities. So calling us “corporate whores” is not only inaccurate, sorta sexist and dumb, but an error. So I appreciate your opinion and fuck you. We live pretty hand to mouth over here and it is all volunteer run. Also, we have full disclosure here with everyone involved and we aren’t afraid to be transparent in our activity. With that in mind, I apologize to the volunteers who disagree with this post, but if you don’t know the amount of work we do on the mag and in our communities, then maybe the judgment should be throughout. What do you support? I guess my heart interfered with my head here, but I stand by the Mag and my friends.

30 08 2010
Preston (13:31:20) :

i dont think mrr is now suddenly tied up with corporations …just think its interesting to see DIY-related projects, bands, or whatever getting closer to corporate shit these days. Scion is one example. There’s also the hieneken/onion sponsors we saw at chaos in tejas ’10. seems like a growing number of punks care less and less about DIY. we could be more creative and local with who and what we solicit sponsorships from…

30 08 2010
Preston (13:40:48) :

its cool to see the local businesses. i never insinuated they didn’t exist (its obvious they’re on the flier). miller high life just sticks out more considering they’re a multinational corporation that a punk bowling tournament allowed sponsorship from. i get it, cheaper beer. punks would of bought it anyway. contradictions become excuses.

30 08 2010
Mariam (13:54:23) :

I agree with you and, as I said, it was my error in not checking with my friend who was also sponsoring the event besides Profane, Extreme Noise and Familia Skate crew who I knew were involved. You are right, though, it’s pretty fucked how large corporations have gotten wind that DIY culture can be “profitable” on some large scale. Frankly, i am embarrassed that I didn’t check this out as thoroughly as I do most anything I personally get involved with and even more so, the Magazine. Hey, I make mistakes… and for that I am not embarrassed. I don’t really drink beer anymore but when I do, I have the luxury of picking local stuff out here. Yes, culture of vice is the easiest was to get to punks. Vegans who smoke and activists who drink shitty corporate beer are no different. I apologize for the move, but I stand by trying to help a pal make a few bucks to go for a good cause. Slippery slope, but I made an ill informed decision and I am not afraid to answer for it, but I still won’t ever drink Miller products, because they took away their workers pensions and it tastes like shit, haha…

31 08 2010
greenie riordan johnson (14:43:34) :

thanks mariam and mrr for the support you gave and have given.too bad you had to pull out but i can understand. this year is such an emotional event not only for myself and useless wooden toys- but for all of minneapolis- and for anyone who knew chris. (who by the way loved miller high life- ha!) just wanted to put my 2 cents in

31 08 2010
Bob (14:56:05) :

WOW!!! This is really out of control. By this logic If I give a donation to the local food shelf and McDonald’s happens to give a donation to them as well, I am getting in bed with Mcdonalds?!?! For fucks sake people how touchy can we get? I guess I should never try to help anyone or any cause out because they might own a pair of Nikes. I hope you checked to see if that corn you served at the last food not bombs event was not grown from Monsanto seeds. I wonder if the wood floors at the bowling alley were sustainably harvested, you should really check that out before sponsoring the event. I am going to go cry now.

31 08 2010
Mariam (17:00:13) :

Dear Bob, McDonalds and the punk bowling tournament aren’t the same, pal. Also, Your silly anti PC rant is ridiculous. I made the decision to support the event myself, but making decisions for MRR are sometimes counter to my own. Read the comment above yours, that is the wife of our friend who was murdered that the bowling tournament show is honoring. Also, I make decisions for myself and have to often consider the group, maybe you should consider the same, so if you want to get on your soap box and make some conspiracy theory ties, go for it, but for the rest of us punks, we get it and even if they don’t agree with my move, or MRRs move (which are two very different things), we can still come out of it friends. There is nothing wrong with trying to do the right thing and it’s none of your business what personal choices anyone makes. So, relax, don’t take yourself so seriously and stay the fuck out of my way.
One love,

PS. This may be message board-y, but I love you Michelle. I wish I could make it to see you play. Give everyone hugs and kisses (and a High Life, haha!) for me.

1 09 2010
greenie riordan johnson (07:55:44) :

nobody ever said a word when pbr was involved- just saying- hmmm. lil hypocrytical? damn i hope i spelled that right- it’s 8 am! love you too mariam! i’ll send videos!!

1 09 2010
Bob (08:39:35) :

Hi Mariam, I was not comparing Punk bowling to McDonald’s, If anything they are the food shelf in that scenario. I am by no means ranting against your decision either, I just find it a little hard to swallow that you are being derided for making a donation to a good cause just because a big beer company also gave a donation to that cause. Make no mistake, I understand where you are coming from by pulling the MRR name from the sponsor list. I do not understand why others felt the need to point out that your name was on a list with a big company and make you feel bad for helping out a friend. A good cause is a good cause no matter who else supports it. That is all.

1 09 2010
Mike Beer (16:50:16) :

Hi Miriam.So let me get this straight. People were mad at you cause you tried to help out a good cause that some corporations also were donating to? This is just crazy. Especially considering Pabst was involved before and no one said a word. I though the ridiculous PC ways of the 90’s were long gone and things were back to normal now. Was I wrong?

So is MRR going to get rid of its facebook account now that facebook is starting to form more corporate ties? Were does it end? When is the line crossed or not crossed?

Either way Miraim keep up the great work your doing both at the mag and in life in general! In my opinion you tried to do the right thing and its to bad it got blown out of proportion.


PS-Here is something a bunch of us back in Milwaukee and throughout the world are working on now…

2 09 2010
Blair (07:03:36) :

C’mon guys, MRR represents and having ya name next to some horrible ‘person’ sends the wrong message so but and Mariam as we all agree about most of our friends is allowed to make mistakes least rectified civily, thats how you move forward, no rightious march here but i have no distro at mo, poo ah well, i could send you regular monthly net updates like a medium hound from here whether read cared for or wotnot so that it stays unsaturated, diverse and real ha ;) Take Beer Yall, dargonit wheres my soda while reading studs.

7 09 2010
Dan | Profane Existence (13:06:17) :

Profane Existence acknowledges that Miller Beer sucks. We are however very proud to have our name associated with the Minneapolis Punk Rock Bowling Tournament. We also believe that most people can make the distinction between which of the sponsors they want to support and which ones they don’t.

26 05 2017
Mar Moreno (14:59:20) :

Well its 7 years later and I just now read Mariam’s response, the “Corporate Whores” comment wasn’t directed at MRR, Mariam,the staff of PRB and certainly wasn’t meant in a sexist manner though it could be taken in a slut shaming manner and for that I apologize. That said, my comment has aged particularly well concerning Dan P.E. and the nature of PRB today. They are now in Vegas as we all know, and have major corporate sponsorship from companies notorious for backing Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential elections. But it’s ok as long as you get to see Iggy….

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