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We just got sent this rad history of Finnish punk and hardcore—Punk On Kuollut, Eläköön Hardcore. Of course it’s all in Finnish, but the photos, zine covers and fliers for shows are AMAZING! Review will be in the issue we are working on now, MRR #313…. Sorry bout the krappy scans!

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25 04 2009
Riikka Söyring (21:15:57) :

Of Punk on kuollut- Eläköön Hardcore! (Punk´s dead-long live hardcore!)-book:
I got sent a link of your noticing the book I was with as a writer. Amazing! Will I now be famous in America (too) :D ??
But: it has been discussed that the book should be translated into english in future. LIKE co tries to find collaborators in publishing this book into english or maybe the book will be licensed, none knows yet.

If MRR is interested or you know of someone, contact

So or so, I´m glad as little lark to know that the telling photos of Juha-Pekka Inkinen spread wider through you. He is one of the best photographers of finnish punk-scene, catching the atmosphere, personality of the models, the time, the era and rare glimpses of calm private life.

In your debt :)

Riikka Söyring

26 04 2009
Riikka Söyring (21:29:51) :

Bytheway, there´s probably at least five finnish students in every university of every bigger town in the States. You could easily get help for translating parts of the Punk on kuollut-Eläköön hardcore book for your rewiew…

27 04 2009
Layla (09:52:30) :

We’d love to run an interview/feature on the book in the magazine! get in touch here if that sounds interesting to you mrr at maximumrocknroll.com

2 01 2010
Dolf (08:27:57) :

Wow Rikka!
I was one of the german punks visiting you in the early 80s… I remember I brought tons of empty bottles to the store and you let me keep the deposit


16 12 2010
mike destroy (08:17:18) :

where can i get a copy of the book??

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