R.I.P. Brendon Annesely of Negative Guest List zine

February 3rd, 2012 by

It’s with great sadness that I relay that Brendon Annesely, friend to many of us, and the prolific and twisted voice behind Negative Guest List zine and records, and the band Meat Thump left this plane yesterday. I started typing “left us” but, there could be nothing further from the truth. He was only twenty-two years old, but the mark he has left on our underground DIY culture and on those of us he shared his life with is immense.
They broke the fuckin’ mould.
—Kevin Failure

4 responses to “R.I.P. Brendon Annesely of Negative Guest List zine”

3 02 2012
Gene Quagmire (16:06:04) :

Why couldn’t some stupid, useless burnout have died? This dude had something to say. RIP

4 02 2012
Lady Monster (07:11:04) :

Last night at Donewaiting.com’s 9th Anniversary show, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments played their song Negative Guest List in his honor. RIP

6 02 2012
Dk (16:10:43) :

This sucks. I hate when good people die, although I don’t think stupid useless burnouts should die given the possibility that they could turn their lives around and do something positive like say Brendon has done. R.I.P.

13 02 2012
golnar (11:06:30) :


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